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Social Media: Top 5 Tips For Employers

chat3Most employees around the world spend a great deal of time on social media everyday. Therefore, it is only practical for companies  to consider its possible ramifications for the business. First and foremost, management should implement a social media policy for employees that is both effective and enforceable. Second, employers should give trainings to employees regarding social media use inside and outside the workplace. Third, social media usage guidelines and protocols should be developed and implemented. Fourth, clear policies with regards to content ownership on corporate accounts should be established. Lastly, refrain from accessing employees’ personal data on social media unless necessary.

Source: The National Law Review

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial Media networks still continues to grow as part of any consumer’s life. According to the Pew Center, as of January 2014, 74% of adult Americans use social media on their daily lives. This is the very reason why social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter enables them to organize various things easily.

However, when it comes to a company’s workforce, professional and personal life shouldn’t be mixed up. Gallup stated that only 13% of all employees think that they are engaged at work. In addition, a report back in 2012 indicates that more than 78% engaged in sales outclassed their competitors with the help of social media. For more information regarding this, go to the source.

Source: TNW

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn a survey conducted in New Delhi, India, it has been proved that huge percentage of employers are using social media to background check their applicants. The study also found out that 68% of the 1200 corporate respondents end up crossing out applicants’ names that they found with negative posts and poor communication skills. Most of them also think that posting inappropriate photos and information online is not a good indicator for an ideal employee. Most respondent employers were also using other search engine such as Google to look for possible employees while the rest of them are planning to use other social media platforms.

Source: India Times

marketsoftwaresocialmediaPeople no longer land to their dream jobs by walking inside a building and distributing their resumes to recruitment agencies. The role of social media plays a very important role in getting to know applicants. A good recruiter or recruiter can tell by the applicants’ posts, shared links and profile pictures used what kind of a worker and applicant can be.   People share in social media is a form of communicating to the world. For applicants, your posts and profile can be your ticket to having or losing a job. Many employees have been using the social media to get to know their applicants before hiring them.

Source: B Daily

chat3Today, most social media experts believe that social media networks provide a window or an opportunity for one to look at how people do live their lives. Now, the big question is that should business owners peek through that window? Well, this has continuously increased to being an important question that business owners do have to address. Now, more employers are looking at a candidate’s presence online before hiring them. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Twitter1-2561Most financial advisors would tell you that if you are not into social media, you aren’t a part of this world. Most people, whether you are on the edge of the world, you will notice that many are going social. This applies to prospects and clients in any level of wealth. These advisors certainly know how to utilize social media. This can be for personal or professional use. But the thing is that those two indicate quite a different story. For most companies, their challenge is to monitor employees. This is indeed a great challenge. To know more regarding this story, check out Bank Investment Consultant.

Source: Bank Investment Consultant