Maximizing 140 Characters On Twitter Marketing

Twitter2-256Social media, especially Twitter, is a powerful marketing tool. However, with its 140-limited character per post, it can be difficult for some to maximize marketing content in this platform. Here are some tips to expand it:

Extend tweeting frequency by setting an automatic tweet because Twitter never stops, and so are people who are expecting your updates. Frequent tweeting does not mean ‘over hashtaging’. Invest on your posts and messages and campaigns to drive online traffic. Marketing does not mean selling but socializing – remember, be the resource here, not an advertiser. Post interesting contents like photos and links. You can also ask questions for more follower interactions.

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Thumbs-UpIncreased in readership is one of the main effects of academic blogging and social media.  Mark Carrigan from Centre for Social Ontology in University of Warwick offers tips on how to effectively use blogging and social media for academic benefits. Among these tips include determining goals in social media engagement. Include social media in your regular habit but with established limitations.

It is also recommended to have realistic timetable to achieve goals. Be visible but don’t estimate the risk of your actions, published contents and people you may reach. Set up automatic links like Twitter to monitor and promote your blog among friends, colleagues and into a wider network.

Source: Times Higher Education

chat3Entrepreneurs often contemplate on having quality or quantity social media followers. But it is important to have both. The following tips will help you to get more of it. First, you need to find the right people for your product. Once target audience is identified, make sure that you are consistent with your content and that it is visible to them.

Follow back other people to channel connection by liking, sharing and commenting on other people’s page. To establish connection, use applicable hashtags and humor. Introduce yourself in a professional bio in your website or blog, which is linked in your social media site. Lastly, join groups to connect with others.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaMany people fail to see in social media marketing is that it not a one-fits-all solution. Surveys about what your clients need, staffing, equipment, scheduling – many entrepreneurs have gone to those processes but still, fail to win their customers in a long run. Why? Because they fail to recognize what it the essence in everything: relationship.

Building relationship with your clients is the key to identifying what they need, when do they need it and how can you reach them. One classic example of a marketing campaign was Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke campaign’, which ultimately get into people’s emotion to connect and share.

Source: Huffington Post

info2All big players started small. And for you to start building your presence in social media, it is important to choose the right platform to excel in. Once the platform is identified, make sure that you emphasize your objective using social media for promotion. In relation to this, make sure that you reach your target market and let them know what you are selling.

Every starter is encouraged to invest in an effective social media monitoring tool to measure how the market responds to your posts. Establish a measuring tool to assess how you are doing in business so far. It is also important to stay consistent and relevant in all your posts across social media platforms. If you do not have time and skill to maintain your profile, hire an expert to do it for you.

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Marketing content is important as it is the thought that reaches your clients. To make your content effective, it must be personalized or customized. Clients love things you tailor for them alone. It adds a personal and unique touch – whether they are in a form of a post of a picture.

Use visual effects such as infographics because they more powerful than texts. Make sure that your posts command relevance and substantial contents at all times. You can also share success stories of a customer, especially when it is about using your product or service. You can also try using mobile apps for accessibility and achieving a cross-platform type of content marketing.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaAccording to a study conducted by Forbes, majority of customers demand an open communication and organic responses from companies that use Facebook. However, only one or two meets this expectation.

The following are among social media marketing tips used by Fortune 500 successful companies.

You need to create your intraweb social media profile that reflects the values of your company in the platform used by your target clients. Make sure that you maintain your profile and be open to communication. Consider including all industries and products you carry in this intraweb – no matter how small they are. It is also important to create news with useful and quality content to raise awareness.

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Thumbs-UpInternet has changed the nature of marketing today. You can promote your products without leaving your home using the following tips from Kim Staflund, a sales coach and writer.  First, you need to keep your clients aware of your products. You can use other media such as the radio, prints and TV to help you create an awareness campaign. If you prefer your website to do this, you need a platform to maintain it in an affordable cost. Next is to write a right blog. Promote your product through short but effective posts with effective keywords on it. Lastly, engage in social media and develop an effective network of communication with clients.

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Social Media Marketing Tips To Consider

chat3Marketing through social media is enjoyable and effective once you know the techniques to use. All social media platforms offer several ways to promote your products. You just have to identify your target market and be creative in posting campaigns. In the likes of Facebook, users engage on organic and frequent posts – whether they are simple lines, infographic, or videos. It is also recommended to post videos through Facebook rather than YouTube to reach substantial volume of target market. There is also Twitter where you can promote your brand. You just have to ensure that your tweets comply with the current trends.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSmall and large businesses use social media to promote products and services. Attract potential customers and book huge sales in social media using the following tips:

First, connect with your target market using the platform familiar to them. Next is to offer additional freebies for regular customers. Third is to advertise everything you cater. Fourth is to use mobile apps for 24/7 availability. Fifth, make your products or services needed. Fifth, offer variation when it comes to content by experimenting on photos, quotes, articles, etc. Lastly, care to use (#)Hashtag to increase direct connection and online searches for your product.

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