Everyone’s Social Media Responsibility

Thumbs-UpThe Fourth of July has always been festive and controversial. For this year’s celebration, social media was shocked when a photo of the 1986 space shuttle Challenger explosion was posted to American Apparel’s Tumblr account as ‘fireworks’. The post raised issues over social media community as the unfortunate event was recalled. The company issued an apology statement highlighting that ‘the photo was blogged by their international employee who was unaware of the event.’  It further created more clamor as social media advocates call for a responsible action for everyone who’s using the Internet – no matter what age or location they come from.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Good Reference for Great Falls Employers

chat3Employers and online employment companies in Great Falls find it helpful to refer to social media accounts to know their job applicants better. Employers believe that applicants tend to reveal their characters more in their social network posts rather than in an interview. In a national survey conducted, 51% (from 43% last year) of employers confirmed numbers of managerial candidates are dropped off from the list because of inappropriate contents they found in their social media accounts.  Among the contents those employers frown upon are inappropriate photographs or information, substance abuse, poor communication skills, discriminatory comments and false qualifications.

Source: Great Falls Tribune

Record Breaking World Cup Tweets

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIt’s official: Germany vs Brazil in World Cup 2014 semi-final is the most tweeted thread for single sports game in Twitter history so far. With over 35.6 million tweets sent worldwide, the devastating downfall of home court Brazil by Germany is the main topic in Twitter of the day or maybe in the coming weeks.  Sami Khedira’s score that brought 5-0 for Germany posted 580, 166 tweets, setting a new record for tweet-per-minute. The record-breaking loss also started new memes and hashtags like #timcahilling. Other social media networks like Tumblr and Facebook also shared the same topic. The game ended at 7-1 in favor of Germany. Read the entire story.

Source: The Australian

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIncreasing your social media followers is easy if you know how to maximize the use of these platforms. Matthew Collis, a marketing specialist and expert in digital marketing and communications has tips for you.

  1. Fewer ads. Your page must contain helpful and information about your product or service.
  2. Channeling. You spread your network by sharing others’.
  3. Everybody wants to win and there is nothing best to do this but to run a contest.
  4. The most widely generated and ads are not for free. Paid ads reach the right audience.
  5. You target audience are also using media of communications like emails, websites and blogs.

Check out more from the source.

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Facebook256Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have played important roles in promoting account pages through visual branding. It now becomes harder to stay on top of the audience’ attention in the middle of these personalized developments. Emilie Futterman of 99 Designs listed five of the best and simplest ways for every business and individual who promotes and stays connected to their clients through their pages. The main keywords for these tips include:  consistency, boldness, simplicity, updated and creativity.

Social media platforms keep advertising alive and colorful. Use it to your own advantage. For more tips on visual branding in social media, read from the source.

Source: The Next Web

marketsoftwaresocialmediaMarking the International social media day on June 30, The Drum gathered some tips from Social media pros and experts including James Cuff, Head of Content and Social Media, Confused. Com, Jim Dowling, Managing Director of Cake, Dom Burch, Senior Director of Marketing Innovation and New  Revenue of Asda, Javier Burón, CEO and co-founder of SocialBro and Merinda Peppard, EMEA marketing director of HootSuite.  For more of their tips for companies and businesses who are using social media as a powerful tool for promoting their products and services, read more on the source.

Source: The Drum

How To Use Images on Social Media Content

Thumbs-UpPeople can digest information better if it comes with images, and the same goes when using social media for campaigns and promotions, something that gives the advantage to companies on social networking websites. Experts revealed that content that goes with images can be perceived by the community better than those without. However, there are tips you need to know when utilizing images on social media together with your campaign content. To find out, go to the source and read the full story.

Source: Business2Community

marketsoftwaresocialmediaFDA has outlined how pharmaceutical companies should use social media for promoting their health and medical products. One of them is to use social media with some character space limitation to present the benefits and risk of RX medical devices and drugs.  Secondly is that the FDA has ordered companies to proactively address an inaccuracies done by third parties on social media. Where do you think such guidelines would lead for the pharmaceutical world? Check out the source for the full story.

Source:  Pharmaexec

computer4What will happen to your social media account when you pass? That’s the most common question of users who are so much into using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. While Twitter will delete someone’s account after an inactivity of six months, others will keep it until a law enforcement agent or a family member asked of it.  Something very interesting to talk about, many gurus have outlined some guide on what to happen or to do after someone’s passing. Check out the full story from the source.

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chat3Social media is not just a tool to stay connected with friends and families. With the increasing number of consumers using social media today, it is now a powerful tool to generate clients to visit your website and claim your Return Of Investment right away.

How does it work?

Your audience must feel comfortable with your website. Engage online visitors by using effective images and avoiding boring texts. Also, do not overdo selling by feeding audience with too much promotion. Interact with audience and constantly keep your website updated. More at the source.

Source: Huffington Post