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chat3Marketing through social media is enjoyable and effective once you know the techniques to use. All social media platforms offer several ways to promote your products. You just have to identify your target market and be creative in posting campaigns. In the likes of Facebook, users engage on organic and frequent posts – whether they are simple lines, infographic, or videos. It is also recommended to post videos through Facebook rather than YouTube to reach substantial volume of target market. There is also Twitter where you can promote your brand. You just have to ensure that your tweets comply with the current trends.

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chat3These tips are for college social media users who want to gain positive image in using social media platforms. The main thought is to be responsible in all your social media posts and to consider who might read or see it online. Limiting the people on your Facebook to friends and family is a better way to get away from the pressure of checking and updating all the time.   It is also important to set a schedule for updates. Update when there is ample time and when you are in the proper place. It is also advised to limit your posts to interesting ones and make sure that you do it for yourself and not for others.

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chat3Erin Ann McBride provides tips on how people can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to share gospel and words of wisdom. According to her, it is important to create awareness that there is something more than sharing photos and status in this powerful communication platform. You can do this by posting photos of everyday gospel with meaningful texts, hashtags and keywords to spread the word. This is also an effective way to educate your audience about the content of your page. Do not forget to stay focus on the importance of the content and the realistic expectations about your movement.

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Thumbs-UpThe whole world knows that social media doesn’t sleep. Therefore, as a social media manager, you have to use wisely every available time you have in order to market your brand. You can start by using your commuting time in the morning to check your social networking sites. And when you arrive at work, it’s the perfect time to check your emails. By 9:30am, you can discuss with your team regarding the tasks on hand. In order to gather relevant information, doing research an hour before noon is ideal. And when the clock strikes 12:30pm, multitask by grabbing lunch while simultaneously checking your social media platforms. Read more on Business2Community.



marketsoftwaresocialmediaWith the birth of social media, marketing has been taken into another level. Now there is such thing as mobile-based marketing – meaning you can reach your target clients wherever you are. Social media optimization (SMO), ‘social media integration’ and ‘mobile-based marketing tactics’ are useful techniques that marketers use today to get the most of their time using their mobile devices.

Reach your customers through online apps and different social media platforms by sharing and writing about your products and services. But make sure that you are using the right medium where most of your clients are. You can also close deals in social media through social media marketing.

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Thumbs-UpBroker champion and founder of, Kate Fairley, founder of Get Informed, together with social media experts organized and published A Brokers Guide to Social Media, an e-book that aims to provide guidance to insurance brokers in using social media. The e-book is composed of helpful tips, guides and advices on how brokers should understand and use social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and among others.

Fairley, who is a broker herself, gives tips to other brokers on how to achieve their targets by aiming for the right clients in the social media, wherein she personally recommends LinkedIn for long-term use.

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Because of the hacking incident on the US Central Command social media accounts, a lot of people are asking how safe using social media is when even the government is vulnerable to attacks online.

What happened obviously showed the lack of proper security among social media platforms and that the government is not able to create defenses to improve security standards. They have the best men and women to protect the country but they were not able to find a way to stop hackers with their own online terrorism acts. Social media security has a few guarantees and it took an embarrassing incident to prove just how vulnerable one can be around social media.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaPromotion in social media can make or break your brand. But there are practical ways and tips to make it work for your advantage. First, you must have a target audience and you must know how to reach them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus do have differences and you must know where to participate.

Once you got the idea where to go, you must know that your profile becomes public and anything you post becomes a public topic—so be careful and post only the significant ones.Learn the art of linking different social media platforms to get the most number of your target audience.

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chat3Under the new Education Department guidelines, teachers now play an important role in monitoring their students’ social media update. The mandate encouraged teachers to work closely with the relatives and family members of students whom they think have the tendency to commit suicide.  The intervention step also empowers the teachers to help students address their feelings that they just seem comfortable to talk about over social media. Using different social media platforms, teachers can reach to their students’ feelings and address misleading information, especially when it regards the deceased suicide victim. A helpline is also issued where teachers can call in case of student’s suicide incident.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaThe effectiveness of reaching clients through social media is accounted to marketing specialists who know how to use it, when to use it and whom to reach to. Through times, marketing people has developed a more effective timeline on when to share and promote their businesses. Email promotion is also a successful campaign channel since almost everyone has one. With all these social media platforms, it is very important to hear feedbacks from your target audience. Marketing has several ways to do that. They can run a contest, test and other ways to contact their customers. Most importantly, your business must be suitedto the social media platform you use to send appropriate message.

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