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Shopping CartTo increase your eBay Shop’s online presence with the help of social networking sites, you have to know your audience and customers. You should also focus more on your target market that involves determining your target audience. And in order to make sure that customer’s points are addressed, following the rules of consistency and relevance is an absolute must. Making your post entertaining is a big help as well since it is a way to deliver your message in a fun and exciting way. Another tip is to monitor the condition of your site by measuring each social media campaign. Last but not the least, always listens to your audience.

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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMPeople across the world have been using online shopping because it is convenient– especially during this holiday season. On the other hand, security experts warned online shoppers about the cases of online security breach today. Security experts from Digitariaimpart some tips on how to get stay when doing your online shopping.

Use legitimate online payment systems and trusted online store. When you use credit cards for payment, avoid storing your financial information on the website. You can also try a password manager to create secured and hacker-safe. Use secured mobile apps that partner with legit cash companies. Keep your system updated.

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