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CalendarEvent marketing and social media have a couple of things that’s known about it: both are quite effective ways to make an appeal to a businesses’ clients and both have the power to provide them with a meaningful and long lasting relationship with their market.  Most brands in today’s market have successfully merged their marketing events even before it happens in its physical nature. According to Legacy Marketing Partners, it’s all up to a brand marketer as to how they plan to create a convincing brand experience that would mix the two seamlessly.

They’ve also added that learning how to blend digital and social media together would greatly affect the success of their business. In addition, they believe that social media can blend easily with a marketer’s goal to gather opportunities during and after their event at hand. For more on this post, go to the

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chat3Are you aware that the National Honesty Day was celebrated last April 30 and that it will be held every year on that very same day? Well, for businesses, it shouldn’t be a once a year affair, but instead it should be done on a daily basis. Experts believe that for companies to be successful with what they do or sell, they must be able to build transparency with their customers. In reality, this can be done only if these companies would let their customers express what they feel through various social media channels. In the dawn of social media, any customer have the power  to indicate what they think about certain products or how dissatisfied they are with it, but companies also have the power to delete any information containing customer dissatisfaction.  For more information on this post, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaDo you know the latest on social media for 2014? To get started, check some predictions for this year. They say that the social media scene will become bigger. In addition, they say that MySpace will return while Google Plus will play it big. Facebook introduces hash tags so people can expect more of these on print, TV and radio. Check out the latest trends on social media this year. Read from the source.

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Facebook256Social media can become an effective business venue for many small businesses, but any enterprise that wants to use these sites should implement social networking responsibility to avoid any mistakes. If you want to keep something private, do not share the content on social media, as even deleted posts can reappear.

This may help in securing your company’s confidential data, too. Always be decent and legal and most importantly be honest.  In addition, you should respect other cultures and avoid spam and using defamatory and obscene language on social media.

Being responsible on social media can bring positive things for your business, so be sure to practice being responsible to avoid any troubles. Check out the full story from the source.

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Twitter1-2561To gather crucial data, businesses use social media, as it presents them a valuable proposition when it comes to data mining but experts suggest that you should start with Twitter. Currently, there are more than 200 million active users of the site and it’s quite simple. They suggest that the site in particular is very useful for data mining.

It has an asymmetric and useful platform, which brings a lot of value. It also has a well-designed and very easy to access website. Check out the full story from the source to know about Twitter’s value for data mining.

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imagesRecently, social media becomes a good venue for crowdfunding organizations to promote their events. As you know, it can become a valuable source for gaining momentum for your company especially in terms of any crowdfunding campaigns. Here’s what you can do:

  1. You should act quickly. Timing is a critical aspect of your success in terms of crowdfunding. Focus on the event and market it well.
  2. You should use online influencers. If you want to have a successful crowdfunding effort, you can use the help of good promoters, who themselves have a huge following on social media.
  3. You can use several approaches and consider the benefits you will get from each of them. Exposure is a good key for your campaign, so check out several sites such as Pinterest that could help.

Check out the full story. Read it straight from Crowd Crux.

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Facebook256If you are using social media for your business, have you checked on your means and ways lately? It may be time for a makeover. To reconstruct or rebuild your social media presence, then check out these tips:

  1. No one wants a drab copy, so be sure that your brand will be remembered in your social media posts and contents. Use the right voice by using the right words.
  2. Ask for blogger help. You can ask help from bloggers who are authoritative in your niche. They can give you an instant social media facelift. You can host a blogger event and invite several bloggers to attend it.
  3. Always be engaging. Post contents and updates that provide value for your clients. Think of giving your brand a face.
  4. Be specific and target your audience well. To check, see if your loyal customers stay and draw more leads to you. You don’t need to be everywhere to be present but just target your audience in the right venue on social media.

There you have a brief overview of how to augment your social media brand. Read the complete list of tips from the source.

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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMSmall businesses especially online marketers have utilized Social Media to propel their sales and gain attention in the online marketing world. However, there are many of them of who commit some mistakes on how they approach or maximize the power of Social Media. There are many ways on how you can avoid these mistakes. You can easily avoid those rookie mistakes by doing the basic things. You really don’t have to be every Social Media platform to get noticed. You just have to focus on one or a couple and you should be okay.

Don’t try to do too much, think of the campaign you are pushing for. These are by far some of the things that can help you gain from Social Media and not be wasting your time. If you want to know more about this article, you can go to Small Biz Trends. What mistakes do you commit on social media for your business? Find out.

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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMUndeniably, today most of the social media that are available are focused in a one-way communication pattern or broadcast. It is much the same with the way thinks works in the past, where people reads newspaper and billboards and with no room for conversation.

Facebook  pages for example collects ‘likes’, Twitter on the other end gives links to contests and products that can customers can buy, there is no way for the receiver of the message to react in any way that will reach the creators of the posts. This is the same with the rest of the social media out there, YouTube is one to mention as well. This should not happen in your social marketing as well, copying their pattern will not boost up your business in the market. You need more. One of the best way to start is by creating a blog network from the company’s skilled and experts social marketers and invite guests from the outside, people who are expert in traffics thus adding insights and suggestions how your social media efforts will work. This is easier said than done. So instead of putting the social media efforts of your company to no good hands, evaluate the best people who can do the job.

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