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computer4Laura Suchoski from Duke University suggests than in using the social media, teens should picture it as a game. According to her, it is possible to win the game by using the social media to grab opportunities such as having a great career, going to a great college, and building a strong image. She also advices teens to play to their core and reflect their values and personal beliefs on every post. Furthermore, Suchoski recommends that teens should focus more on their passions, activities and interests. In a nutshell, she wants teens to be the best that they can be.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSmall businesses are turning to social media in order to leverage their presence and build their brand online. Steve Lazuka of Interact Media advises small business owners about five effective strategy tips. The first tip is to align each blog posts with the business objective and to monitor the results in order to measure the effectiveness. The second one is to use customer demographics and create a number of buyer personas. The third tip is to update the information about the company. The fourth one is to tailor the strategy according to the user’s needs. Lastly, the business should maintain an Editorial Calendar.

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chat3Social shares are very useful in increasing your blog content’s online exposure. The more shares the greater the audience. To improve your shares, one tip to follow is grasping the opportunity to share your content as many times as you want. Doing this at different time periods will definitely expand your social media reach. Another helpful tip is making sure that your blog is easy to view and read on mobile phones. In other words, it must be mobile-friendly. The likelihood of having more visitors can be increased as well if you provide them with easy options for sharing your content. To read about the rest of the tips, read the entire article.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaStudies and analysis claim that Social Media is one of the primary drivers of referral traffic to date with Facebook as the top runner. This appears as great new to Marketers who use social Media primarily for their advertisement.

  • Facebook has increased in 59.58% of referral traffic in the past year, Pinterest runs at second with an increase of 5.82%, experts say if this increase remains constant, then Pinterest should rethink Marketing strategies and target audience.
  • StumbleUpon decrease by 42.17% while YouTube’s share of the referral Traffic has decreased substantially at 93.24%.

This data shows that social media drives the most people into perspective websites and this shows you where to invest you referral marketing efforts.

Source: Forbes

Because of the hacking incident on the US Central Command social media accounts, a lot of people are asking how safe using social media is when even the government is vulnerable to attacks online.

What happened obviously showed the lack of proper security among social media platforms and that the government is not able to create defenses to improve security standards. They have the best men and women to protect the country but they were not able to find a way to stop hackers with their own online terrorism acts. Social media security has a few guarantees and it took an embarrassing incident to prove just how vulnerable one can be around social media.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaBuilding social media presence should be the priority of small business owners. Experts have identified ways to gain strong presence online so that an effective internet marketing campaign can be achieved.

Testing different campaigns using the A/B test will help identify which campaign will work best. Posts should be a regarded as a chance to show true personality which makes owners more engaged to the clients. Using visual materials are more effective than mere descriptions. Content strategy should also be planned well. Finally, never equate sales promotion to the number of followers. Always think about what sparks up the interest of target clients rather than just posting about what pleases them.

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Twitter2-256The Twitter hack on the US Central Command’s account was an embarrassing incident that called for an immediate action.

The incident proved just how poor the security measures on Twitter are especially among accounts that are managed by a team. Obviously, even with multimillion-dollar companies using Twitter for their online campaigns, there isn’t much that the social media platform can offer to minimize risks of security breach other than their two- factor password system that is not that effective. It can be very damaging to everyone who uses Twitter if the network fails to review their tools in providing security to their users.

Source: The Next Web

Facebook256The Internet can make or break your business brand – and no brand is exceptional. Huge companies like Apple, Dairy Queen, Home Depot and PF Chang’s have reported cases of security breaches. As a small-time business, how could you protect your brand? First, members of the team must be aware and they must know what to do about it. Next is to widen your network. Do not use only one social media platform. Third, as they always say, use a complicated password and keep it safe. The fourth guide is to ensure that every message reflect corporate values.

Still, you must be ready with a plan B —because it happens.

Source: thenextweb.com

chat3Building social media presence is not done overnight. It takes a lot of planning, such as creating your profile and getting active to customers who are reaching out. You must also establish the brand you want to show – think of the most suitable marketing strategy such as photos, logo, and business descriptions. When all is set, be active in the platform you prefer by updating profile pictures, cover photos and posts. Remember, it is not an easy task. So you must manage it well and commit to what you can only handle. It is also important that you connect with other businesses and acknowledge your clients.

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Thumbs-UpA great copy is a well-written one – with emphasis on the target audience, using the best tool possible. To generate multiple posts, shares and clicks for your copy, you must establish a strong selling point. Highlight what makes your business different by emphasizing the benefits for clients and provide solutions – all these should be put in strong but not offensive action words.

When writing a copy, do not give everything away. Keep your clients look for more but make sure that you are addressing them correctly and they know must know it. Dare to change the game by exploring new avenues because people love new things.

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