Thumbs-UpSocial media broadens customers’ taste and want. This is why traditional marketing strategies no longer apply today. For customers to love your brand, you must be updated, relevant, accessible and able to change their lives for the better.

To do this, you must upgrade your usage of social media – be visible to where your customers are into. Engage in a meaningful communication with them. Make creative but relevant images, video uploads, contest and the likes since people are tired of reading long posts. Lastly, hear out your customers. Be open to suggestions on how you would improve your brand and their lives.

Source:  Marketing Profs

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media can make or break a small scale business. And if you are a company owner, you would want to use the media to your advantage. You can do this through the collaboration of your employees and the management.

First, employees must know their limitation when it comes to what information to be disclosed and what needs to be kept. They should also have background in security setting and policy.

Do not also prohibit employees from using social media in the workplace because they will always find a way to get through – and this may lead to worse scenarios. Lastly, train IT personnel to keep your anti-virus updated.

Source: Entrepreneur

RedDevilFacebook has been very helpful for law enforcement authorities in Tupelo, Mississippi. This after Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson revealed that their Facebook page helped them caught wanted people and got their informants through this widely-used social media network. Authorities said that they have been posting the names of wanted criminals online and got overwhelmed by the responses of concern citizens.  Their webpage includes the names of the criminals with their corresponding mugshots. Their page approximately reaches 15,000 users across the state.  Aside from criminals, they also post their recent activities on their page. Authorities view this as a positive opportunity to keep law and order around Tupelo.

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chat3Spring break is one of the most unforgettable seasons for it’s the time take break and get relaxed. But there are things you should include in your checklist before going to a spring break vacation. Beware of application downloads that may obtain your important information. Also, be careful of mobile device posting geographic location as others might track you. There are also screenshot applications that automatically upload without users’ permission. Protect your personal image and your employer’s in your every post as those reflect both of you and your company. Enjoy your spring break but stay as professional as possible.

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Branding Is Everything

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial Media nowadays has served as one of the biggest platforms for advertisement. But it is not just important to invest yourself in that exposure, what is more valuable is how you expose yourself to the audience that is viewing you. In the line of Twitter, business is up and blooming but you must be wary of what you release, but how you release it. Make sure that people are interested in what you have to say. Make it stimulating and interesting. Keep people in touch and complement those who have shared valuable opinions. Remember, the word of mouth is more valuable than how you spread yourself across several platforms. People’s opinion of you can get you nowhere and everywhere, value it.

Source: The Guardian

The Online Etiquette to Know

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn a world where everyone and everything is under public scrutiny, it essential for companies to maintain proper etiquette when using the social media, or as people call it nowadays, net-iquette. As a company, everything that you say or post will be reflected not only on one person but to the entire company.

This is why, you should employ basic safety measures to avoid unwanted ‘accidents’ such setting limits on the conversation on things that you post or pictures that you upload. A well-thought opinion or a well-mannered statement will definitely help you in a good way. Maintain balance and be open to outside opinion and feedback. Remember, the online world is not a one way street.

Source: Times of India

Social Media In Education: Its Promises

Thumbs-UpThe invasion of social media in the education of students has forced respected institutions and educators to up their lesson and entertainment value to constantly hold the students’ attention. This might not be looked at as a negative invasion because the struggle has provided means of upgrading lessons as well as to take advantage of the online world in learning.

Tips on how to make this work include using the online world as an avenue and not as a tool, you must also control the learning by allowing the students to enjoy the content and not the platform where it is presented. You must also target learning sites as well but never to sway them with two tasks at the same time. And lastly, connect to your students by being supportive and hiring the best communicators to help you with that.

Source: Campus Technology

chat3Deborah Sternberg, executive vice president of Always Care Benefits located in Baton Rouge in Louisiana shows future investors how to conduct business using the perks of social media.

As a broker, she tells that you should conduct yourself and business as if you are selling to a client, do not make your post hard-selling that it only focuses on you. Do this on all and any of the possible social media platforms available.  Share and ask; keep the conversation rolling. Keep and maintain your relationships, these are future clients to start a discussion with, most importantly, sell yourself and pass valuable information.

Source: Benefits Pro

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is creating the most amount of buzz when it comes to advertising. Whoever you are and whatever your needs are, then you can use social networks to market your trades event. Guidelines on how to create successful and positive publicity on your trade show event.

Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to create buzz for your event. These sites will provide you viewership not only from prospective customers but you can also collate alumni and past exhibitors through the LinkedIn account. Start a conversation or two, give them something to talk about, give them tips on what to do and everything that might be helpful.

Source: TSSN

10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMIn Ireland, a study was conducted by Edelman and the Marketing Institute from a group of marketing people to determine which social media platform is mostly used. The study in November and December last year verified that two thirds or 67 percent of the respondents view Twitter as the most effective platform for their business while Facebook with 59 percent as the most important because of the large volume of its users. Eighty seven percent of respondents used Twitter, 74% used LinkedIn and73% used Facebook. On the other hand, when it comes to importance, business people rated Facebook as the first.

Source: Adweek