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chat3As you prepare for the holidays, don’t forget to your marketing strategies and campaigns. Make sure you still capture the attention of your market amid their holiday rush activities. Among the ways to do this is to identify who makes the purchase and make them want your products. Your website can also be the best to display style that will boost the spirit of holiday season.

Since this is a giving season, you can run a contest with holiday themes. This gives you further exposure while generating some business. And when you do this, make sure you tap the trending information online. Lastly, never forget the reason for this occasion.

Source: Forbes

With holiday just around the corner, businesses are in their own ways to generate more traffic on their sites. But before clicking, read on the following advices about what you should and should not do on social media marketing this season.

First, you need a theme to align all your postings this season. It is also important to know not to overuse holiday to make a sale. Since there will be very busy days ahead, it pays to have a calendar. Do not focus on getting new customers by ignoring the current ones. You can make a feature for some of them or run a contest. Lastly, don’t overuse company celebration photos.

Source: Business 2 Community

chat3Topseos.com, an independent authority on search vendors ranked 100 of its top social media marketing companies that marked as the best in the industry this month. These companies are ranked upon a meticulous evaluation of their performance in social media marketing. They are evaluated based on their capacity to produce social media marketing innovations. They are also assessed based on the quality of solutions they produce and the effects of these solutions to end users. They also underwent a series of vertical examinations, also administered by Topeseos.com. These series of examination include tests for methodology, brand management, consultation, reach, and timeliness of solutions.

Source: Market Wired

marketsoftwaresocialmediaMany people fail to see in social media marketing is that it not a one-fits-all solution. Surveys about what your clients need, staffing, equipment, scheduling – many entrepreneurs have gone to those processes but still, fail to win their customers in a long run. Why? Because they fail to recognize what it the essence in everything: relationship.

Building relationship with your clients is the key to identifying what they need, when do they need it and how can you reach them. One classic example of a marketing campaign was Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke campaign’, which ultimately get into people’s emotion to connect and share.

Source: Huffington Post

Marketing content is important as it is the thought that reaches your clients. To make your content effective, it must be personalized or customized. Clients love things you tailor for them alone. It adds a personal and unique touch – whether they are in a form of a post of a picture.

Use visual effects such as infographics because they more powerful than texts. Make sure that your posts command relevance and substantial contents at all times. You can also share success stories of a customer, especially when it is about using your product or service. You can also try using mobile apps for accessibility and achieving a cross-platform type of content marketing.

Source: Business 2 Community

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSmall and large businesses use social media to promote products and services. Attract potential customers and book huge sales in social media using the following tips:

First, connect with your target market using the platform familiar to them. Next is to offer additional freebies for regular customers. Third is to advertise everything you cater. Fourth is to use mobile apps for 24/7 availability. Fifth, make your products or services needed. Fifth, offer variation when it comes to content by experimenting on photos, quotes, articles, etc. Lastly, care to use (#)Hashtag to increase direct connection and online searches for your product.

Source:  Business 2 Community

marketsoftwaresocialmediaWith the magnitude of data marketing professionals have to organize in social media, a need for an effective scheduling is a must. To start scheduling, you should first know where your audience is located. An example would be using Twitter Analytics in finding out where your top followers are. The next step would be choosing the right scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Latergramme. The third step is using a content schedule to help you in creating and posting great content. Lastly, it is necessary to review your scheduled posts and messages to avoid catastrophes. Get an even deeper understanding of the tips on Business2Community.

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chat3Even huge businesses struggle in promoting their brands in social media – especially now that everyone is using it to promote their businesses. As a small-scale business, you too, can utilize the benefits of social media and draw your target clients to you.

First, you need to prioritize. Identify which platform you perform best to access your target clients and stick with it. Next is to plan a strategy for your post and develop an effective content. Reach out to your target clients by responding to them – following them back or retweeting their tweets. Lastly, do not forget your values and picture them in your updated posts.

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Thumbs-UpOne of the most important aspects of having and managing a business is having a good customer service. If you want to become successful in this area, check out these tips. See the outcome of all your practices in social media. You should also get your international customers connected to you and keep your channel’s functionality.  Get a social media team and let them interact and assist your customers using the platform. For more tips in improving social media customer service, you can check out the source.

Source: Customer Think

marketsoftwaresocialmediaStudies and analysis claim that Social Media is one of the primary drivers of referral traffic to date with Facebook as the top runner. This appears as great new to Marketers who use social Media primarily for their advertisement.

  • Facebook has increased in 59.58% of referral traffic in the past year, Pinterest runs at second with an increase of 5.82%, experts say if this increase remains constant, then Pinterest should rethink Marketing strategies and target audience.
  • StumbleUpon decrease by 42.17% while YouTube’s share of the referral Traffic has decreased substantially at 93.24%.

This data shows that social media drives the most people into perspective websites and this shows you where to invest you referral marketing efforts.

Source: Forbes