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instagram social media marketingInstagram holds massive potential for brands. That’s evident in the success gained by Foundr that created a huge mailing list of more than 10,000 email subscribers. Interested how they did it?  Check this out.

Based on the most recent statistics, Instagram has more than 400+ million active users worldwide, and 64 million of them are from the US.

Among all social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram leads the race being the preferred social site for US teens. According to research by Com Score in 2015 for mobile trends report, millenials spend at least 420 minutes on the site every month.

And Forrester Research Group also revealed that users on the site are 58 times more likely to engage in content (like, share, comment…).

How to Dominate Instagram

Building a solid funnel

Before you could start with conversion, which is turning your audience into customers or subscribers, you should build a solid funnel. For the best results, use the AIDA model—meaning attention, interest, decision, action…


Combine great design and value like what Foundr did. You should be able to provide an immediate value going with an impressive design so that you can keep your audience interested.

Know what your audience wants to see and provide them with that.

Mixed message and a good caption

Engage your readers further not only with a great image but also an amazing caption that can help in framing your message and delivering its context.

The caption can be used in proposing a decision for your audience—leaving a comment, tagging their friends on the photo and so on.

Bio link

This is one important part of Instagram marketing. On IG, it’s the only allowed link, so make sure that both the bio link and the caption work in harmony.

Demonstrate value while selling your idea on what they could get by clicking the link. Use Bitly or Pretty Link for a custom URL.

Landing page

Create a non-cluttered landing page, which is the sales funnel’s end. Make it as fast or as easy as possible for your audience to complete your desired action.

Make sure it is optimized for mobile.

Tell your audience immediately what you offer and what they can expect.


Be social, and engage with influencers to create a solid network, which you can later use in promoting your products and services.

Comment on their posts, share their images (with permission)… and so on.

Do not be overly promotional

Promote only one out of 10 images because people hate being advertised to.

There you have a handy guide on how to make it big on Instagram and be as successful as Foundr who did it! For the complete story, visit Smart Passive Income.

info2Social media is an effective way for businesses to reach their clients across the board. Clients spend a lot of time in social media, so how you reach them matters. Social media experts say that it is important to know your clients and what social media do they use. Recognize them and make them feel important. It is also important to impart influence on how they think and decide.

To make your post visible for customers, make sure that the contents you create are tailored for their preference. This allows them to participated and get affiliated with the product. Lastly, use geo-targeting to reach them across borders.

Source: Entrepreneur

RedDevilBusinesses are into social media today – and it can make or break them without them knowing it. These are among the social mistakes that people do –unconsciously. First, they tend to post repetitive contents and clients hate that. They also fail to check on the email of their followers, that is why they lead to the third mistake which is to respond on clients’ inquiries.

Since marketing is done over the internet, people failed to see the humane purpose of it, making in insincere. This leads to the wrong audience and lost sales. Some businesses are too focused on their brands, that they forget the other products that their clients might be interested into, thus ruining the relationship.

Source: Entrepreneur

Top Social Tips Ever

chat3Social media marketing is more than just networking and brand awareness. To generate more leads on your social media account and promote your brand, you need to look at the best tips that include building the goals of your brand by putting a face on it. Once it is established, you need to analyze the performance of the existing platform and improve it, or scout for a better one.

In social media, you need to build trust with your clients by following up, sharing a channel with them and keeping things fast track. You also have to promote other contents – things that your clients are interested in – to communicate humanely.

Source: Business 2 Community

10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMNews has been more accessible to anybody who has a smartphone today. With the use of camera phones, everyone can take videos and photos and post them to social media. Here are some tips to manage your news over social media.

First, you need to monitor it and make it a relevant part of what people would like to read. This is achieved by using the next step, which is to assign several people to man the monitoring, posting and gathering information Third, broadcast verified and factual news only by assigning people to do the research stuff. Lastly, make it contextual and valuable.

SOURCE: Journalism Co. UK.

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn using social media, communication is considered as a fundamental element of every business strategy. Leveraging various communication platforms effectively is very vital in connecting with your audience. In order to ensure that your social media marketing connects to your brand and adds value to your company, here are 5 tips that can be useful. These are: To strategize, To communicate, To analyze, To choose between open/closed communication, and To think twice before hitting the delete button. Furthermore, be sure that whenever you are using social media, it is for the right purpose. Learn more about the tips on EContent.

Source: Econtent

Thumbs-UpMichelle Venorsky from Hello LLC proposed that people should try going off the grid once in a while. However, according to her, doing so might be hard because society nowadays have a constant fear of missing out. She also stated that social media is not for everyone. So for people who don’t understand social media,  they can either learn about it themselves or get help from someone. On another note, one of the biggest no-no for Venorsky when using social media is hiring a recent graduate or an intern to manage the company’s social media accounts. Check out Cleveland to know more about this article.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaBeing an entrepreneur requires a lot of considerations and one of those is to apply the proper etiquette in doing business, especially if your business is being marketed around the world through social media. Take Facebook for example. One general rule that entrepreneurs should follow is to never advertise their page on another page, unless they want their post to be marked as “spam”. In Twitter, another leading social networking site, certain rules of conduct should also be observed. One of these is the sufficient use of hashtags. Hashtags should only be used as many times as necessary and not as many times as possible. To know more, read the entire article at Business2Community.

Source: Business2Community

Thumbs-UpIt is very hard to find time to market on social media specially if you have a packed schedule that never seems to go away. Fortunately, there are ways that may help improve your time management in order to give room for social media marketing. One tip that you should bear in mind is to commit to a designated time regularly. You will need to determine how much time you will allot for this specific activity and then you will have to follow through no matter what. The secret here is to stick to your schedule. Check out Entrepreneur to know more.

Source: Entrepreneur


marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is one of the most powerful and influential ways for brands to be visible in the market. But brand employees who do not know what exactly they advocate create a huge loss for the company. Empowering employees through social media engagement, training and brand labeling advocacy are the best possible ways to amplify company brand to reach every target audience. Engage powerful workforce and let them know how important their roles are in promoting the company through social media. Lastly, it is very important that employees are confident to the brand they promote.

Source: Recode