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chat3Social media is now a staple marketing tool for businesses – especially in the advertising industry. In 2016, experts see the growing potential of this media in product and service promotion. Why is it so attractive for advertisers? Pew Research listed the reasons why. Among these reasons, include the engaging effect of videos in both Facebook and Instagram platforms, which generate more audience than ever. Snapchat and Twitter also make its way to advertising industry, also by using videos.

Advertising through social media reaches more target audience in a short period of time. The trend in video marketing makes it easier for advertisers to do their job and generate market reactions.

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chat3Social media make banking boring no more. Banks and credit unions benefit from social media platforms as they bring connections with their clients, members and provide opportunity to interestpositive clients. Moreover, social media, when used properly can generate more return of investments (ROI) and positive market growth.

Social media also create a great avenue to advertise, promote products and provide clients a perception about the market and give them the idea on how to grow their money. For most banks and credit companies, social media is a good tactic to achieve their targets as most investors are using it now.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media now serves as an effective advertising channel, both for products and services as liking and sharing links become very popular online.This advertising move of many manufacturers and distributors called the attention of Food and Drug Administration and handed down new sets of policies for drug and medical device manufacturers. The new rules require manufacturers to detail the benefits risks of their products and correct any ambiguous information posted on social media – no matter how space restricted they are. For more details, read from the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaDo you ever wonder how companies do advertise their products or services online? Are there times that they get slapped with a fee or a warning regarding their activities in promoting what they have through social media? Just recently, Cole Haan made a challenge to their follower on Pinterest to post a picture where they are wearing the company’s shoes in different and unique places no one else would, where the winner could win $1,000 shopping spree. The company thought the accompanying hashtag, #WanderingSole, is innocent, but the Federal Trade Commission or FTC thought otherwise. The FTC slapped Cole Haan with a warning stating that what they’ve done is a violation of the Section 5 of the FTC Act. For more on this post, go to the source.

Resource: Inside Counsel

Facebook2561The world of advertising continues to team up with social media networks, it was once dubbed as the greatest way to get in touch with families and friends, but now has paved way for a new advertising medium. Social media has never been this rewarding before, more and more people are looking to advertise or do business through social media networks. According to Jonathan Nafarrete, it has led him newer heights regarding his career.

When he discovered Twitter back in 2008, he didn’t think that his following could be so huge. It certainly led to being recognized and followed by many advertisers online. To get more information out of this post, go to Fox Business.

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