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instagram social media marketingInstagram holds massive potential for brands. That’s evident in the success gained by Foundr that created a huge mailing list of more than 10,000 email subscribers. Interested how they did it?  Check this out.

Based on the most recent statistics, Instagram has more than 400+ million active users worldwide, and 64 million of them are from the US.

Among all social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram leads the race being the preferred social site for US teens. According to research by Com Score in 2015 for mobile trends report, millenials spend at least 420 minutes on the site every month.

And Forrester Research Group also revealed that users on the site are 58 times more likely to engage in content (like, share, comment…).

How to Dominate Instagram

Building a solid funnel

Before you could start with conversion, which is turning your audience into customers or subscribers, you should build a solid funnel. For the best results, use the AIDA model—meaning attention, interest, decision, action…


Combine great design and value like what Foundr did. You should be able to provide an immediate value going with an impressive design so that you can keep your audience interested.

Know what your audience wants to see and provide them with that.

Mixed message and a good caption

Engage your readers further not only with a great image but also an amazing caption that can help in framing your message and delivering its context.

The caption can be used in proposing a decision for your audience—leaving a comment, tagging their friends on the photo and so on.

Bio link

This is one important part of Instagram marketing. On IG, it’s the only allowed link, so make sure that both the bio link and the caption work in harmony.

Demonstrate value while selling your idea on what they could get by clicking the link. Use Bitly or Pretty Link for a custom URL.

Landing page

Create a non-cluttered landing page, which is the sales funnel’s end. Make it as fast or as easy as possible for your audience to complete your desired action.

Make sure it is optimized for mobile.

Tell your audience immediately what you offer and what they can expect.


Be social, and engage with influencers to create a solid network, which you can later use in promoting your products and services.

Comment on their posts, share their images (with permission)… and so on.

Do not be overly promotional

Promote only one out of 10 images because people hate being advertised to.

There you have a handy guide on how to make it big on Instagram and be as successful as Foundr who did it! For the complete story, visit Smart Passive Income.

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is one of the powerful marketing tools today. To make it work for your small business, you read on the following tips:

First, identify which social media is the most effective for you by listing down the ones that generate more views and traffics to your website. Next is to make use of Facebook on your advantage by posting relevant and engaging content. If you have a Twitter account, check on it regularly. Find interesting people to follow in Pinterest and Instagram for your visual postings and keep your LinkedIn updated for business relations. Lastly, have everything checked regularly.

Source: Business 2 Community 

marketsoftwaresocialmediaMost people who try to be successful or known at social media networks get to buy fake followers. This is because of the abundance of companies offering these services in order to increase one’s following on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Although these offers look good on paper, it translates to little or no revenue at all.

Most experts believe that this is not a good practice at all. Experts said that social media contents are the king of it all. This means that one should not post any article or update at all for the sake of having one shown on any social media platform. Moreover, random questions or statements do not even work. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: The Province

chat3Erin Ann McBride provides tips on how people can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to share gospel and words of wisdom. According to her, it is important to create awareness that there is something more than sharing photos and status in this powerful communication platform. You can do this by posting photos of everyday gospel with meaningful texts, hashtags and keywords to spread the word. This is also an effective way to educate your audience about the content of your page. Do not forget to stay focus on the importance of the content and the realistic expectations about your movement.

Source: Deseret News

Thumbs-UpAs an entrepreneur, you should have the power in encouraging others to take action, and one of the best means towards that is to use social media. One thing is to choose the network that supports your brand image. For example, brands, including those in the clothing or retail business may want to use Instagram. And Google+ has 2.3 of its users are men and they’re mostly in the he technical professions.  Well, there is really more to social media than gaining followers but selling your brand.

Source: Entrepreneur

chat3A study has confirmed that social media usage vary greatly among race and ethnicity. Five of the most common social media Websites were used for the survey run, namely, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Results say that the most widely used social media site for Blacks, Whites and Latinos is Facebook, garnering a 71% usage for all users.

Running in second for the Latinos is Instagram and this goes as well for the Blacks, Whites on the Other hand use Pinterest more. One important factor in this study would be the median ages at which the younger crowds use Instagram and Twitter as opposed to other sites.

Source: Pew Research Center

info2Social media has been an effective tool for marketing and sharing stories – now a great way for charity and helping for social cause. An example of a topic that the world has to know is the story of comfort women in Korea who were kept as sex slaves for US soldiers during the WWII.With the right social media platform to use like Twitter, Instagram for photos and Facebook, this story can be heard and followers can act to help and support these women.

Remember to support the right cause, deliver the right message and treat the people concerned with equal importance.

Source: blogs.imediaconnection.com

fomoMore and more of children are spending time in social media – amounting to 81% of the population in America alone. In a survey, the most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. With numbers increasing, it is important to understand why kids use social media and why it is important. Parents should also build better communications among their children, personally and through social media.   With all these things, parents must recognize the disadvantage of social media and how vulnerable they are. For parents, it is very important to stay proactive and do not let social media hinder the relationship with their children.   Source: lancasteronline.com

Wikipedia Expands in AsiaTravel providers make travel extra worth it as they reward social media users with extra earnings to keep during or at the end of their travel. Check-ins, follows and retweets give users extra perks such as discounts and loyalty points. How?   When visiting a travel spot, do not forget to check if there is an available Foursquare, or Starwood accounts where you can check in. Some businesses give discount coupons for their most devoted online visitors. Hotel accommodations such as Marriot also gives extra bonus for users who check-in their Foursquare – and hotel of course.   Capture the best moments using your Instagram and tweet them – enjoy the trip and get rewards!   Source: news10.net