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With holiday just around the corner, businesses are in their own ways to generate more traffic on their sites. But before clicking, read on the following advices about what you should and should not do on social media marketing this season.

First, you need a theme to align all your postings this season. It is also important to know not to overuse holiday to make a sale. Since there will be very busy days ahead, it pays to have a calendar. Do not focus on getting new customers by ignoring the current ones. You can make a feature for some of them or run a contest. Lastly, don’t overuse company celebration photos.

Source: Business 2 Community

chat3Topseos.com, an independent authority on search vendors ranked 100 of its top social media marketing companies that marked as the best in the industry this month. These companies are ranked upon a meticulous evaluation of their performance in social media marketing. They are evaluated based on their capacity to produce social media marketing innovations. They are also assessed based on the quality of solutions they produce and the effects of these solutions to end users. They also underwent a series of vertical examinations, also administered by Topeseos.com. These series of examination include tests for methodology, brand management, consultation, reach, and timeliness of solutions.

Source: Market Wired

marketsoftwaresocialmediaMany people fail to see in social media marketing is that it not a one-fits-all solution. Surveys about what your clients need, staffing, equipment, scheduling – many entrepreneurs have gone to those processes but still, fail to win their customers in a long run. Why? Because they fail to recognize what it the essence in everything: relationship.

Building relationship with your clients is the key to identifying what they need, when do they need it and how can you reach them. One classic example of a marketing campaign was Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke campaign’, which ultimately get into people’s emotion to connect and share.

Source: Huffington Post

Marketing content is important as it is the thought that reaches your clients. To make your content effective, it must be personalized or customized. Clients love things you tailor for them alone. It adds a personal and unique touch – whether they are in a form of a post of a picture.

Use visual effects such as infographics because they more powerful than texts. Make sure that your posts command relevance and substantial contents at all times. You can also share success stories of a customer, especially when it is about using your product or service. You can also try using mobile apps for accessibility and achieving a cross-platform type of content marketing.

Source: Business 2 Community

globe4It is not news that Cathay Pacific (@cathaypacific) is at the top of the airline industry – whether in airline or customer service. A writer from Forbes who happened to be a passenger in the airline managed to talk to the airline’s social media head and he shared some tips.

First, interact with your followers – making it a two-way communication. Hear them out on how to improve your service. It is also important to delegate a specialized team to focus with social media. On top of all, it is a must to provide top-notch customer service to clients – whether it is online or offline.

Source: Forbes

FB ChatRunning a business and taking care of social media marketing can be a tiring job. But it is one of the most effective and practical ways to reach your target clients for short period of time. Time management and commitment are the two things you need to succeed on this task. First, you need to find time. Set a daily schedule of activities and prioritize. Plan your daily posts and focus on the important details you need to share to your audience. You can do this by designating activities since you only have short time and too much things to do.

Source: Entrepreneur

marketsoftwaresocialmediaWith the birth of social media, marketing has been taken into another level. Now there is such thing as mobile-based marketing – meaning you can reach your target clients wherever you are. Social media optimization (SMO), ‘social media integration’ and ‘mobile-based marketing tactics’ are useful techniques that marketers use today to get the most of their time using their mobile devices.

Reach your customers through online apps and different social media platforms by sharing and writing about your products and services. But make sure that you are using the right medium where most of your clients are. You can also close deals in social media through social media marketing.

Source: The Daily Star

marketsoftwaresocialmediaBuilding social media presence should be the priority of small business owners. Experts have identified ways to gain strong presence online so that an effective internet marketing campaign can be achieved.

Testing different campaigns using the A/B test will help identify which campaign will work best. Posts should be a regarded as a chance to show true personality which makes owners more engaged to the clients. Using visual materials are more effective than mere descriptions. Content strategy should also be planned well. Finally, never equate sales promotion to the number of followers. Always think about what sparks up the interest of target clients rather than just posting about what pleases them.

Source: Business 2 Community

chat3Stephen Fairley of the Rainmaker Institute talked about how social media marketing can help lawyers market their brands and how to widen their clientele. According to him, social media can make a reputation for any individual – it makes good better but does not hide the bad side either.

Social media can lead you to your target audience as you connect with people of your common interest. It can make you visible and can help you generate. It can build an image and link you to the people you want on your network. It can take time and money but worth a success.

Source: natlawreview.com

chat3If you are a brand marketer, capturing your clients’ interest and engaging them to the brand you promote is your ultimate goal in using social media. Social media itself is a wide and powerful tool – useit appropriately and wisely to your brand’s advantage.  Focus on your target clients – what social media platform do they use more often and then design a schedule to reach out to them using the right tool and the appropriate connection – experiment if needed. Surprise your clients by not disclosing everything in your interactive, customized and audience-engaging posts. Make it more subjective andbeopen to personal meetings.

Source: theguardian.com