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RedDevilBusinesses are into social media today – and it can make or break them without them knowing it. These are among the social mistakes that people do –unconsciously. First, they tend to post repetitive contents and clients hate that. They also fail to check on the email of their followers, that is why they lead to the third mistake which is to respond on clients’ inquiries.

Since marketing is done over the internet, people failed to see the humane purpose of it, making in insincere. This leads to the wrong audience and lost sales. Some businesses are too focused on their brands, that they forget the other products that their clients might be interested into, thus ruining the relationship.

Source: Entrepreneur

chat3With the holiday season in mind, attract the attention of the customers with the following festive marketing ideas:

Websites and social media pages can be perked up with festive decorations. Make the pages more seasonal by adding holiday photos. Be the online Santa and offer prizes and presents with every purchase. Make it a point to sponsor a worthy charity to spark up the spirit of giving. Ask your followers to take part by sharing their holiday moments on the site. Finally, use trending hash tags smartly.

All these ideas will help make your wonderful time of the year more fruitful and boost your marketing strategies for the holidays.

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chat3Food trucks and social media tandem has become a huge marketing strategy for culinary business nowadays. Social media aids in keeping mobile businesses such as food trucks to let customers know their locations. Social media drives customers and food trippers to check their locations and try their foods. How to they do this?

Food truck owners suggest utilizing different social media platforms – each with different approaches. Use Instagram for visuals, Four Square for location and hash tagging menus on Facebook and Twitter are just among them. Most of all, do not forget the original objective of social media: to connect with people. Make sure you interact with your followers no matter how huge your business could get.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is a powerful platform to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) for many businesses nowadays. Martin Kubler founder of Iconsulthotelshas tips to improve CSR works through social media. He pointed out the significance of allowing suppliers to get involve in CSR efforts to help you communicate to your target audience.  He mentioned that it is important to acknowledge everybody’s effort in every activity or social initiatives while keeping real people with real efforts in your CSR works. Being actively consistent in your chosen CSR initiative through a certain social media platform will keep your company promote its community outreach.

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