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Come and get me for a spookier Halloween.

Come and get me for a spookier Halloween.

Travelstart, an online booking agent, warned travel goers about a scam that has recently been targeting Facebook users. The scam was reported to offer 500 fictitious first class flights to any destination around the world and an allowance of $5,200 for six persons. Representatives from Virgin Atlantic have already been notified about the said scam and the fake facebook page has been subsequently removed. Due to increasing occurrence of online travel scams, Russel Jarvis, a spokesperson from Travelstart, recommended a few useful tips on how to spot a facebook scam and avoid it. Check out traveller24 to read the full story.

Source: Traveller24

Bitdefender said that a new scam is targeting Facebook and Gmail.

A new variant of the notorious Zeus malware can manipulate the way the bank reports account balances so victims are unaware that money has been moved out of the account.

The new scam asks unwary users to “link” their credit card information with either Facebook or Google and transform these accounts into digital wallets.

Whenever the users try to bring up Facebook or Gmail from infected PCs, they are presented with the genuine service login page, but, in the background, Zeus injects its code in the login form to also request credit card information.

The attack is totally convincing as the browser shows the URL of the real login service. It also offers a good explanation as to why the user is asked to enter credit card info:

Facebook users are told they can directly buy Facebook credits after they link the credit-card to the account, while Gmail users are told they can use Gmail as a “digital wallet” and pay by simply entering their e-mail address.

Source: Online Security Guide