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Thumbs-UpSocial media connection is a vital marketing tool for businesses today. To leverage this digital platform for business and personal connection, you need to use or combine the following methods.

First, you have to identify your target audience and grab their attention. You can achieve this by creating the right content suited for their needs. The content you provide should be of right amount, on the right time they need that information. Converse with your target audience the way it is done in a community. Be humane. Provide timely and useful information by inspiring the audience. Present contents through images and video postings for a more engagement.     

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Pentagram-TwitterIn building your social media community, it is very crucial to stay consistent with your brand in any platform that you use. If you blog, make it a credible one for your business by making substantial content with correct grammar to reflect your good credibility.


It is not only important to be followed but also to follow others with the same interest like you.  In doing so, you need to make a two-way conversation that will eventually transpose into a network. Avoid using template post but rather make it personal but handled professionally. Share the good things from people so people will also share the good in you.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaToday, brand developers or manufacturers learn various things from the young and the old. Although the gap between each generation is harsh and stark, digital technologies affect the way people do business or the way they interact online. Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group for this year’s Next Generation of Commerce Study did a further look into social media habit across all ages. Their study focuses on the way digital technologies like social media networks shape a customer’s preferences.

Accenture Interactive Managing Director Jay Dettling said that marketing do witness a huge step in what consumers or customers  would want to see from certain brands or products when they buy one. Based from the same study, consumers would want to engage with services and products digitally. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaWith the magnitude of data marketing professionals have to organize in social media, a need for an effective scheduling is a must. To start scheduling, you should first know where your audience is located. An example would be using Twitter Analytics in finding out where your top followers are. The next step would be choosing the right scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Latergramme. The third step is using a content schedule to help you in creating and posting great content. Lastly, it is necessary to review your scheduled posts and messages to avoid catastrophes. Get an even deeper understanding of the tips on Business2Community.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaBeing an entrepreneur requires a lot of considerations and one of those is to apply the proper etiquette in doing business, especially if your business is being marketed around the world through social media. Take Facebook for example. One general rule that entrepreneurs should follow is to never advertise their page on another page, unless they want their post to be marked as “spam”. In Twitter, another leading social networking site, certain rules of conduct should also be observed. One of these is the sufficient use of hashtags. Hashtags should only be used as many times as necessary and not as many times as possible. To know more, read the entire article at Business2Community.

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chat3Even huge businesses struggle in promoting their brands in social media – especially now that everyone is using it to promote their businesses. As a small-scale business, you too, can utilize the benefits of social media and draw your target clients to you.

First, you need to prioritize. Identify which platform you perform best to access your target clients and stick with it. Next is to plan a strategy for your post and develop an effective content. Reach out to your target clients by responding to them – following them back or retweeting their tweets. Lastly, do not forget your values and picture them in your updated posts.

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chat3Social media isn’t only about posting your photos online, especially if you’re using it for business. You probably know by now that social media is for promoting your business, as it is a cost-effective and effective means of gaining presence online and achieving more followers or gaining more customers. What are some tips to remember, then? First, focus on quality rather on quantity. You should also engage your audience, but you should be centered around and conversational with them.  You can also consider advertising that can further grow your reach on social media.  Lastly, you should repeat what worked! To read the full list of tips, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is creating the most amount of buzz when it comes to advertising. Whoever you are and whatever your needs are, then you can use social networks to market your trades event. Guidelines on how to create successful and positive publicity on your trade show event.

Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to create buzz for your event. These sites will provide you viewership not only from prospective customers but you can also collate alumni and past exhibitors through the LinkedIn account. Start a conversation or two, give them something to talk about, give them tips on what to do and everything that might be helpful.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaStudies and analysis claim that Social Media is one of the primary drivers of referral traffic to date with Facebook as the top runner. This appears as great new to Marketers who use social Media primarily for their advertisement.

  • Facebook has increased in 59.58% of referral traffic in the past year, Pinterest runs at second with an increase of 5.82%, experts say if this increase remains constant, then Pinterest should rethink Marketing strategies and target audience.
  • StumbleUpon decrease by 42.17% while YouTube’s share of the referral Traffic has decreased substantially at 93.24%.

This data shows that social media drives the most people into perspective websites and this shows you where to invest you referral marketing efforts.

Source: Forbes

Twitter2-256Twitter reaches out to its big audience with no accounts by creating a new homepage for those who are in for the sole purpose of checking stuff out. This way, Twitter gets to spread and advertise its content even to those who do not use the site.

Twitter will use this website to lure in new users as well as to advertise Twitter ads outside the current audience. This has helped the Company’s stock jump to a 6% increase, according to executives.

The general view of the homepage includes posts and tweets from popular accounts. This shows the users a bit of how it’s like to have their own accounts.

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