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Thumbs-UpDo you want to know how to focus on your success efforts, while avoiding the pitfalls that others commit when using social media? One, it does not matter how many followers you have, but what you should work on is engaging on real people. You don’t have to join all networks, but focus on those where your customers are, especially if you don’t have much time. Offer interesting and helpful tips and guides on social media like Facebook. Check out the full version of this story.

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Shopping CartTo increase your eBay Shop’s online presence with the help of social networking sites, you have to know your audience and customers. You should also focus more on your target market that involves determining your target audience. And in order to make sure that customer’s points are addressed, following the rules of consistency and relevance is an absolute must. Making your post entertaining is a big help as well since it is a way to deliver your message in a fun and exciting way. Another tip is to monitor the condition of your site by measuring each social media campaign. Last but not the least, always listens to your audience.

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computer4Laura Suchoski from Duke University suggests than in using the social media, teens should picture it as a game. According to her, it is possible to win the game by using the social media to grab opportunities such as having a great career, going to a great college, and building a strong image. She also advices teens to play to their core and reflect their values and personal beliefs on every post. Furthermore, Suchoski recommends that teens should focus more on their passions, activities and interests. In a nutshell, she wants teens to be the best that they can be.

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chat3Building social media presence is not done overnight. It takes a lot of planning, such as creating your profile and getting active to customers who are reaching out. You must also establish the brand you want to show – think of the most suitable marketing strategy such as photos, logo, and business descriptions. When all is set, be active in the platform you prefer by updating profile pictures, cover photos and posts. Remember, it is not an easy task. So you must manage it well and commit to what you can only handle. It is also important that you connect with other businesses and acknowledge your clients.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is a powerful way to build relationships among businesses today. To make social media work for your business, you must understand which social media platform suits your business best. Share on the appropriate social media platform to show your products or recruit people. Blogging is also a good strategy to highlight your company values, share activities and link with other people outside and inside the business circle.

Businesses that stay on top of their game are those industries that remain visible in multiple mediums – whether it is marketing and promotion, communication or sales activities, social media is the best avenue to do it.

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Thumbs-UpSuccessful businesses use social-media not only to promote but to stay at the top of their game. How do they achieve this? Here are few of the tips how.

Be unique by creating personalized and customized posts. Adding emoticons and fresh look to your tweets won’t hurt a bit of an effort. You can also send longer posts to a Facebook Group with stakeholders and customers who want to join as official members. Customers value the thought of recognized membership.

Do not limit your promotion in only one platform. Customers use several platforms so it is better to create connection between them across the board. And by connection, it means meaningful link and lively interaction.

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Twitter1-2561How can scientists get ahead with SM (Social Media)? You should develop intentionality, wherein you do not sign up with social media just because someone has told you so. You should know what you want, including the goals you are heading.  Second, only be there if you have to be there to avoid forcing it. As you know, members of the community sense if you are not authentic. If you don’t have a good reason to be on social media, then do not be there. Read the full version.

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Facebook2562Are you looking for ways to skyrocket your e-commerce site this holiday season? Check out this post to learn. Business owners are said to make more profits if they would be able to utilize these social media tips:

  1. Post more and more images.  It is a type of marketing strategy to help boost your social media profits. Use more of Facebook timeline to upload your product images and make social engagements this season.
  2. Use videos. For better promotions, use video contents to explain your company policies, promos and cut off dates.
  3. Post more tweets. Update your users about your e-commerce sites including its special promos, coupons and others. Twitter can become your customer service extension to use this season.
  4. Use Google Plus. With more than 340 million users, you can increase your online presence using Google+.
  5. Buy some social media ads.

There you have some tips in using social media in promoting your business this holiday season. Read more from the source at Practical Ecommerce.

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Facebook256With the most recent blog from Richard Branson, he offered six tips on how you to use social medias. He clearly indicated how Virgin Unite together with some other non-profit organizations is utilizing social media as a way to send their messages across. Many believe that these tips are also good for businesses across the market. He said that you have to tell people stories, be creative, you have to choose the right channel, be truthful, work together, and have fun. He also included a bonus tip saying that you should do it yourself.

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