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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMFacebook alone has over 1.44 billion active users every month, many of which are from the military community. Unlike 5 years ago, more people from the military workforce are now active on social networking sites including military leaders. And in order to help them use social media optimally, here are 5 useful tips. First, protect your brand. Choose carefully what you post on social media because one  inappropriate post might reflect a bad image of the military to the general public. Second, choose friends wisely. For your own protection, it might be better not to add people randomly. To view the rest of the tips, check out dvids.

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Social Media Tips For Couples

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media have also been affecting couples’ relationships nowadays. And as people who are must be bound by love and respect for each other, couples should be careful in expressing themselves through social media. A lot of couples have gone into unpleasant arguments caused by each other ranting over the social media. Experts discourage couples from posting anything if they are mad as other people will be able to read them and could get involved – including families and friends. Remember that deleting published posts will not do any good. Lastly, respect each other and communicate using personal talks – not over the internet.

Source: Telegraph