10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMBusiness owners and entrepreneurs want to be always active 24/7 on social media. This might be very productive for business but definitely not for the health and sanity of users. Therefore, taking breaks should not be considered as a crime especially since there are ways to manage your social media accounts while you’re away. A very useful tip to consider is to schedule updates. Facebook allows you to do this by letting you choose the specific time and date of your updates. You can also try using a relatively new app called Meet Edgar. This will allow you to recycle your top performing updates automatically.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn using social media, communication is considered as a fundamental element of every business strategy. Leveraging various communication platforms effectively is very vital in connecting with your audience. In order to ensure that your social media marketing connects to your brand and adds value to your company, here are 5 tips that can be useful. These are: To strategize, To communicate, To analyze, To choose between open/closed communication, and To think twice before hitting the delete button. Furthermore, be sure that whenever you are using social media, it is for the right purpose. Learn more about the tips on EContent.

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chat3Social media is a very valuable and savvy tool for reaching your target market. And to get optimal results from your social media accounts, you have to get your followers and fans to join your business’ email list. First, make your email visible. This will give other users the opportunity to view what you want them to view. Second, make things convenient. If you want new customers to sign up without unnecessary hassle, the entire process should be easy. Third, put an importance on “Value”. To entice new customers to join, you must give them an attractive, compelling, and motivating reason to do so.

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3 Security Pointers for Facebook Users

Facebook2562In light of recent news and events that revolved around Facebook, users should learn to keep their profiles hidden away from any unwanted attention. Here are 3 security tips to take note of. The first one is to know your target audience. You can easily do this by using an audience selector tool in order to personalize who sees your posts and when your posts are seen. The second tip is to control who can tag you in a post, picture, or video. You can make use of the “Timeline Review” feature on Facebook to review all the posts on which you are tagged in before they become visible on your timeline. Read  the full article on KimKomando.

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chat3When you’re away on a vacation overseas or somewhere far away, refrain from posting your photos on social networking sites until you get home. The reason behind this warning is very simple and that is to avoid sharing a very important fact to thieves: Your home is empty. One remedy that you can use is to change the security settings on your social media account. By doing so, random people outside of your circle cannot view your photos. Another tip is to ask a friend to stop by and check on your place daily. If you want, you can also ask the local Police Dept. to drive by during their regular patrols.

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facebook-901-million-users-259x250Digital technology has shaped media and journalism in many ways. Justin George from the Baltimore Sun provided some tips for journalists who conduct interview using digital machinery. Among the tips is to take control in telling stories but always remember to put the subject’s story as the priority. Listen carefully while empathizing with the subject while digging on the information you need. It is also necessary to have a complete knowledge about your subject and the purpose of the interview. It is important to be ready and objective at all times. When the interview is done, send the subject an email for more details. Digitally record the conversation for future references.

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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMIt seems like everyone has a marketing advice nowadays. But if you want effective marketing strategies from the experts, here’s who you should follow: Danny Brown, Jeff Bullas, Brian Clark, Contently, Andy Crestodina, Rand Fishkin, Ahna Hendrix, Kevan Lee, MarketingProfs, Katie Martell, Neil Patel, Holly Pavlika, Christopher Penn, PPC Hero, and Laura Ramos. These people are the authorities when it comes to social media marketing. Most of them are bloggers, founders of a famous website or blog, or groups of social media and SEO experts. They give trending and tested advices on how to maximize your marketing potential while enjoy the perks of social media.

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Tips To Be Selfiegenic 

Thumbs-UpBeing photogenic on selfies is no longer a problem with the following tips. First, know your best angle – and place your camera at least 5 feet away from you using a selfie stick to get the best view.   There are also additional gadgets to help you such as an apple watch, a selfie app for filtering, and a phone lens for magnification and focusing. Consider the light when taking your spontaneous pictures. Don’t stage it, as selfies are made to be fun and easy. Lastly, edit it some more before sharing. You can add some filters to get the dramatic effect you wanted.

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chat3These tips are for college social media users who want to gain positive image in using social media platforms. The main thought is to be responsible in all your social media posts and to consider who might read or see it online. Limiting the people on your Facebook to friends and family is a better way to get away from the pressure of checking and updating all the time.   It is also important to set a schedule for updates. Update when there is ample time and when you are in the proper place. It is also advised to limit your posts to interesting ones and make sure that you do it for yourself and not for others.

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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMJust like ordinary social media users, lawmakers understand how powerful social media is. As the matter of fact, they also use this phenomenal communication platform to promote ideals. Among the tips they shared include using Getty Images to communicate. Everyone prefers graphics than texts. It is also important to stick with quality, creativity and authenticity.

Also, value transparency and honesty in everything you post online. Remember, your content reflects the ideas you promote to your target audience. Lastly, do not forget to be real and interact with your audience. You can do this by using hashtags, comments and like buttons, which are also part of social media platforms.

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