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GerRedDevilmany Police Department appeals to parents to stop violating their children’s privacy and posting pictures of their nude children on social media. Authorities said that such actions have consequences, especially when the children grew. Posting those photos may cause children to be bullied when they are older or to be victimized by a pedophile. The Naked Security, stating that posting photos of your children nude is not safe, supported the campaign.

The campaign gathered positive and negative reactions from parents and concerned individuals over the internet. Some parents agree to the idea while others view it as an overreaction and nonsense.

Source:  Naked Security

RedDevilToday, most people do not know that some virus attacks can be the cause of spam on their friends and followers’ social media accounts. Many experts said and believe that as it continuously evolve, cybercriminals get to find their ways to compromise an individuals or companies accounts on social media networks. One of the many companies that strive to battle and crack this down is Facebook.

The social media giant believes that its evolution, identity thieves continued efforts to find ways towards compromising accounts on any social media platforms. Any activity that an individual or company does online, is targeted by cybercriminals that is why the continued effort to protect one’s identity should always be kept in mind. For more information on this news, go to the source.

Source: CBC News

Thumbs-UpParents can also learn from their kids, even when it comes to social media – something that blogger and social media manager has realized. Among these learning include managing time well, even during frustrated times in social media. Set quality time to manage personal issues and social media is a tip on this.

It is also important to have fun and taking things lightly like a game when dealing with social media. As long as you are having fun, it will be easier for you to think and get to the next step. Lastly, take time to learn from previous experiences and look forward for more.

Source: Halifax Courier

chat3When you’re away on a vacation overseas or somewhere far away, refrain from posting your photos on social networking sites until you get home. The reason behind this warning is very simple and that is to avoid sharing a very important fact to thieves: Your home is empty. One remedy that you can use is to change the security settings on your social media account. By doing so, random people outside of your circle cannot view your photos. Another tip is to ask a friend to stop by and check on your place daily. If you want, you can also ask the local Police Dept. to drive by during their regular patrols.

Source: fayobserver

marketsoftwaresocialmediaTigran Kocharyan, an information security specialist, has addressed the recent warnings issued by the NSS (National Security Service) regarding online information security. He advised that people who are connected to the military should be careful in posting data or photos that may give away sensitive information. If fallen into the wrong hands, this information will undoubtedly endanger the military and the lives of ordinary citizens. Moreover, Kocharyan stated that in getting in touch with people, users should only interact with those they personally recognize and that they should avoid random connections with strangers.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSchool break is coming and it will give more time for teenagers to spend more time in social media. Teens are among the most vulnerable members of the family to be victimized by ill doers on social media and it very important to keep them safe. First is having your teen’s profile private and make sure that they do not post personal information in there. It is also important to filter the photos and videos that they post online. Ensure that they use strong passwords. Always remind them that they can only be friends with the people they know. Lastly, talk to them.

Source: Internet IT Business Net

Thumbs-UpEvery day, millions of people around the world are using social media to engage in social or business activity with one another.  And as people’s digital connectivity increases, so does the risks and vulnerabilities involved. In order to guard against malicious hackers and other cyber criminals, it is best to follow a few safety pointers. These includes being up to date with the websites’ privacy tools and policies, hiding important personal information, exercising caution in adding friends and connections, learning the dos and don’ts of each social media application, and changing your privacy settings. To know more, check out the whole story.

Source: The Brazil Times

chat3Social media make banking boring no more. Banks and credit unions benefit from social media platforms as they bring connections with their clients, members and provide opportunity to interestpositive clients. Moreover, social media, when used properly can generate more return of investments (ROI) and positive market growth.

Social media also create a great avenue to advertise, promote products and provide clients a perception about the market and give them the idea on how to grow their money. For most banks and credit companies, social media is a good tactic to achieve their targets as most investors are using it now.

Source: The Financial Brand

RedDevilAuthorities are now taking advantage of the Social Media boom to investigate insurance and other types of fraud cases. Billions of users worldwide use social media to share tiny bits of their lives and authorities have now come up with a way to use this to their advantage through data mining software that combs through social media websites. Since its implementation, a lot of cases were resolved using evidence against their claims that have been found on social media, such as car, jewellery and disability insurance frauds. Most clients prove guilty at first conviction, simply because social media evidence are too hard to fight in court, which proves this tool effective against fraudulent claims.

Source: CBS News

Social media platforms are considered to be the web giants. They are frequented by millions of people so business owners are enticed to use it for their advantage.

However, there are vulnerabilities in social media as it is one of the easiest platforms that hackers can get through. Compromised businesses are often become subject to embarrassment and a huge loss of profits. While it is a simple and surest way to get through the target clients, using social media for an active online campaign should also be regarded as a potential threat. Business owners should prioritize applying security measures to protect their company and their clients.

Source: IT News