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RedDevilThis goes to all social media users who immediately accept friend requests without verifying the legitimacy of the person behind. Security experts affirmed that there is significant increase in phishing cases or stealing of personal information linked to social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Farcing, the act of deceiving users to give up their personal information is very rampant today. It involves creating a social media profile under a pretentious name and adding users to be their friend. Once added, the fraud person behind will begin asking for your personal information from your other friends, who will eventually give in because you have common friends.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaIs social media taking much of your time? Your social media visibility determines your productivity in using those platforms – whether for personal or business concerns.

First, block the platform you’d feel like taking much of your time using Mindful Browsing. Next is by limiting yourself to the number of platforms your attention can only accommodate. This also helps you manage your time and schedule for content browsing only if necessary.

You need to have reasons to visit social media. Whether is it to interact, communicate, it has to be a valid one. Also, avoid clicking on trending topics as this may just take much of your time.

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Thumbs-UpThe whole world knows that social media doesn’t sleep. Therefore, as a social media manager, you have to use wisely every available time you have in order to market your brand. You can start by using your commuting time in the morning to check your social networking sites. And when you arrive at work, it’s the perfect time to check your emails. By 9:30am, you can discuss with your team regarding the tasks on hand. In order to gather relevant information, doing research an hour before noon is ideal. And when the clock strikes 12:30pm, multitask by grabbing lunch while simultaneously checking your social media platforms. Read more on Business2Community.



marketsoftwaresocialmediaTigran Kocharyan, an information security specialist, has addressed the recent warnings issued by the NSS (National Security Service) regarding online information security. He advised that people who are connected to the military should be careful in posting data or photos that may give away sensitive information. If fallen into the wrong hands, this information will undoubtedly endanger the military and the lives of ordinary citizens. Moreover, Kocharyan stated that in getting in touch with people, users should only interact with those they personally recognize and that they should avoid random connections with strangers.

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RedDevilOne of the safeguards that websites employ in order to verify the identity of a person is a “security question”. The problem is that most often than not, security questions are so simple that it doesn’t take a genius to make the right guess. Moreover, the likelihood of thieves successfully stealing taxpayers’ information has increased through their method of browsing personal information found on certain social networking sites. Thieves can use your birthdate, recent posts, tweets, and even photos as clues to deciphering the answer to your security questions. To avoid this, Adam Levin has recommended a few useful tips. To read about it, check out USA Today.

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Because of the hacking incident on the US Central Command social media accounts, a lot of people are asking how safe using social media is when even the government is vulnerable to attacks online.

What happened obviously showed the lack of proper security among social media platforms and that the government is not able to create defenses to improve security standards. They have the best men and women to protect the country but they were not able to find a way to stop hackers with their own online terrorism acts. Social media security has a few guarantees and it took an embarrassing incident to prove just how vulnerable one can be around social media.

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Facebook256Social media networks continuously look to develop mobile apps that seems. Right now, Facebook is believed to be on the verge of developing a mobile app that enables its users to communicate anonymously. This was confirmed by two trusted sources when they spoke to New York Times early this week. On that same day, Josh Miller, who was the head of the project according to New York Times, tweeted that the app they’re developing is different from any anonymous applications on the market today. Now, the question remains to be trusting Facebook with its user’s anonymity since up until the social media site has continuously mandated its users to use their real names? For more information, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaToday’s social media: It was breaking news when a fugitive was circulated on Twitter and Facebook. An accused child molester, who was said to have given a 3-year old child a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), had quickly made rounds on social media. The man was discovered to be hiding in his Port Arthur home, due to help of social media in tracking or locating his whereabouts. Read the full story.

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Twitter2-256Today, many people are discussing the things that most of you will commit on social media. People will learn a lot by committing from these mistakes. Based from the more recent things that have happened, most digital marketers will commit these mistakes. Social media in the year 2014 is truly going to be exciting and far more different from last year. That is because the digital world is certainly evolving at a very fast rate. People get too excited about the offers that they are getting in their emails. With that, more and more people are more likely to choose their security rather than clicking on those offers. For more about this, check out the source.

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