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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMNews has been more accessible to anybody who has a smartphone today. With the use of camera phones, everyone can take videos and photos and post them to social media. Here are some tips to manage your news over social media.

First, you need to monitor it and make it a relevant part of what people would like to read. This is achieved by using the next step, which is to assign several people to man the monitoring, posting and gathering information Third, broadcast verified and factual news only by assigning people to do the research stuff. Lastly, make it contextual and valuable.

SOURCE: Journalism Co. UK.

social media marketingFirst and foremost, you should focus on building and enhancing customer relationships. This can be achieved by getting to know who your customers are and where their preferences and interests lie. Setting up an e-mail newsletter and socializing on Facebook are great ways to strengthen connections with your customers. Second, share relevant updates, promos, and offers. Anything that’s not relevant is also not useful so make sure to stick to pertinent details. Last but not the least, measure the results. By measuring, you can keep track of your current performance and be able to pinpoint what strategy is working and what’s not.

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A gangster’s video with gun loaded aimed on a camera calling another gangster and mocking the police has been uploaded in the internet made the public worry about its effect to viewers.

In the 42-second video uploaded last monthon Instabeef, a hooded man was holding a loaded .38 waving threats. The video is being associated to the continuinggang battles between the Batts Boys of South London and the group from Clapham Junction.

Gang violence has been spreading in the neighboring estates. Among the biggest gun seizures operations in Met history was in Battersea, South London where high caliber of ammunition was confiscated.

Source: mirror.co.uk

marketsoftwaresocialmediaJust recently, rumors that a mega snowstorm is on the horizon of Delaware due to a long-range weather model as well as some social media post talking about a huge winter model, which may cause a big snow blast measuring in feet that would hit the mid-Atlantic region. According to Meteorologist Gary Szatkowski, this occurrence is quite impossible to forecast. He also said that it’s quite surprising that most people believe this. The National Weather Service also reported that these reports aren’t reliable, most especially if it’s happening in ten days. This is truly tricky according to them. To know more about this post, go to the source.

Source: Delaware Online

Twitter2-256Most advisors right now have gotten into the use of social media for professional or personal use. Making the use of it safe and effective for any advisory practice may require some tricks. If you want to bring your social media existence into a whole different level, learn these 9 tips. According to them, you have to learn to automate to attract, use explanatory imagery, have it above the scroll, join conversations, optimize your blogs, use cross-pollinating links, make it short and sweet, learn how to generate leads, and you should know when to share. These are what they believe which would make you successful on social media. To know more about it, check out this cool investment news.

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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMIf you are an executive, your social media accounts are public. Yes, even if you tag it as personal, it would still be viewed as a public profile. Even if you view your opinions as to not reflecting that of your firm, it would still somehow represent your company even if you don’t want to put it that way. Pat Dickinson, a former officer at Business Insider, found it out the hard way when he was ousted from the website. Sharing your opinions on social media networks is just like having to broadcast them in public or on national TV. For more information about this, go to CFO.

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More American Adults on Social Media

Facebook256Do you remember anything special that happened back in 2005? How about the Star Wars Episode III, which was about the Revenge of the Sith? Did you hear about Facebook or FB +3.02% or do you have any clue what a Tweet was? Since 2005, the number of adults in the United States who use social media rose from 8 percent to about 72 percent in 2013. Social Media really determines a lot of projects or activities on the internet nowadays. It drives new business ideas and strategies each day. Learn more from Forbes.

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