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One of the most useful tools to have when you’re doing business in social media is a guidebook that will ensure that your brand is being marketed the way it should be. According to Brian Solis, a good brand guide includes detailed instructions. Therefore, your guide should contain very specific details and not vague and confusing bits of information. Following this will increase the possibility that your target market and prospective customers will get a seamless experience every single time they visit your page and comment on your post.  If you want to know more, read the entire article at Search Engine People.

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chat3According to Personal Branding Blog, creating your brand meme can be done in just four ways. First, apply benchmarking. In other words, study your competitors and learn from them. Second, personally customize the size of your brand meme. You can use various editing software such as Canva and Adobe Photoshop for this. Third, make use of “tag” functions and apply “hashtags” whenever possible. Last but not the least, after creating your brand memes, store them for safekeeping. They might be useful in the future. Have a deeper understanding about this topic by checking out Business 2 Community.

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Thumbs-UpDo you want to know how to focus on your success efforts, while avoiding the pitfalls that others commit when using social media? One, it does not matter how many followers you have, but what you should work on is engaging on real people. You don’t have to join all networks, but focus on those where your customers are, especially if you don’t have much time. Offer interesting and helpful tips and guides on social media like Facebook. Check out the full version of this story.

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Thumbs-UpAs an entrepreneur, you should have the power in encouraging others to take action, and one of the best means towards that is to use social media. One thing is to choose the network that supports your brand image. For example, brands, including those in the clothing or retail business may want to use Instagram. And Google+ has 2.3 of its users are men and they’re mostly in the he technical professions.  Well, there is really more to social media than gaining followers but selling your brand.

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Thumbs-UpSuccessful businesses use social-media not only to promote but to stay at the top of their game. How do they achieve this? Here are few of the tips how.

Be unique by creating personalized and customized posts. Adding emoticons and fresh look to your tweets won’t hurt a bit of an effort. You can also send longer posts to a Facebook Group with stakeholders and customers who want to join as official members. Customers value the thought of recognized membership.

Do not limit your promotion in only one platform. Customers use several platforms so it is better to create connection between them across the board. And by connection, it means meaningful link and lively interaction.

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