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Facebook256Facebook offers 10 great tips on publishing videos.

1. Schedule videos to automate your content calendar.

2. Set expiration dates for videos.

3. Add captions to tell your story with and without sound.

4. Edit and manage all your videos with your Video Library.

5. Embed your videos elsewhere.

6. Utilize secret videos.

7. Manage video distribution settings with your Video Library.

8. Explore your “Top Videos”.

9. Monitor your retention graph.

10. Track engagement metrics.

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Facebook2562In light of recent news and events that revolved around Facebook, users should learn to keep their profiles hidden away from any unwanted attention. Here are 3 security tips to take note of. The first one is to know your target audience. You can easily do this by using an audience selector tool in order to personalize who sees your posts and when your posts are seen. The second tip is to control who can tag you in a post, picture, or video. You can make use of the “Timeline Review” feature on Facebook to review all the posts on which you are tagged in before they become visible on your timeline. Read  the full article on KimKomando.

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A gangster’s video with gun loaded aimed on a camera calling another gangster and mocking the police has been uploaded in the internet made the public worry about its effect to viewers.

In the 42-second video uploaded last monthon Instabeef, a hooded man was holding a loaded .38 waving threats. The video is being associated to the continuinggang battles between the Batts Boys of South London and the group from Clapham Junction.

Gang violence has been spreading in the neighboring estates. Among the biggest gun seizures operations in Met history was in Battersea, South London where high caliber of ammunition was confiscated.

Source: mirror.co.uk