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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMWith the year ending, let’s look back on the best social media marketing highlights of 2015 to inspire businesses to do better next year. These stats will help you plan better and powerful social media marketing strategies next year.

Among the best highlights of the year is the revelation that about 64% of marketers spend six hours or more in social media. This prompts businesses to strengthen social media visibility. Another highlight is that 66% of marketers target to increase Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn usage more in the near future while there will be an 8% drop in Facebook usage.

Source: Business 2 Community

computer4Social media networks or platforms provide marketers and entrepreneurs a huge chance to boost their marketing capabilities and businesses by letting them connect to their target audience directly. However, despite all or any social media marketing recommendations available on the web, one still finds it difficult to optimize their brand’s presence on social media. Many people do find it hard to make the magic of it work for them.

DrumUp, a social media management and content curation tool, conducted a survey recently measuring the ROI or Return on Investment through marketing efforts on social media hands out the biggest pain-point that most marketers face. Adobe’s survey goes to show that 52% of marketers even said that their frustrations come mostly from their social media network marketing efforts. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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chat3Today, well-developed technology prevails, one of which is social media. It became indispensable and valuable to entrepreneurs and marketers no matter what kind of product or service they are offering online. Most companies are incorporating social media marketing strategies by taking advantage of online promotions and advertisements that are made available on Twitter, Facebook and many other platforms. If you would notice, your life online is such a big target for advert placements and brand promotions through social media.

Users, not just companies, may benefit from this form of collaboration. The reason being is that social media users are more likely in chatting on Facebook or posting a tweet on Twitter looking for certain goods or services to meet their needs. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: The Market Mogul

marketsoftwaresocialmediaA smart company should include social media in its marketing strategy. Recent CMO Survey has concluded that linking social media into the marketing efforts instead of making it as a separate campaign is more effective and costs less.

In a recent interview from notable marketers in the country, 12 strategies were identified to make social media integration possible. It included choosing strategy over tools, aligning social media channels towards the marketing strategy, creating social media toolkits, and focusing on how to convert social media actions into purchases among others. The suggestion to integrate social media into any form of internet marketing campaign aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness all the parts of the marketing plan.

Source: Forbes

chat3A research conducted by Duke University concluded that companies that have been paying and subscribing social media promotion and market penetration have increased exceptionally for the past years. This number is expected to grow further in the future.

However, marketers and business specialists are concerned whether companies are getting the return of investment they need from social media exposure. As the matter of fact, the study showed that only 15% of the marketers are able to feel the quantity of the exposure while 40% can only merely feel its qualitative effect.

Specialists are also concerned about the impact of huge data that social media sharing can cause in the future.

Source: WSJ Blogs