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Top Social Tips Ever

chat3Social media marketing is more than just networking and brand awareness. To generate more leads on your social media account and promote your brand, you need to look at the best tips that include building the goals of your brand by putting a face on it. Once it is established, you need to analyze the performance of the existing platform and improve it, or scout for a better one.

In social media, you need to build trust with your clients by following up, sharing a channel with them and keeping things fast track. You also have to promote other contents – things that your clients are interested in – to communicate humanely.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaWith the magnitude of data marketing professionals have to organize in social media, a need for an effective scheduling is a must. To start scheduling, you should first know where your audience is located. An example would be using Twitter Analytics in finding out where your top followers are. The next step would be choosing the right scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Latergramme. The third step is using a content schedule to help you in creating and posting great content. Lastly, it is necessary to review your scheduled posts and messages to avoid catastrophes. Get an even deeper understanding of the tips on Business2Community.

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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMWith the huge amount of photos people posts in social networking sites, the state of being unorganized does not anymore come as a surprise. And in order to pave the way to organization, here are a few simple tips that can easily be followed. In posting multiple photos on Facebook, it is advisable to create an album for such photos in order to segregate them from all your other photos. As for backing up your photos in an online storage, Cloud is the perfect choice. With Cloud, running out of space will be the least of your worries. Read the rest of the tips on Duluth News Tribune.

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facebook-901-million-users-259x250Sometimes, the old adage “Mother knows best” is surprisingly accurate. When it comes to what’s good for their children, mothers become multi-talented advisers. And to back that up, here are a few tips on how to act on social media that will undoubtedly make all mothers out there proud. One tip to remember is that if you have nothing good to say, you never have to say anything. And when it comes to sharing, filter out what you share to the world. After all, social networking sites are one of the most dangerous places on the Internet. Another important yet underrated tip nowadays is to limit your selfies everyday. Remember, too much of something is not good. Check out USA Today for more tips.

Source: USA Today

10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMSocial media is a powerful tool to promote business. But there are things to consider in getting the best ROI for your business.

First, do not waste money for paid and fake followers. Then stick and maintain certain social media platform by using hashtags and URLs. When using social media, make sure you do not oversell. Stick to your brand and limit what you share in social media.

When followers comment or tweet, comment or tweet back. Do not ignore them as they are your potential clients. When investing, make sure you measure the result of your effort and how you perform.
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Facebook256Like any other social media platforms, Facebook has become one of the major targets of many online scams and cyber attacks. In the past years, cases and lawsuits have been filed pursuing cyber attacks through Facebook pages. To address this, Facebook’s online security team issued a massive infographic to disseminate information about cyber security awareness, in time for the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The infographic campaign provides tips on how to manage roles and stay secured when logging in through desktops and mobile devices. The infographic can be seen on Facebook users’ profiles and popular links through out the week.

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chat3EvokedSetwill be more visible in social media as it enters into a new venture: ebook publication. It has already launched its first edition entitled  “Social Media for B2B: Best Practices” which is now available for download.

EvokedSet has wide experience operating social media accounts for company campaigns and promotions. Its newest ebook details the technical know-how’s of running several social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for businesses and organizations.

The publication is a timely one especially now that B2B companies in the event of social media adjustment. Among the ebook’sfeatures are the step-by-step of using social media and measuring its effect to business.

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chat3Social media can make or break you as a productive individual, as well as your business. If you really are a social media person, then use it on your own advantage. Being productive in social media is like any other tasks you do at work. You start by designing a feasible schedule and gather the things you need to make that schedule work for you. For example, you have to set a standard time on using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest and YouTube. If you are using all these platforms altogether daily, make sure that you cover all the necessary stuffs you need to include in each one.

Source: Forbes

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn order to help protect the public and their health, a group of researchers from the North Carolina State University has found a way to develop a guideline on how people should use social media networks. As most people knew about social media, it’s a great way for one to communicate effectively. Now, can it be effectively use to communicate about safety regarding food and relevant products. According to Dr. Ben Chapman, an Associate Professor at NC State University, the framework they developed may be used by businesses, trade organizations or health officials that are affected by food-borne diseases. For more information, go to the source.

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Breaking Free from Social Media

chat3The truth is undeniable: Social media has taken a huge part of human existence. However, if you are sick and tired of it, you can take a social media vacation, also known as social media cleanse, take it out of your system – if you are willing to. Here’s how:

Many people have different ways of doing it. Sometimes they just let it fade into the air by not minding its existence and not sharing or posting anything. Some people just don’t log in for a while – say a week, then 10 days, then they make it successful to a month.  All you need is drive, initiative and determination to pursue your goal.

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