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chat3Landing on your favorite job can be possible without walking into the company building. Through social media, you can be a part of your dream job. First, you must establish as clean profile. No employer would hire an applicant with a messy background. Subscribe and link to the best hiring agencies in the market through unified accounts – from Facebook to emails – all displaying your skills and professional experience. Use the most searched keywords where employers can find you easily such as sales, finance, or any relevant keyword that can be associated with your dream job. Engage in job conversations online and make your file visible to your target employers.

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Twitter2-256Determined to regain the trust and sympathy of dismayed program developers about Twitter’s strict rules on apps developers, the second largest social media platforms now open its doors for application developers.  After four years of staying app developer-free, Twitter hosted its first developer conference. The objective of the event is to allow app developers to launch their apps within the Twitter platform. Twitter said this movement is to make the app more serviceable to users. Facebook has been a solid partner of Zinga and other game apps. Although many developers look forward to this amendment, some of them are still hesitant to invest.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn order to help protect the public and their health, a group of researchers from the North Carolina State University has found a way to develop a guideline on how people should use social media networks. As most people knew about social media, it’s a great way for one to communicate effectively. Now, can it be effectively use to communicate about safety regarding food and relevant products. According to Dr. Ben Chapman, an Associate Professor at NC State University, the framework they developed may be used by businesses, trade organizations or health officials that are affected by food-borne diseases. For more information, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaThe success and fulfillment of your social media experience depends on how much you share with your followers and friends. Instagram images and profile pictures determine the amount of attention and numbers of followers you get.

It is important to have your own brand. This is very important if you have products to promote. Nevertheless, you have your own brand –not only products do. Somehow, you are a social media bi-product. Stick with your brand and image – even when it comes to your profile picture, shared links, posts and tweets. They portray who you are, your personality and ideas you promote.

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Facebook256Keeping your privacy high on Facebook is very important if you don’t want to ruin your image on the platform. You don’t want people to judge your professionalism due to an ugly photo or poor privacy settings. Give your profile a second glance to see if you do things right using some tips. Check out your timeline and see how it appears to the public or a specific friend. You can group your friends to customize, who the people seeing your contents are. If you want to know more, check out the full version from the source.

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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMIf you are an executive, your social media accounts are public. Yes, even if you tag it as personal, it would still be viewed as a public profile. Even if you view your opinions as to not reflecting that of your firm, it would still somehow represent your company even if you don’t want to put it that way. Pat Dickinson, a former officer at Business Insider, found it out the hard way when he was ousted from the website. Sharing your opinions on social media networks is just like having to broadcast them in public or on national TV. For more information about this, go to CFO.

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More American Adults on Social Media

Facebook256Do you remember anything special that happened back in 2005? How about the Star Wars Episode III, which was about the Revenge of the Sith? Did you hear about Facebook or FB +3.02% or do you have any clue what a Tweet was? Since 2005, the number of adults in the United States who use social media rose from 8 percent to about 72 percent in 2013. Social Media really determines a lot of projects or activities on the internet nowadays. It drives new business ideas and strategies each day. Learn more from Forbes.

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