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chat3These tips are for college social media users who want to gain positive image in using social media platforms. The main thought is to be responsible in all your social media posts and to consider who might read or see it online. Limiting the people on your Facebook to friends and family is a better way to get away from the pressure of checking and updating all the time.   It is also important to set a schedule for updates. Update when there is ample time and when you are in the proper place. It is also advised to limit your posts to interesting ones and make sure that you do it for yourself and not for others.

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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMFacebook alone has over 1.44 billion active users every month, many of which are from the military community. Unlike 5 years ago, more people from the military workforce are now active on social networking sites including military leaders. And in order to help them use social media optimally, here are 5 useful tips. First, protect your brand. Choose carefully what you post on social media because one  inappropriate post might reflect a bad image of the military to the general public. Second, choose friends wisely. For your own protection, it might be better not to add people randomly. To view the rest of the tips, check out dvids.

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Thumbs-UpSocial media is a great avenue to promote small-scale businesses. But with all businesses using it as a promotion, small businesses have to think of new strategies to make it on top. Among the few strategies are setting objective. State what is it that you really want, aside from having followers.

Use your customers to make better products and services. Include your customers by updating them and through the right platform they use. Also, determine the type of clients you are dealing with and identify the right approach to address them in social media. Lastly, everything is all about timing – whether it is about what topics to post.

Source: PR News Wire