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Thumbs-UpBroker champion and founder of, Kate Fairley, founder of Get Informed, together with social media experts organized and published A Brokers Guide to Social Media, an e-book that aims to provide guidance to insurance brokers in using social media. The e-book is composed of helpful tips, guides and advices on how brokers should understand and use social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and among others.

Fairley, who is a broker herself, gives tips to other brokers on how to achieve their targets by aiming for the right clients in the social media, wherein she personally recommends LinkedIn for long-term use.

Source: Insurance Business Online

chat3Social media can make or break you as a productive individual, as well as your business. If you really are a social media person, then use it on your own advantage. Being productive in social media is like any other tasks you do at work. You start by designing a feasible schedule and gather the things you need to make that schedule work for you. For example, you have to set a standard time on using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest and YouTube. If you are using all these platforms altogether daily, make sure that you cover all the necessary stuffs you need to include in each one.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn a survey conducted in New Delhi, India, it has been proved that huge percentage of employers are using social media to background check their applicants. The study also found out that 68% of the 1200 corporate respondents end up crossing out applicants’ names that they found with negative posts and poor communication skills. Most of them also think that posting inappropriate photos and information online is not a good indicator for an ideal employee. Most respondent employers were also using other search engine such as Google to look for possible employees while the rest of them are planning to use other social media platforms.

Source: India Times

chat3Today, some businesses are considered missing one very important and rewarding social media platform. Many businesses consider Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ as the only means for them to do business online. However, many experts believe that blogging is so unexplored when it comes to the things that it can do for any business.

Some experts believe that there is such a big rabbit hole in today’s internet with mom bloggers and fashionistas ruling the scene. This results into the blogging arena developing a good reputation for the industry, where a corporate blogging company like Bond Public Relations & Brand Strategy down in New Orleans is now making a mark in the industry. For more regarding this news, go to the source.

Source: Forbes

GooglePlus256-2As Google+ continues to gain more and more followers every single day, it is widening its reach to millions of individuals across the globe. According to sources, it’s greatly challenging Facebook’s popularity by lowering the age requirement for one to join. Previously, the age requirement stands at 18 years of age, but is now brought down to 13 year old. The said move is believed to really challenge Facebook, allowing Google+ to be right on the shadow of the social media giant. Just last week, Bradley Horowitz, a Vice President of Product at Google, reported the change on a blog post. He also notes that Google aims to help teens to have a more powerful way of sharing stuff with their friends. For more on this, go to the source.

Source: ComputerWorld

GooglePlus256-2Just recently, President Barack Obama talks about his daughters’ science and math studies during a Google+ Fireside Hangout last Thursday night. According to President Obama, the benefits of making Computer Programming as a part of high school class as well as the need to keep the internet open is somewhat a necessity today. The Hangout did attract more than 36,000 viewers during its peak. It drew thousands of questions ranging from minimum wage, state of the penny and gun violence. Tech issues were also a big part of what questioners addressed to the president. For more information on this, go to the source.

Source: ComputerWorld

Google’s Stock Sees 5% Drop

facebook-901-million-users-259x250Google, being one of the top revenue earners over the past decade, has reported that its stocks dropped more than 5%. During the first quarter of this year, they have reported earnings of about $6.27 for every share on revenue, amounting to $15.42 billion through the first quarter. With the said figure, they’ve missed the Wall Street estimate for their earnings that was believed to be on the $6.44revenue per share or about $15.52 billion. The said loss was believed to be because of the continues drop the company is getting from the average cost-per-click, seeing a drop of 9% per year due to the continued growth in ads consumed on mobile devices. Since then, Google dropped its shares from the thousand dollar range to the mid-$500. For more on this, go to the source.

Source: Mashable

10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMIn an era where online crimes are just normal, having the knowledge of the ins and outs of using social media websites is a responsibility for everyone. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have different features and functions that can create confusion among its users that may lead to using them improperly. These social media websites have certain shortcuts to make it easy for people to use them.  As easy as it is to create accounts in these websites, it will also be easy to get used to their shortcuts and functions if people will make it a point to learn them.

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Facebook2562Are you looking for ways to skyrocket your e-commerce site this holiday season? Check out this post to learn. Business owners are said to make more profits if they would be able to utilize these social media tips:

  1. Post more and more images.  It is a type of marketing strategy to help boost your social media profits. Use more of Facebook timeline to upload your product images and make social engagements this season.
  2. Use videos. For better promotions, use video contents to explain your company policies, promos and cut off dates.
  3. Post more tweets. Update your users about your e-commerce sites including its special promos, coupons and others. Twitter can become your customer service extension to use this season.
  4. Use Google Plus. With more than 340 million users, you can increase your online presence using Google+.
  5. Buy some social media ads.

There you have some tips in using social media in promoting your business this holiday season. Read more from the source at Practical Ecommerce.

Source: Practical Ecommerce

Twitter2-256Users of social media are advised to leave instructions on how to manage their accounts when they expire, states the Digital Legacy Guide. It contains advice and guide on how users should make sure that their social network accounts expire when they are on the grave. It says that any unplanned legacies can present security risk for the user, as some digital legacies may contain your financial statements such as those direct debits that may continue unless it can be frozen through presenting a death certificate. Check out the full interesting story at Telegraph.

Source: Telegraph