Thumbs-UpFinancial services firms mutually agreed to a ‘charter’ that will govern industry in using social media such as Twitter as Facebook as means of communication. Developed through collaborative efforts of social media, software and communications experts, the ‘charter’ is composed of guidelines, training and certification processes for participating firms.

The founders of the charter deemed the importance of the guidelines as more firms utilize social media for promotion and communication. It aims to protect the welfare of the firms and their clients in using social media platforms. It was developed based on the approval of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Source: Professional Adviser

chat3The news about teacher Krista Hodges’ post via Twitter about her wanting to hurt her students stir a series of questions over the social media for the past weeks. What could be the punishment for such act? Is there any at all?

Several school authorities expressed their views on the issue and said that there is no solid rule governing such act. However, they do not tolerate it and they encourage the teachers to be more careful and responsible in using social media. Despite social media being a free way communication, it is but necessary to be sensible, especially for teachers.  Hodges received a written reprimand from school district about her action.

Source: Mercury News

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media activity is like everyone’s everyday chore. But like the many things that people do, there are still considerations that one must keep in mind when it comes to social media.

Be visible on social media networks even when you do not have anything to promote. Just a quick update will do. Speaking of promotion, do not use social media to list down product specs. This is engagement, not an ad.

Make sure you do interact with your followers, and if possible, follow them back. Be cool with comments and do not repel negative ones. Make sure you do have personalized posts and not templated ones. Lastly, remember that communication is a two-way process.

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Stalking the ‘Selfie’ Stars on Social Media

11-24-2012-1-37-09-AMGet to know the stars of ABC’s latest comedy sitcom Selfiefrom different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. From the story itself and with the controversial title it has, Selfie is one of the hottest talk and trending topics in social media nowadays.  Stars Karen Gillanplay the role of Eliza Dooley,a social media obsessed with John Cho who play as Henry, the man who helps her rediscover herself after a private scandal. The culture of Selfie has many things to promote including detaching ourselves from social media addiction and confronting the reality of social media.

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Social Media- A Beginner’s Guide

chat3Social media is a powerful tool to promote businesses. However, it becomes a challenge especially for startups and small-scale entrepreneurs. To make social media work towards your business’ benefit, you must consider the following article.  Respond to your followers and make time to keep them updated, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or other platforms. Make sure that you have a solid business plan and you know your target clients are and what type of platform they use.  Use unique content to post in every platform. You can link Twitter and Facebook but some posts are not appropriate on others like LinkedIn. Lastly, ensure that your posts complement each other.

Source: The Guardian

marketsoftwaresocialmediaMusicians often reach to their fans through social media. But reaching them takes some considerations along the way. Beware because posting insensitive and harsh comments might lead to unsold concert tickets and albums.

Your posts and photos will let your fans know about you. However, you must maintain the balance between which is relatable information andwhat they do not care about. A simple thank you note from the past gig can be helpful but it does not mean you have to list down all the details that happened during the gig, especially the not-so-good parts.  Lastly but most important, mind your grammar and use non-offensive words.

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The Protester’s Guide to Social Media

Almost everybody has one or more social media account. It is actually becoming more powerful than television today. This also provides a good avenue to disseminate awareness and information about social issues. Twitter is the most widely used social media platform when it comes to calling awareness about social movements. With 271 million monthly active users, it becomes the 24-hour news channel of political activities today. Since it has no filter, news goes very quickly by hash tagging. The nest best avenue is Facebook with 1.32 billion monthly active users. Although it is larger that Twitter, Facebook strict policies tend to spoil political activities online. Reddit, Instagram and Google+ are also becoming more visible when it comes to online political awareness campaigns.

Source: Tech Radar

chat3High school is one of the best parts of kids’ life. This is also the time when they must enjoy their childhood while preparing for college. High school athletes for example, should be using social media for better purposes such as following their dream college or university team. Social media is a good avenue to get discovered as one of the best athletes in town and hopefully win a college scholarship.

Coaches and university representatives are in constant recruitment for the best players to represent their school. Degrading tweets, malicious photos and insensitive posts can ruin one’s athletic future career.

Source: Beaumont Enterprise

chat3Under the new Education Department guidelines, teachers now play an important role in monitoring their students’ social media update. The mandate encouraged teachers to work closely with the relatives and family members of students whom they think have the tendency to commit suicide.  The intervention step also empowers the teachers to help students address their feelings that they just seem comfortable to talk about over social media. Using different social media platforms, teachers can reach to their students’ feelings and address misleading information, especially when it regards the deceased suicide victim. A helpline is also issued where teachers can call in case of student’s suicide incident.

Source: Yahoo News

chat3Social media can make or break you as a productive individual, as well as your business. If you really are a social media person, then use it on your own advantage. Being productive in social media is like any other tasks you do at work. You start by designing a feasible schedule and gather the things you need to make that schedule work for you. For example, you have to set a standard time on using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest and YouTube. If you are using all these platforms altogether daily, make sure that you cover all the necessary stuffs you need to include in each one.

Source: Forbes