chat3Social media isn’t only about posting your photos online, especially if you’re using it for business. You probably know by now that social media is for promoting your business, as it is a cost-effective and effective means of gaining presence online and achieving more followers or gaining more customers. What are some tips to remember, then? First, focus on quality rather on quantity. You should also engage your audience, but you should be centered around and conversational with them.  You can also consider advertising that can further grow your reach on social media.  Lastly, you should repeat what worked! To read the full list of tips, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaAre you looking to develop an effective social media plan?   It is not enough to publish content, but it should be planned. One tip is to create an editorial calendar, which outlines your content plan for six months to one year ahead. You can also make a place to storing URLs, which you can share later for increasing the interest of your audience. Outsource or make graphics to include call-to-action (e.g. give you a call, sign up for newsletter…). Take the time checking your published posts and see how they look, especially if you do automated posts.  These and more are some of the most effective tips in planning your social media campaign.

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computer4How do you bring social media and content marketing together? Experts said, it would be wise to split test content for effectiveness with your readers, so do not simply publish content on social media. Test a wide range of content and messages across various networks to help in determining which kind of content resonate with your readers. Optimize your content based on social media used.  Know that social media networks, including Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have their unique audiences and features. Ask audience for ideas by taking the time to tap fans and follower about suggestions on the kind of content interesting them.  With careful planning, bring your social media and content marketing together for a successful social media campaign. Check out the whole story from the source.

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Thumbs-UpDo you want to know how to focus on your success efforts, while avoiding the pitfalls that others commit when using social media? One, it does not matter how many followers you have, but what you should work on is engaging on real people. You don’t have to join all networks, but focus on those where your customers are, especially if you don’t have much time. Offer interesting and helpful tips and guides on social media like Facebook. Check out the full version of this story.

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Thumbs-UpAs an entrepreneur, you should have the power in encouraging others to take action, and one of the best means towards that is to use social media. One thing is to choose the network that supports your brand image. For example, brands, including those in the clothing or retail business may want to use Instagram. And Google+ has 2.3 of its users are men and they’re mostly in the he technical professions.  Well, there is really more to social media than gaining followers but selling your brand.

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chat3Could it be a myth that boring brands cannot have many followers? Today, it does not matter what your company is doing because it is what your products mean to your customers, your employees and your suppliers. They are your audience because, let’s say, your customers are to whom you are selling important things. In short, you have to invest in people. And more content is better than quality content. Check out the whole story that might also be interesting you.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is one of the most powerful and influential ways for brands to be visible in the market. But brand employees who do not know what exactly they advocate create a huge loss for the company. Empowering employees through social media engagement, training and brand labeling advocacy are the best possible ways to amplify company brand to reach every target audience. Engage powerful workforce and let them know how important their roles are in promoting the company through social media. Lastly, it is very important that employees are confident to the brand they promote.

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LinkedIn Launches App Elevate

FB ChatLinkedIn, the most widely used social media network to get jobs and stay connected with the corporate world, launches Elevate, a paid app that provides users articles based on recent recommendations operated by Pulse and Newsle. Currently, LinkedIn uses LinkedIn-focused Hootsuite and Daily app by Buffer that allows users to schedule and share content across social media networks.

The new app, Elevate is another cross social media idea like Hootsuite and Daily app, allowing 350 million LinkedIn users to get into social and corporate connections. This paid app is now available via Google play and App Store for iOS users.

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Shopping CartTo increase your eBay Shop’s online presence with the help of social networking sites, you have to know your audience and customers. You should also focus more on your target market that involves determining your target audience. And in order to make sure that customer’s points are addressed, following the rules of consistency and relevance is an absolute must. Making your post entertaining is a big help as well since it is a way to deliver your message in a fun and exciting way. Another tip is to monitor the condition of your site by measuring each social media campaign. Last but not the least, always listens to your audience.

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Tips on How Teens Can Best Use Social Media

computer4Laura Suchoski from Duke University suggests than in using the social media, teens should picture it as a game. According to her, it is possible to win the game by using the social media to grab opportunities such as having a great career, going to a great college, and building a strong image. She also advices teens to play to their core and reflect their values and personal beliefs on every post. Furthermore, Suchoski recommends that teens should focus more on their passions, activities and interests. In a nutshell, she wants teens to be the best that they can be.

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