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chat3Social media is now a staple marketing tool for businesses – especially in the advertising industry. In 2016, experts see the growing potential of this media in product and service promotion. Why is it so attractive for advertisers? Pew Research listed the reasons why. Among these reasons, include the engaging effect of videos in both Facebook and Instagram platforms, which generate more audience than ever. Snapchat and Twitter also make its way to advertising industry, also by using videos.

Advertising through social media reaches more target audience in a short period of time. The trend in video marketing makes it easier for advertisers to do their job and generate market reactions.

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chat3As you prepare for the holidays, don’t forget to your marketing strategies and campaigns. Make sure you still capture the attention of your market amid their holiday rush activities. Among the ways to do this is to identify who makes the purchase and make them want your products. Your website can also be the best to display style that will boost the spirit of holiday season.

Since this is a giving season, you can run a contest with holiday themes. This gives you further exposure while generating some business. And when you do this, make sure you tap the trending information online. Lastly, never forget the reason for this occasion.

Source: Forbes

marketsoftwaresocialmediaMany business people are trying to change the way they communicate to adapt in social media. But you don’t have to do it to make things work between you and your clients. What you need to do is build a strong communication. Customers want businesses to be personal which means they want to be heard by someone with genuine feeling and listen to them. They want to hear stories and thoughts, not why they should buy your products and services. A business should be knowledgeable about its products and services but it also has to be personal, sincere, and polite.

Source: BZ Journal

marketsoftwaresocialmediaAccording to a study conducted by Forbes, majority of customers demand an open communication and organic responses from companies that use Facebook. However, only one or two meets this expectation.

The following are among social media marketing tips used by Fortune 500 successful companies.

You need to create your intraweb social media profile that reflects the values of your company in the platform used by your target clients. Make sure that you maintain your profile and be open to communication. Consider including all industries and products you carry in this intraweb – no matter how small they are. It is also important to create news with useful and quality content to raise awareness.

Source: Business 2 Community

marketsoftwaresocialmediaToday, brand developers or manufacturers learn various things from the young and the old. Although the gap between each generation is harsh and stark, digital technologies affect the way people do business or the way they interact online. Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group for this year’s Next Generation of Commerce Study did a further look into social media habit across all ages. Their study focuses on the way digital technologies like social media networks shape a customer’s preferences.

Accenture Interactive Managing Director Jay Dettling said that marketing do witness a huge step in what consumers or customers  would want to see from certain brands or products when they buy one. Based from the same study, consumers would want to engage with services and products digitally. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Adweek

chat3Could it be a myth that boring brands cannot have many followers? Today, it does not matter what your company is doing because it is what your products mean to your customers, your employees and your suppliers. They are your audience because, let’s say, your customers are to whom you are selling important things. In short, you have to invest in people. And more content is better than quality content. Check out the whole story that might also be interesting you.

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Twitter2-256Ignoring your competitors is not a smart way to succeed against them. In fact, with a few nods on their direction, you can have a powerful strategy to turn the customers’ attention towards your company.

Positive and non- threatening tweets can help highlight your products without blatantly putting down the competition. You can throw in the good points of your competitor and take that as an opportunity to expose how your products and services are better. Social media is accessible by everyone so use it as a way to observe your enemy’s tweets and posts. And finally, consider social media as a playground where you can interact with fellow companies who might be able to boost your online presence as well as become offline allies.

This clearly suggests making measures on how to use social media to your advantage instead of using it to attack the enemy.

Source: Entrepreneur

chat3Despite the huge effects of social media in UK businesses, UK financial services are freezing their investment in the successful networking platform, thus causing new social media guidelines undecided in the UK regulator.

This huge guideline further causes delay in the industry as many industries are using social media to promote their products and services. However, the regulator clarified that it does not promote anti-social-media, but aims to put things at their right places to safeguard all industries using this platform for commercial purposes. It sees to it that all social media ads and promotions are in compliance to the FCA.

Source: The Guardian

Facebook256People as well as businesses are recognizing the power of social media to enhance one’s capability to market their products effectively. According to Laura Hampton of Hallam Internet, a digital marketing agency and Spark Notts Sponsor, they’ve provided a newbie’s guide to social media. In addition, she has some tips as to how you can get started with your dinner party through social media. Based from what she has indicated, you have to know your guests in order for you to offer appropriate products or services—an important factor is to consider their interests as well as their personal preferences. To know more about this post, go to the source.

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