marketsoftwaresocialmediaPeople no longer land to their dream jobs by walking inside a building and distributing their resumes to recruitment agencies. The role of social media plays a very important role in getting to know applicants. A good recruiter or recruiter can tell by the applicants’ posts, shared links and profile pictures used what kind of a worker and applicant can be.   People share in social media is a form of communicating to the world. For applicants, your posts and profile can be your ticket to having or losing a job. Many employees have been using the social media to get to know their applicants before hiring them.

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Facebook2562Social media is a worldwide form of promotion, business, communication and building relationship – and law firms are not exempted to it. . No one can underestimate the value of social media in law business. It is a good avenue to promote law firms’ advocacy and brand. It is also an effective way to reach clients and make them realize what kind of law services they need.  Branding is an important factor in communicating through social media. Although it is very technical to create a law firm’s brand idea, one must consider reflecting the principles that the members of the law firm live by.

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chat3Despite the huge effects of social media in UK businesses, UK financial services are freezing their investment in the successful networking platform, thus causing new social media guidelines undecided in the UK regulator.

This huge guideline further causes delay in the industry as many industries are using social media to promote their products and services. However, the regulator clarified that it does not promote anti-social-media, but aims to put things at their right places to safeguard all industries using this platform for commercial purposes. It sees to it that all social media ads and promotions are in compliance to the FCA.

Source: The Guardian

Size Matters in Social Media

marketsoftwaresocialmediaThe success and fulfillment of your social media experience depends on how much you share with your followers and friends. Instagram images and profile pictures determine the amount of attention and numbers of followers you get.

It is important to have your own brand. This is very important if you have products to promote. Nevertheless, you have your own brand –not only products do. Somehow, you are a social media bi-product. Stick with your brand and image – even when it comes to your profile picture, shared links, posts and tweets. They portray who you are, your personality and ideas you promote.

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Breaking Free from Social Media

chat3The truth is undeniable: Social media has taken a huge part of human existence. However, if you are sick and tired of it, you can take a social media vacation, also known as social media cleanse, take it out of your system – if you are willing to. Here’s how:

Many people have different ways of doing it. Sometimes they just let it fade into the air by not minding its existence and not sharing or posting anything. Some people just don’t log in for a while – say a week, then 10 days, then they make it successful to a month.  All you need is drive, initiative and determination to pursue your goal.

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Thumbs-UpSuccessful businesses use social-media not only to promote but to stay at the top of their game. How do they achieve this? Here are few of the tips how.

Be unique by creating personalized and customized posts. Adding emoticons and fresh look to your tweets won’t hurt a bit of an effort. You can also send longer posts to a Facebook Group with stakeholders and customers who want to join as official members. Customers value the thought of recognized membership.

Do not limit your promotion in only one platform. Customers use several platforms so it is better to create connection between them across the board. And by connection, it means meaningful link and lively interaction.

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chat3Social media is a very wide field with so many players and it’squiet difficult for a solo artist or marketing staff to penetrate target with a very few staff members, or worse, to perform a solo act.  Planning ahead has always been the best weapon in every battle. Plan your campaigns before a huge event and mark your calendar with advanced written copies. You are a team of one with only one staff: yourself. This means you must have the best knowledge about your brand more than anyone else. With brand mastery, you are capable of promoting its quality in any platform available using what you have: your technology and wit.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaThe effectiveness of reaching clients through social media is accounted to marketing specialists who know how to use it, when to use it and whom to reach to. Through times, marketing people has developed a more effective timeline on when to share and promote their businesses. Email promotion is also a successful campaign channel since almost everyone has one. With all these social media platforms, it is very important to hear feedbacks from your target audience. Marketing has several ways to do that. They can run a contest, test and other ways to contact their customers. Most importantly, your business must be suitedto the social media platform you use to send appropriate message.

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chat3Food trucks and social media tandem has become a huge marketing strategy for culinary business nowadays. Social media aids in keeping mobile businesses such as food trucks to let customers know their locations. Social media drives customers and food trippers to check their locations and try their foods. How to they do this?

Food truck owners suggest utilizing different social media platforms – each with different approaches. Use Instagram for visuals, Four Square for location and hash tagging menus on Facebook and Twitter are just among them. Most of all, do not forget the original objective of social media: to connect with people. Make sure you interact with your followers no matter how huge your business could get.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is a powerful platform to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) for many businesses nowadays. Martin Kubler founder of Iconsulthotelshas tips to improve CSR works through social media. He pointed out the significance of allowing suppliers to get involve in CSR efforts to help you communicate to your target audience.  He mentioned that it is important to acknowledge everybody’s effort in every activity or social initiatives while keeping real people with real efforts in your CSR works. Being actively consistent in your chosen CSR initiative through a certain social media platform will keep your company promote its community outreach.

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