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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is one of the powerful marketing tools today. To make it work for your small business, you read on the following tips:

First, identify which social media is the most effective for you by listing down the ones that generate more views and traffics to your website. Next is to make use of Facebook on your advantage by posting relevant and engaging content. If you have a Twitter account, check on it regularly. Find interesting people to follow in Pinterest and Instagram for your visual postings and keep your LinkedIn updated for business relations. Lastly, have everything checked regularly.

Source: Business 2 Community 

chat3People are fed up with the flooding brand promotions over social media. Everyday, they come across with Facebook and Pinterest overwhelmed with brands, posts and promotions, thus developing “banner blindness.” Although there is nothing about it, as it can reach more customers as possible, there

What companies like about social media is it’s free but some consumers are willing to pay to get the best ad where they can ingest the ‘right’ content about the product. In case of Apple, it does not use social media for marketing because they want their prouct to be read, watched and listen to.

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Why Pinterest Pays Off Big Banks

PinterestMost people wouldn’t have expected that Pinterest would be able to drive more than 30% more traffic for Bank of America’s money management website. The image-sharing platform is commonly known for its aspirations, huge female followers, buyable pins and beauty more than its effect on banking contents. Hold your horses’ fellas. Don’t you know that Pinterest allots over 1.3 billion pins to manage one’s money? Admit it or not, you do not expect that, right? According to the most recent research published that the social media network’s value and importance do lie in the future. Since a great number of Pinterest’s members are 81% female, Forrester believes that it would generate higher sales in the years to come since it addresses a member’s concern regarding baby or travel plans. For more on this news, check out the source today.

Source: American Banker

chat3Holiday is a great opportunity for brands to promote their products through social media. The following are tips for brands to generate sales this holiday seasons through social media platforms:

Make your products accessible for social media users. Use platforms where photo sharing and reviews are accessible such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It is also important to bring your product into mobile where clients access their social media accounts. It is also important to make your product a gift material for it to hit the store.

When a sale is made, respond to clients by allowing them to share, tweet or repin your page.

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chat3Erin Ann McBride provides tips on how people can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to share gospel and words of wisdom. According to her, it is important to create awareness that there is something more than sharing photos and status in this powerful communication platform. You can do this by posting photos of everyday gospel with meaningful texts, hashtags and keywords to spread the word. This is also an effective way to educate your audience about the content of your page. Do not forget to stay focus on the importance of the content and the realistic expectations about your movement.

Source: Deseret News

computer4How do you bring social media and content marketing together? Experts said, it would be wise to split test content for effectiveness with your readers, so do not simply publish content on social media. Test a wide range of content and messages across various networks to help in determining which kind of content resonate with your readers. Optimize your content based on social media used.  Know that social media networks, including Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have their unique audiences and features. Ask audience for ideas by taking the time to tap fans and follower about suggestions on the kind of content interesting them.  With careful planning, bring your social media and content marketing together for a successful social media campaign. Check out the whole story from the source.

Source:  Entrepreneur

chat3A study has confirmed that social media usage vary greatly among race and ethnicity. Five of the most common social media Websites were used for the survey run, namely, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Results say that the most widely used social media site for Blacks, Whites and Latinos is Facebook, garnering a 71% usage for all users.

Running in second for the Latinos is Instagram and this goes as well for the Blacks, Whites on the Other hand use Pinterest more. One important factor in this study would be the median ages at which the younger crowds use Instagram and Twitter as opposed to other sites.

Source: Pew Research Center

chat3As the month of October comes, organizations and schools within the country go on to observe the National Bullying Prevention Month. The goal of the celebration is to stop cyberbullying and bullying that lead to the death of a girl in Florida last year. The story of the 12-year old girl named Rebecca Ann Sedwick who committed suicide due to a whole year of cyberbullying from two minors as well, ages 12 and 14.

According to age restrictions set by Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram the minimum age required for signing up is at 13, while YouTube set it at 18 but a 13-year old kid can sign up with the permission of their parents. For other social media sites, it’s at 17. According to the study done by knowthenet.org.uk, about 59% of children indicate that they’ve used one even before the age of 10. For more information, go to the source.

Source: Huffington Post

chat3Social media can make or break you as a productive individual, as well as your business. If you really are a social media person, then use it on your own advantage. Being productive in social media is like any other tasks you do at work. You start by designing a feasible schedule and gather the things you need to make that schedule work for you. For example, you have to set a standard time on using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest and YouTube. If you are using all these platforms altogether daily, make sure that you cover all the necessary stuffs you need to include in each one.

Source: Forbes

Twitter2-256Today, many small businesses are struggling to take advantage of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Social media have seen many changes that lead to the transformation on the way most people do business online. Back in the day, most consumers rely on the word of mouth and the Yellow Pages to check on something. However, the big question right now is, should one choose Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Facebook to help improve the success of their marketing efforts? Now, which social media giant is better? For more information on this post, go to the source.

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