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With communication through social media being more globalized, people can sometimes misunderstand and neglect its essence, especially in this digital world.

Staying connected with important people in your life is now easier with the help of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – you just have to use it the right way by building real relationships and not copying and pasting posts to impress.

For example, Twitter can give you numerous followers and response in a short time. You can also stay connected with your professional colleagues and future employers through LinkedIn. Lastly, stay connected by joining a Facebook group – whether with your families, alumni or coworkers.

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The Online Etiquette to Know

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn a world where everyone and everything is under public scrutiny, it essential for companies to maintain proper etiquette when using the social media, or as people call it nowadays, net-iquette. As a company, everything that you say or post will be reflected not only on one person but to the entire company.

This is why, you should employ basic safety measures to avoid unwanted ‘accidents’ such setting limits on the conversation on things that you post or pictures that you upload. A well-thought opinion or a well-mannered statement will definitely help you in a good way. Maintain balance and be open to outside opinion and feedback. Remember, the online world is not a one way street.

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Twitter1-2561How can scientists get ahead with SM (Social Media)? You should develop intentionality, wherein you do not sign up with social media just because someone has told you so. You should know what you want, including the goals you are heading.  Second, only be there if you have to be there to avoid forcing it. As you know, members of the community sense if you are not authentic. If you don’t have a good reason to be on social media, then do not be there. Read the full version.

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Thumbs-UpIf you’re looking to improve social medial exposure, then you may want to learn about the latest social media ethics this year. As you may know, SM can make or break your profile as it can help or damage your social and online image.

  1. You don’t have to post every meal unless you are a food blogger or critic. Think twice about posting any images on social media, and think if it is worth posting.
  2. Consider other people’s feeling if they see your posts. Take note that unless you set your privacy setting as to who will see your posts, you may reconsider everything before posting on social media.
  3. Use a professional photo of yourself. Be selective and use the right one for your social media picture and not just any selfie.
  4. Contact companies privately for complaints.

These are only some etiquette for social media this year. Check out the full version of the story from the source.

Source: Huffington Post