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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media networks can be combined for a better and wider audience impact. Here’s how.

When you use Twitter, you can filter the things you want to see by creating a list. You can also share your tweets in Periscope platform to reach and get connected with people. On the other hand, Facebook allows you to follow people, even they are not on your list. This allows them to see your contents and vice versa.

For photograph platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, you can create hashtags to generate more related posts and photos. In Pinterest, you can create boards to save your favorite post and generate related articles easily.

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GerRedDevilmany Police Department appeals to parents to stop violating their children’s privacy and posting pictures of their nude children on social media. Authorities said that such actions have consequences, especially when the children grew. Posting those photos may cause children to be bullied when they are older or to be victimized by a pedophile. The Naked Security, stating that posting photos of your children nude is not safe, supported the campaign.

The campaign gathered positive and negative reactions from parents and concerned individuals over the internet. Some parents agree to the idea while others view it as an overreaction and nonsense.

Source:  Naked Security

Going on vacation may overwhelm most people with the urge to announce their impending plans to the whole world. According to a Nationwide Insurance survey, 14% of homeowners use social networking sites to share photos, post updates, or check into their location while they’re away on vacation or holiday. And based on an article by Time Magazine, 78% of home burglars employ social media in choosing the location of their next victim. With these facts in mind, if you’re going on a vacation, resist posting about it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site. By doing so, you can enjoy your vacation time worry-free.

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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMWith the huge amount of photos people posts in social networking sites, the state of being unorganized does not anymore come as a surprise. And in order to pave the way to organization, here are a few simple tips that can easily be followed. In posting multiple photos on Facebook, it is advisable to create an album for such photos in order to segregate them from all your other photos. As for backing up your photos in an online storage, Cloud is the perfect choice. With Cloud, running out of space will be the least of your worries. Read the rest of the tips on Duluth News Tribune.

Source: Duluth News Tribune


marketsoftwaresocialmediaTigran Kocharyan, an information security specialist, has addressed the recent warnings issued by the NSS (National Security Service) regarding online information security. He advised that people who are connected to the military should be careful in posting data or photos that may give away sensitive information. If fallen into the wrong hands, this information will undoubtedly endanger the military and the lives of ordinary citizens. Moreover, Kocharyan stated that in getting in touch with people, users should only interact with those they personally recognize and that they should avoid random connections with strangers.

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RedDevilOne of the safeguards that websites employ in order to verify the identity of a person is a “security question”. The problem is that most often than not, security questions are so simple that it doesn’t take a genius to make the right guess. Moreover, the likelihood of thieves successfully stealing taxpayers’ information has increased through their method of browsing personal information found on certain social networking sites. Thieves can use your birthdate, recent posts, tweets, and even photos as clues to deciphering the answer to your security questions. To avoid this, Adam Levin has recommended a few useful tips. To read about it, check out USA Today.

Source: USA Today



chat3Ever wanted to have your best photo on your profile but is limited by the size requirements? It is probably best to know that with different social media platform, certain image restrictions must be followed.

It will be quite a mess if you fail to crop an image properly or fail to position it on the best dimension. This means that if you are planning to use an image for branding purposes, make sure that you follow the image sizing guidelines so that the photo will appear more appealing and you can use it to market your brand without a problem.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaIncreasing your influence online can be tough. To gain more followers, you need to take note of a few prominent points.

First is to mind your avatar as it is the first thing that users are going to notice about you. What follows is what you put in your profile. You need to update your bio and complete all necessary information that your public will search for. Make your posts more interesting by providing videos or photos about it. Be aware that photos and videos are more appealing when done properly so take the time to study your camera to take better pictures and videos. Try to update your site everyday even with just a few lines and photos of what happened to you recently. And finally, reach for more audience by sharing your posts on multiple social media platforms.

Source: Time

chat3Online viewers love pictures – they hate texts. This is why social media marketing is now more on visuals and lest texts. 2015 is a good start for retailers and business owners to incorporate photos on their marketing strategies.

Among the most common and easy to use picture-based social media platforms are Instagram with over 200 million users worldwide, Pinterest with 70 million users and SlideSharefor online presentations. There are also online apps for the same purpose. When using these platforms, make sure to link them on your currently using social media. Partner them with affordable image editors available online.

Source: practicalcommerce.com

marketsoftwaresocialmediaMusicians often reach to their fans through social media. But reaching them takes some considerations along the way. Beware because posting insensitive and harsh comments might lead to unsold concert tickets and albums.

Your posts and photos will let your fans know about you. However, you must maintain the balance between which is relatable information andwhat they do not care about. A simple thank you note from the past gig can be helpful but it does not mean you have to list down all the details that happened during the gig, especially the not-so-good parts.  Lastly but most important, mind your grammar and use non-offensive words.

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