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info2Are you tired of unwanted posts from your Facebook friends? Here are some tips to manage your newsfeed better and breathe from frustration. First, you need to manage your privacy settings. You can actually hide annoying posts from your timeline. Second, you can ‘unfollow’, ‘untag’, ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unfriend’ people from your list to filter the posts that will appear in your timeline.

Third, you can use plugins to remove suggested posts. Fourth, choose carefully which group to join. And lastly, be a model Facebook user. You won’t get negative feedbacks when you don’t post the same stuffs online. Do not take your anger and annoyance online.

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Come and get me for a spookier Halloween.

Come and get me for a spookier Halloween.

Travelstart, an online booking agent, warned travel goers about a scam that has recently been targeting Facebook users. The scam was reported to offer 500 fictitious first class flights to any destination around the world and an allowance of $5,200 for six persons. Representatives from Virgin Atlantic have already been notified about the said scam and the fake facebook page has been subsequently removed. Due to increasing occurrence of online travel scams, Russel Jarvis, a spokesperson from Travelstart, recommended a few useful tips on how to spot a facebook scam and avoid it. Check out traveller24 to read the full story.

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Facebook256Any Facebook user would love to have some sort of privacy going on in the social media site. With Zuckerberg’s Facebook continuously mandating its users to user their real names, users do have a way to keep their privacy intact according to Business Insider. The publishing company created a 14-step guide that users can follow to restrict other users from accessing your history. Most advanced users of Facebook may already some of these steps. These steps are meant to allow users to manage their tagging and timeline more effectively so that other users would not be able to share anything on their timeline. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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