marketsoftwaresocialmediaToday, brand developers or manufacturers learn various things from the young and the old. Although the gap between each generation is harsh and stark, digital technologies affect the way people do business or the way they interact online. Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group for this year’s Next Generation of Commerce Study did a further look into social media habit across all ages. Their study focuses on the way digital technologies like social media networks shape a customer’s preferences.

Accenture Interactive Managing Director Jay Dettling said that marketing do witness a huge step in what consumers or customers  would want to see from certain brands or products when they buy one. Based from the same study, consumers would want to engage with services and products digitally. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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Social Media’s Power

chat3Today, well-developed technology prevails, one of which is social media. It became indispensable and valuable to entrepreneurs and marketers no matter what kind of product or service they are offering online. Most companies are incorporating social media marketing strategies by taking advantage of online promotions and advertisements that are made available on Twitter, Facebook and many other platforms. If you would notice, your life online is such a big target for advert placements and brand promotions through social media.

Users, not just companies, may benefit from this form of collaboration. The reason being is that social media users are more likely in chatting on Facebook or posting a tweet on Twitter looking for certain goods or services to meet their needs. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaRecently, the British Psychological Society found out and presented vital information about a teen’s pressure coming from social media networks or activities may actually cause anxiety, lack of sleep and depression. LiveScience also reported that another research conducted by University of Glasgow indicate that teens who are experiencing a great amount of pressure by constantly going online usually have issues with anxiety and depression. Study co-author Heather Cleland Woods, a Psychology Administration teacher at Glasgow, told via HealthDay that adolescence might be a period of an increase in vulnerability into an onset of anxiety and depression.

Cleland Woods added that parents and students must consider what they call “digital sunset”. This means that they should stop checking emails or go online, but instead finish the day and have adequate sleep. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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facebook-901-million-users-259x250Many of the local businesses and its owners feel that social media success is an achievable goal for them. However, many social media experts say that there is a big difference between sending a tweet or updating your Facebook status from knowing how to Tweet or post that update on Facebook properly. Moreover, using social media networks effectively for one’s business is harder that most people thought of, but it is something one can start to master and be able to take advantage of what it offers.

Most experts believe that the lack of strategy and unrealistic expectations are some of the common mistakes that local businesses commit when using social media. Social media marketing is not just a myth that one may choose not to crack for it is rewarding and worth every bit of time and money, businesses may put into it. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media and the networks providing these services are continuously gaining popularity towards students, but not towards their teachers. Based from the new study conducted from the University of Phoenix’s College of Education, about 87% of K-12 teachers have not integrated or planned to utilize social media networks in classroom trainings. Ike Smith, a North Carolina Educator said that high school teacher seem to be struggling with their efforts on how they can use and integrate social media into their old practices of teaching.

Smith added that during high school, one layer from which anxiety may arise from is because students are more likely on the social media platform that teachers may be planning to use. Smith is a former teacher in high school who is now the Director of Instructional Support Services for Watauga County Schools.

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Promoting Blog Posts SocialMedia

chat3Social media is not only a great avenue to promote brands – it is also an effective way to promote a page or blog.

Blogging involves generating keywords to your website and letting readers see what you got in there. Through social media, there is a hashtag that brings all related topics together. You use the interconnecting platforms wherein what you post can be linked to other platforms. You can also target the most followed personalities by linking with them – and by linking it means following them.

Sharing is good in social media. If you share the good thing about something, it will draw interest about what you do – and that is good.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is an effective functioning method to increase your ecommerce store as it can reach more customers than you could imagine. Here’s how to excel in social media promotion without a sweat.

Use social media to sell. You can use some social media plug-ins to take care of some technicalities such as computation and promotional pictures. When a sale is made, reward customers by sharing some information about their purchase and get some like clicks on it. You can also use a video clip to promote your brand to land you with the most trending brands and across platforms.

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Phishing Criminals On Social Media

RedDevilThis goes to all social media users who immediately accept friend requests without verifying the legitimacy of the person behind. Security experts affirmed that there is significant increase in phishing cases or stealing of personal information linked to social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Farcing, the act of deceiving users to give up their personal information is very rampant today. It involves creating a social media profile under a pretentious name and adding users to be their friend. Once added, the fraud person behind will begin asking for your personal information from your other friends, who will eventually give in because you have common friends.

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chat3People are fed up with the flooding brand promotions over social media. Everyday, they come across with Facebook and Pinterest overwhelmed with brands, posts and promotions, thus developing “banner blindness.” Although there is nothing about it, as it can reach more customers as possible, there

What companies like about social media is it’s free but some consumers are willing to pay to get the best ad where they can ingest the ‘right’ content about the product. In case of Apple, it does not use social media for marketing because they want their prouct to be read, watched and listen to.

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World’s Top Airline Shares Social Media Tips

marketsoftwaresocialmediaCathay Pacific, world’s top airline company also shares its tips on how to promote your brand through social media. A passenger twitted @cathaypacific about his the engaging experience during his flight and the company’s manager for social media, Dennis Owen, contacted him.

In their exchange of emails, the passenger learned what is that with Cathay Pacific that its clients and followers like about it. It’s their way of engaging with their followers and keeping them up with what is happening. Engaging through social media is another way of customer service – not merely brand promotion. For Cathay Pacific, it is a win-win.

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