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chat3Topseos.com, an independent authority on search vendors ranked 100 of its top social media marketing companies that marked as the best in the industry this month. These companies are ranked upon a meticulous evaluation of their performance in social media marketing. They are evaluated based on their capacity to produce social media marketing innovations. They are also assessed based on the quality of solutions they produce and the effects of these solutions to end users. They also underwent a series of vertical examinations, also administered by Topeseos.com. These series of examination include tests for methodology, brand management, consultation, reach, and timeliness of solutions.

Source: Market Wired

Social Media: Top 5 Tips For Employers

chat3Most employees around the world spend a great deal of time on social media everyday. Therefore, it is only practical for companies  to consider its possible ramifications for the business. First and foremost, management should implement a social media policy for employees that is both effective and enforceable. Second, employers should give trainings to employees regarding social media use inside and outside the workplace. Third, social media usage guidelines and protocols should be developed and implemented. Fourth, clear policies with regards to content ownership on corporate accounts should be established. Lastly, refrain from accessing employees’ personal data on social media unless necessary.

Source: The National Law Review

chat3Social media isn’t only about posting your photos online, especially if you’re using it for business. You probably know by now that social media is for promoting your business, as it is a cost-effective and effective means of gaining presence online and achieving more followers or gaining more customers. What are some tips to remember, then? First, focus on quality rather on quantity. You should also engage your audience, but you should be centered around and conversational with them.  You can also consider advertising that can further grow your reach on social media.  Lastly, you should repeat what worked! To read the full list of tips, go to the source.

Source: Entrepreneur

chat3Could it be a myth that boring brands cannot have many followers? Today, it does not matter what your company is doing because it is what your products mean to your customers, your employees and your suppliers. They are your audience because, let’s say, your customers are to whom you are selling important things. In short, you have to invest in people. And more content is better than quality content. Check out the whole story that might also be interesting you.

Source:  Forbes


Twitter2-256Ignoring your competitors is not a smart way to succeed against them. In fact, with a few nods on their direction, you can have a powerful strategy to turn the customers’ attention towards your company.

Positive and non- threatening tweets can help highlight your products without blatantly putting down the competition. You can throw in the good points of your competitor and take that as an opportunity to expose how your products and services are better. Social media is accessible by everyone so use it as a way to observe your enemy’s tweets and posts. And finally, consider social media as a playground where you can interact with fellow companies who might be able to boost your online presence as well as become offline allies.

This clearly suggests making measures on how to use social media to your advantage instead of using it to attack the enemy.

Source: Entrepreneur

marketsoftwaresocialmediaA smart company should include social media in its marketing strategy. Recent CMO Survey has concluded that linking social media into the marketing efforts instead of making it as a separate campaign is more effective and costs less.

In a recent interview from notable marketers in the country, 12 strategies were identified to make social media integration possible. It included choosing strategy over tools, aligning social media channels towards the marketing strategy, creating social media toolkits, and focusing on how to convert social media actions into purchases among others. The suggestion to integrate social media into any form of internet marketing campaign aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness all the parts of the marketing plan.

Source: Forbes

chat3If you are a brand marketer, capturing your clients’ interest and engaging them to the brand you promote is your ultimate goal in using social media. Social media itself is a wide and powerful tool – useit appropriately and wisely to your brand’s advantage.  Focus on your target clients – what social media platform do they use more often and then design a schedule to reach out to them using the right tool and the appropriate connection – experiment if needed. Surprise your clients by not disclosing everything in your interactive, customized and audience-engaging posts. Make it more subjective andbeopen to personal meetings.

Source: theguardian.com


chat3Building social media presence is not done overnight. It takes a lot of planning, such as creating your profile and getting active to customers who are reaching out. You must also establish the brand you want to show – think of the most suitable marketing strategy such as photos, logo, and business descriptions. When all is set, be active in the platform you prefer by updating profile pictures, cover photos and posts. Remember, it is not an easy task. So you must manage it well and commit to what you can only handle. It is also important that you connect with other businesses and acknowledge your clients.

Source: business2community

Facebook256Like any other social media platforms, Facebook has become one of the major targets of many online scams and cyber attacks. In the past years, cases and lawsuits have been filed pursuing cyber attacks through Facebook pages. To address this, Facebook’s online security team issued a massive infographic to disseminate information about cyber security awareness, in time for the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The infographic campaign provides tips on how to manage roles and stay secured when logging in through desktops and mobile devices. The infographic can be seen on Facebook users’ profiles and popular links through out the week.

Source: marketingland.com


chat3A research conducted by Duke University concluded that companies that have been paying and subscribing social media promotion and market penetration have increased exceptionally for the past years. This number is expected to grow further in the future.

However, marketers and business specialists are concerned whether companies are getting the return of investment they need from social media exposure. As the matter of fact, the study showed that only 15% of the marketers are able to feel the quantity of the exposure while 40% can only merely feel its qualitative effect.

Specialists are also concerned about the impact of huge data that social media sharing can cause in the future.

Source: WSJ Blogs