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computer4Social media are effective marketing tools. If you just use them right, they will serve you good. Here are some tips on the right way to use them.

First, avoid using jargons (big words and stuffs) and recycled images because they are not engaging at all. Communicate with the audience in plain and simple ways. You also have to appreciate the little great things and their effects in a long run like time devotion. When selling, sell it the right way. Avoid negative connotations and use the right language to express your ideas to generate positive reaction from your target audience.

Source: On Wall Street

chat3Social media can make or break your business. Here are some tips to write killer social media content for your audience. Consider adding some relevant and high quality images to increase visibility. Write with the right tone – constantly. Speaking of tone, write contents in conversational way. This allows you to get more engage to audience.

Maximize Facebook effectively by using the perfect recipe such as legit links, fewer characters, and regular and worthy content. Consider using visuals on Facebook, too. For LinkedIn connections, make sure that you reflect professional content by creating shorter and business-oriented posts. Generate related contents using hashtags but don’t overdo it. Lastly, enjoy posting without overrated marketing purposes.

Source: Searching Journal

Thumbs-UpKarl Gude, a specialist in creativity and infographics from Michigan State University, has provided 10 useful tips in his presentation during the PRSA Detroit event. According to Michelle Gilbert, one of the tips outlined in his presentation was the importance of sketching ideas beforehand. This will allow non-designers to ahieve a clearer perspective of their goal. Gude also talked about the use of visuals in grabbing and attracting your target audience. Moreover, it was tackled in his presentation that selecting the right color that aligns with the company logo or theme is an imperative part of the entire process. To read the rest of the tips, visit Crain’s Detroit Business.

Source: Crain’s Detroit Business


computer4Laura Suchoski from Duke University suggests than in using the social media, teens should picture it as a game. According to her, it is possible to win the game by using the social media to grab opportunities such as having a great career, going to a great college, and building a strong image. She also advices teens to play to their core and reflect their values and personal beliefs on every post. Furthermore, Suchoski recommends that teens should focus more on their passions, activities and interests. In a nutshell, she wants teens to be the best that they can be.

Source: ABC 11


chat3Stephen Fairley of the Rainmaker Institute talked about how social media marketing can help lawyers market their brands and how to widen their clientele. According to him, social media can make a reputation for any individual – it makes good better but does not hide the bad side either.

Social media can lead you to your target audience as you connect with people of your common interest. It can make you visible and can help you generate. It can build an image and link you to the people you want on your network. It can take time and money but worth a success.

Source: natlawreview.com

chat3If you are a brand marketer, capturing your clients’ interest and engaging them to the brand you promote is your ultimate goal in using social media. Social media itself is a wide and powerful tool – useit appropriately and wisely to your brand’s advantage.  Focus on your target clients – what social media platform do they use more often and then design a schedule to reach out to them using the right tool and the appropriate connection – experiment if needed. Surprise your clients by not disclosing everything in your interactive, customized and audience-engaging posts. Make it more subjective andbeopen to personal meetings.

Source: theguardian.com


facebook-901-million-users-259x250With millions of people using social media, it becomes one of the best avenues to build a brand. But do you now that there are unusual actions that you can do to generate views, like and shares for your page? Avoid templated-boring tweets and do everything personalized. Post sincerely by writing longer statements and not just for the sake of posting something. Reach out to your target audience by creating a group where you can post something weird and interesting to encourage brand conversation. And when you used to one platform, try expanding to other networks through linking and grow a meaningful communication. Source: entrepreneur.com

marketsoftwaresocialmediaThe effectiveness of reaching clients through social media is accounted to marketing specialists who know how to use it, when to use it and whom to reach to. Through times, marketing people has developed a more effective timeline on when to share and promote their businesses. Email promotion is also a successful campaign channel since almost everyone has one. With all these social media platforms, it is very important to hear feedbacks from your target audience. Marketing has several ways to do that. They can run a contest, test and other ways to contact their customers. Most importantly, your business must be suitedto the social media platform you use to send appropriate message.

Source: Entrepreneur