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Thumbs-UpEvery day, millions of people around the world are using social media to engage in social or business activity with one another.  And as people’s digital connectivity increases, so does the risks and vulnerabilities involved. In order to guard against malicious hackers and other cyber criminals, it is best to follow a few safety pointers. These includes being up to date with the websites’ privacy tools and policies, hiding important personal information, exercising caution in adding friends and connections, learning the dos and don’ts of each social media application, and changing your privacy settings. To know more, check out the whole story.

Source: The Brazil Times

Twitter2-256The Twitter hack on the US Central Command’s account was an embarrassing incident that called for an immediate action.

The incident proved just how poor the security measures on Twitter are especially among accounts that are managed by a team. Obviously, even with multimillion-dollar companies using Twitter for their online campaigns, there isn’t much that the social media platform can offer to minimize risks of security breach other than their two- factor password system that is not that effective. It can be very damaging to everyone who uses Twitter if the network fails to review their tools in providing security to their users.

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Twitter2-256There are advanced social media tips you should know if you want to build your profile really well without the fuss. First, you should put your twitter handle on your LinkedIn headline and get users connecting with you in an instant. Then, you can also post status updates using your LinkedIn and not only for finding jobs. In addition, you can explain yourself a little more on your LinkedIn profile than on Twitter. You should also create that perfect Twitter bio all the time. Lastly, you should also promote other social networking accounts so you will have better exposure online. Read more from the source.

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Facebook256Do you want to increase the number of your social media followers? Guy Kawasaki says that you should not trust just about anyone who has fewer followers than you do. He has more than seven million followers so you can trust the platforms he uses. Kawasaki says that you should start yesterday. He said that if you were thinking to run your business or make your own product, find some funding and start launching your product. You can then start promoting it; however, this strategy may not apply today as he said that life’s parallel that you should create, market and build your rep all at the same time. Interesting? Read the full version.

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Twitter1-2561French news agency Agence France-Presse says one of its photo accounts on Twitter has been hacked and is now suspended.

Pierre Celerier, deputy global news editor for AFP, said the source of the hacking Tuesday is unclear. He said the non-AFP images posted on the account by the hackers appear to be from Syria.

He said the photos posted are not AFP images, and they appear to show images of Iraqi journalists killed in Syria and the site of a car bombing.

Source: Yahoo News!

1-23-2012 11-07-07 AMTwitter has apologized for highlighting porn Monday morning in the “Editors’ Picks” category of its video-sharing app Vine, citing a “human error.”

The app — which launched last week and allows users to create and share six-second GIF-like looping videos — featured a not-safe-for-work video as an Editors’ Pick before it was promptly removed. Editors’ Picks are hand-selected by staff to display the most creative and interesting videos posted to the app.

Many Vine users posted comments to the video, expressing disappointment and threatening to delete the app.

Over the weekend, users started to notice that videos saved via the Vine app with hashtags such as #porn and #sex revealed graphic videos, many of which had a warning that the following content contained sensitive content.

Source: Mashable