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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMNews has been more accessible to anybody who has a smartphone today. With the use of camera phones, everyone can take videos and photos and post them to social media. Here are some tips to manage your news over social media.

First, you need to monitor it and make it a relevant part of what people would like to read. This is achieved by using the next step, which is to assign several people to man the monitoring, posting and gathering information Third, broadcast verified and factual news only by assigning people to do the research stuff. Lastly, make it contextual and valuable.

SOURCE: Journalism Co. UK.

Shopping CartTo increase your eBay Shop’s online presence with the help of social networking sites, you have to know your audience and customers. You should also focus more on your target market that involves determining your target audience. And in order to make sure that customer’s points are addressed, following the rules of consistency and relevance is an absolute must. Making your post entertaining is a big help as well since it is a way to deliver your message in a fun and exciting way. Another tip is to monitor the condition of your site by measuring each social media campaign. Last but not the least, always listens to your audience.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaStudies and analysis claim that Social Media is one of the primary drivers of referral traffic to date with Facebook as the top runner. This appears as great new to Marketers who use social Media primarily for their advertisement.

  • Facebook has increased in 59.58% of referral traffic in the past year, Pinterest runs at second with an increase of 5.82%, experts say if this increase remains constant, then Pinterest should rethink Marketing strategies and target audience.
  • StumbleUpon decrease by 42.17% while YouTube’s share of the referral Traffic has decreased substantially at 93.24%.

This data shows that social media drives the most people into perspective websites and this shows you where to invest you referral marketing efforts.

Source: Forbes

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is a powerful way to build relationships among businesses today. To make social media work for your business, you must understand which social media platform suits your business best. Share on the appropriate social media platform to show your products or recruit people. Blogging is also a good strategy to highlight your company values, share activities and link with other people outside and inside the business circle.

Businesses that stay on top of their game are those industries that remain visible in multiple mediums – whether it is marketing and promotion, communication or sales activities, social media is the best avenue to do it.

Source: Dallas news

marketsoftwaresocialmediaJust recently, rumors that a mega snowstorm is on the horizon of Delaware due to a long-range weather model as well as some social media post talking about a huge winter model, which may cause a big snow blast measuring in feet that would hit the mid-Atlantic region. According to Meteorologist Gary Szatkowski, this occurrence is quite impossible to forecast. He also said that it’s quite surprising that most people believe this. The National Weather Service also reported that these reports aren’t reliable, most especially if it’s happening in ten days. This is truly tricky according to them. To know more about this post, go to the source.

Source: Delaware Online

Twitter2-256There are new social media trends to surface this year, as more and more people use it for sharing and posting. Here is what experts suggest about using social media for business.

  1. Do not post all the pictures of your meals. Choose only the food pictures you upload on Facebook.
  2. Do not tag the people in their unflattering pictures.
  3. Do not tweet everything. Damage can last for a lifetime, so think twice.

Check out more from the source. Read it at Edition today!

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Facebook256Factory 360 Co-founder and owner, Michael Fernandez, shares some tips for marketing on social media for better business. You should use FB your main social media network website, as most customers use it. If you were to concentrate on one social site, use FB.  Keep your social media accounts active to avoid people from thinking that you’re not active anymore. Listen to your customers and connect with them by consistently updating your social media content. Check the full version of the story from the source.

Source: Social Barrel

Facebook256If you are using social media for your business, have you checked on your means and ways lately? It may be time for a makeover. To reconstruct or rebuild your social media presence, then check out these tips:

  1. No one wants a drab copy, so be sure that your brand will be remembered in your social media posts and contents. Use the right voice by using the right words.
  2. Ask for blogger help. You can ask help from bloggers who are authoritative in your niche. They can give you an instant social media facelift. You can host a blogger event and invite several bloggers to attend it.
  3. Always be engaging. Post contents and updates that provide value for your clients. Think of giving your brand a face.
  4. Be specific and target your audience well. To check, see if your loyal customers stay and draw more leads to you. You don’t need to be everywhere to be present but just target your audience in the right venue on social media.

There you have a brief overview of how to augment your social media brand. Read the complete list of tips from the source.

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GooglePlus256-2We’re all on a wired world, where everyone else can be connected especially on social media, where interactions can take only seconds to happen. However, how do you make use of it when dealing with people?

  1. Choose entry points, which can push traffic to each other. Then, try to go deeper. You can use Twitter and Blogging. Whichever way you choose to enter social media, use it wisely and do not spam.
  2. Become a guru in something. Again, blogging can help, as it can allow you to express yourself and become valuable for others. If you want to gain online presence, blogging is still the best way to do that.
  3. Be interesting and interested at the same time. Do not use social media for promotions alone but for discussions.

These are a quick glimpse on how to use social media to increase your online presence. Read the full story from the source at Blog World.

Source: Blog World

imagesToday’s post is about writing your social media will so that you can have your social media presence end the way you want it. First off, you should make a statement on how you would want your accounts to be handled like would you want someone else to post messages in your accounts. Nevertheless, you should appoint a trusted person or an executor for you in controlling your email addresses, blogs, social media profiles and so many others. Read the full story from the source.

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