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chat3Bianchi Public Relations, Inc. offers tips to professional service firms on how to improve their social media marketing strategies next year. Among these tips, include posting media coverage to show earned credibility and increase impact on audience. It is also encouraged for professional service firms to focus on LinkedIn because this is where professionals interact. You can follow your target audience and connect with them instantly.

Service professionals should be more engaging to their clients are followers in social media by focusing on their audience and what they need and how they need it. Post visual contents because they are more engaging than texts.

Source: PR News Wire

10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMWith the year ending, let’s look back on the best social media marketing highlights of 2015 to inspire businesses to do better next year. These stats will help you plan better and powerful social media marketing strategies next year.

Among the best highlights of the year is the revelation that about 64% of marketers spend six hours or more in social media. This prompts businesses to strengthen social media visibility. Another highlight is that 66% of marketers target to increase Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn usage more in the near future while there will be an 8% drop in Facebook usage.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is one of the powerful marketing tools today. To make it work for your small business, you read on the following tips:

First, identify which social media is the most effective for you by listing down the ones that generate more views and traffics to your website. Next is to make use of Facebook on your advantage by posting relevant and engaging content. If you have a Twitter account, check on it regularly. Find interesting people to follow in Pinterest and Instagram for your visual postings and keep your LinkedIn updated for business relations. Lastly, have everything checked regularly.

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RedDevilThis goes to all social media users who immediately accept friend requests without verifying the legitimacy of the person behind. Security experts affirmed that there is significant increase in phishing cases or stealing of personal information linked to social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Farcing, the act of deceiving users to give up their personal information is very rampant today. It involves creating a social media profile under a pretentious name and adding users to be their friend. Once added, the fraud person behind will begin asking for your personal information from your other friends, who will eventually give in because you have common friends.

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Marketing is no longer a man’s world today. Women are among the most empowered individuals in this business nowadays. Their network becomes more powerful over the years with the help of social media platforms. The success of largest companies like Adobe, LinkedIn, and other multinational companies are owed to women who rule social media when it comes to networking and business ideas.

These women made significant differences in taking their businesses into a more competitive world. Their tips mostly include embracing change and learning from experiences. They also emphasized the importance of branding at all times.

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chat3Like everything else in the business world, marketing on social media must start with a plan. This can be achieved by learning how to tailor a marketing plan that’s suitable for your business’ needs. Once a plan is already in motion, an important pointer to take note of is to perform an audit of your social media platform. This can help you in evaluating the entirety of your social media presence. Another relevant thing to remember is to monitor your social networking sites especially your audience’ actions and feedback. Most importantly, it is greatly advisable to put your business on LinkedIn where a wide array of business opportunities present themselves regularly.

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social media marketingSteve Lazuka of Interact Media has written about a few best marketing practices in his newest article which was featured on PR Newswire. According to him, the best time to post on Facebook is during off-peak times. Doing so would result to a higher reach in audience. He also stated that when it comes to Twitter, it is most effective to stick to your brand’s personality. And in order to establish your brand’s personality, showing consistency of character and tone with all your tweets is a must. As for LinkedIn, Lazuka advices to utilize the site’s feature known as Professional Portfolio. Read more about this article on Virtual Strategy.

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computer4Social media is a powerful tool for promoting business nowadays. But to utilize its benefits, you must be smart to know what to do, how to do it and what to avoid. Executives of the largest platforms, Deepanjan De, John Mayhall and Brett Goldslager from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter respectively offered tips for marketing and businesses that use social media.

According to them, you must know the platform first and what tools to use. It is also important to offer the value of your business to your target market or audience while staying with your purpose and values. Lastly, utilize social media online and offline to call for action.

Source: Entrepreneur

LinkedIn Launches App Elevate

FB ChatLinkedIn, the most widely used social media network to get jobs and stay connected with the corporate world, launches Elevate, a paid app that provides users articles based on recent recommendations operated by Pulse and Newsle. Currently, LinkedIn uses LinkedIn-focused Hootsuite and Daily app by Buffer that allows users to schedule and share content across social media networks.

The new app, Elevate is another cross social media idea like Hootsuite and Daily app, allowing 350 million LinkedIn users to get into social and corporate connections. This paid app is now available via Google play and App Store for iOS users.

Source: Tech Crunch

chat3If you want your contents and links shared and go viral on social media, there are certain things you have to know. First, know that they have their methods. One example is that you should share posts with positive sentiments on LinkedIn, as 70 percent of 500 most-shared items on it have positive sentiments. Do you want to learn how to leverage social media for better exposure?  Read more from the source.

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