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computer4Laura Suchoski from Duke University suggests than in using the social media, teens should picture it as a game. According to her, it is possible to win the game by using the social media to grab opportunities such as having a great career, going to a great college, and building a strong image. She also advices teens to play to their core and reflect their values and personal beliefs on every post. Furthermore, Suchoski recommends that teens should focus more on their passions, activities and interests. In a nutshell, she wants teens to be the best that they can be.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSmall businesses are turning to social media in order to leverage their presence and build their brand online. Steve Lazuka of Interact Media advises small business owners about five effective strategy tips. The first tip is to align each blog posts with the business objective and to monitor the results in order to measure the effectiveness. The second one is to use customer demographics and create a number of buyer personas. The third tip is to update the information about the company. The fourth one is to tailor the strategy according to the user’s needs. Lastly, the business should maintain an Editorial Calendar.

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Twitter2-256Twitter reaches out to its big audience with no accounts by creating a new homepage for those who are in for the sole purpose of checking stuff out. This way, Twitter gets to spread and advertise its content even to those who do not use the site.

Twitter will use this website to lure in new users as well as to advertise Twitter ads outside the current audience. This has helped the Company’s stock jump to a 6% increase, according to executives.

The general view of the homepage includes posts and tweets from popular accounts. This shows the users a bit of how it’s like to have their own accounts.

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chat3Building social media presence is not done overnight. It takes a lot of planning, such as creating your profile and getting active to customers who are reaching out. You must also establish the brand you want to show – think of the most suitable marketing strategy such as photos, logo, and business descriptions. When all is set, be active in the platform you prefer by updating profile pictures, cover photos and posts. Remember, it is not an easy task. So you must manage it well and commit to what you can only handle. It is also important that you connect with other businesses and acknowledge your clients.

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Thumbs-UpA great copy is a well-written one – with emphasis on the target audience, using the best tool possible. To generate multiple posts, shares and clicks for your copy, you must establish a strong selling point. Highlight what makes your business different by emphasizing the benefits for clients and provide solutions – all these should be put in strong but not offensive action words.

When writing a copy, do not give everything away. Keep your clients look for more but make sure that you are addressing them correctly and they know must know it. Dare to change the game by exploring new avenues because people love new things.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is a powerful way to build relationships among businesses today. To make social media work for your business, you must understand which social media platform suits your business best. Share on the appropriate social media platform to show your products or recruit people. Blogging is also a good strategy to highlight your company values, share activities and link with other people outside and inside the business circle.

Businesses that stay on top of their game are those industries that remain visible in multiple mediums – whether it is marketing and promotion, communication or sales activities, social media is the best avenue to do it.

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Twitter2-256A study shows that too much use of Twitter can start disagreements between couples.  The same study was conducted on the effects of Facebook and other social media platforms to relationships. Author Russell Clayton of the University of Missouri stated in his study that posts or tweets on social network platforms like Twitter tend to raise conflicts between romantic partners. The study was participated by 581 adult Twitter subscribers. The study will be published on the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.  The author and other researchers are also looking at other social media network like Instagram and its possible effects on romantic relationships.

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New Social Media Marketing Tips

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIf you are someone who is running a business online, you are definitely one of those who wish to enhance their marketing through social media. Whether it’s by a notch or two, you certainly would want to make the most out of what you have online. With it, you must have considered some tips from various experts so that you can stay ahead of the social media curve when it comes to marketing. Well then, do you think it somehow helped you? Did anything change? According to the experts, what you need to do is to tap on your employees’ power on social media. They might have more followers on Twitter compared to your own company. For more on this, check out the source.

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Facebook2562In the years past, most Americans chose to spend their time on social media networks compared on any other websites. With the recent studies, online marketers recognize the chance to profit from social sites. More than 86% of them indicated that social media is important for their business to grow. However, most of them, about 88% are still eager to know about the most effective strategies or techniques that they can utilize on social media sites to attract as much audience. As proof of that, more than 37% of them believe that their Facebook efforts are more effective and that 90% believes that social media exposure is beneficial for them. If you want more of this post, go to the source.

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