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chat3Social media can make or break you. Here are the few tips to make use of the first choice and how to make it last. First, you need to put your brand on top of all and make sure that your social media speaks about it at all times. Second, consider that the people who read your posts as your dream employer and the reaction that you can get all along. Lastly, focus on your goal and consider it before you post anything as it can ruin your business in social media. Lead well and get good followers for your brand.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaCathay Pacific, world’s top airline company also shares its tips on how to promote your brand through social media. A passenger twitted @cathaypacific about his the engaging experience during his flight and the company’s manager for social media, Dennis Owen, contacted him.

In their exchange of emails, the passenger learned what is that with Cathay Pacific that its clients and followers like about it. It’s their way of engaging with their followers and keeping them up with what is happening. Engaging through social media is another way of customer service – not merely brand promotion. For Cathay Pacific, it is a win-win.

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chat3Holiday is a great opportunity for brands to promote their products through social media. The following are tips for brands to generate sales this holiday seasons through social media platforms:

Make your products accessible for social media users. Use platforms where photo sharing and reviews are accessible such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It is also important to bring your product into mobile where clients access their social media accounts. It is also important to make your product a gift material for it to hit the store.

When a sale is made, respond to clients by allowing them to share, tweet or repin your page.

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Thumbs-UpMichelle Venorsky from Hello LLC proposed that people should try going off the grid once in a while. However, according to her, doing so might be hard because society nowadays have a constant fear of missing out. She also stated that social media is not for everyone. So for people who don’t understand social media,  they can either learn about it themselves or get help from someone. On another note, one of the biggest no-no for Venorsky when using social media is hiring a recent graduate or an intern to manage the company’s social media accounts. Check out Cleveland to know more about this article.

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social media marketingSteve Lazuka of Interact Media has written about a few best marketing practices in his newest article which was featured on PR Newswire. According to him, the best time to post on Facebook is during off-peak times. Doing so would result to a higher reach in audience. He also stated that when it comes to Twitter, it is most effective to stick to your brand’s personality. And in order to establish your brand’s personality, showing consistency of character and tone with all your tweets is a must. As for LinkedIn, Lazuka advices to utilize the site’s feature known as Professional Portfolio. Read more about this article on Virtual Strategy.

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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMWith the huge amount of photos people posts in social networking sites, the state of being unorganized does not anymore come as a surprise. And in order to pave the way to organization, here are a few simple tips that can easily be followed. In posting multiple photos on Facebook, it is advisable to create an album for such photos in order to segregate them from all your other photos. As for backing up your photos in an online storage, Cloud is the perfect choice. With Cloud, running out of space will be the least of your worries. Read the rest of the tips on Duluth News Tribune.

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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMSocial Media personality, beauty blogger and Queen of the Internet Michelle Phan, gives basic tips for social media users.

First, you must not feel the pressure but instead, enjoy social media because it is a fun platform to stay connected with people. Do not get pressured to post anything because it can validate something about you. Post because it is fun but do not post something you’d regret in the future.

You can also experiment on new apps. See and try what’s new. But with all these things about social media, you must also take a break because it can also be tiring, especially when you feel like it’s consuming your life already.

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chat3Spring break is one of the most unforgettable seasons for it’s the time take break and get relaxed. But there are things you should include in your checklist before going to a spring break vacation. Beware of application downloads that may obtain your important information. Also, be careful of mobile device posting geographic location as others might track you. There are also screenshot applications that automatically upload without users’ permission. Protect your personal image and your employer’s in your every post as those reflect both of you and your company. Enjoy your spring break but stay as professional as possible.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaPromotion in social media can make or break your brand. But there are practical ways and tips to make it work for your advantage. First, you must have a target audience and you must know how to reach them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus do have differences and you must know where to participate.

Once you got the idea where to go, you must know that your profile becomes public and anything you post becomes a public topic—so be careful and post only the significant ones.Learn the art of linking different social media platforms to get the most number of your target audience.

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Twitter2-256During the IAB Social Media Council’s 2014 meeting, experts were able to share their thoughts for social media this year. Most members have revealed their tips in a Twitter-sized breakdown. According to them, the first thing that you can do is to shape up a strategy by turning social media tactics into an integrated marketing strategy that in return would give you genuine results, according to Sophia Amin, the Director of Marketing and Communications for IAB. Aside from that, Laila Takeh, the Head of Digital Engagement for UNICEF, said that you should be thinking about people and not the platforms, allowing people empowerment. To check out more of the tips, visit the source.

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