Tips For Daily Social Media Users

With communication through social media being more globalized, people can sometimes misunderstand and neglect its essence, especially in this digital world.

Staying connected with important people in your life is now easier with the help of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – you just have to use it the right way by building real relationships and not copying and pasting posts to impress.

For example, Twitter can give you numerous followers and response in a short time. You can also stay connected with your professional colleagues and future employers through LinkedIn. Lastly, stay connected by joining a Facebook group – whether with your families, alumni or coworkers.

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Thumbs-UpSocial media is a great avenue to promote small-scale businesses. But with all businesses using it as a promotion, small businesses have to think of new strategies to make it on top. Among the few strategies are setting objective. State what is it that you really want, aside from having followers.

Use your customers to make better products and services. Include your customers by updating them and through the right platform they use. Also, determine the type of clients you are dealing with and identify the right approach to address them in social media. Lastly, everything is all about timing – whether it is about what topics to post.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaEffective content makes followers and subscribers stay in social media. To have an effective content requires more effort. This entails having relevant, consistent, pop, trendy and timely content. Include contents that are appealing not to the eyes only but something that concerns your followers. You can achieve this by keeping it right- in both language and grammar. Build a reputation over your followers through brand and product consistency.

Do not repeat posts too often because this may bore your followers – who by the way love new things. You can repeat posts but make sure that they are necessary and do not ruin creativity.

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Brides and Social Media on Wedding Day

Pentagram-TwitterSocial Media have taken a huge part of everyone’s lives today – and brides are not an exception. Using (#) hashtags on every picture you post about your wedding can be a cute way of compiling all the photos you had before, during and after your wedding. Using a hashtag also allows your guests, family relatives and friends to join the fun. All you nave to do is ask them to use the hashtag you prefer in every photo they took during the big event.

However, this advancement does not take place the roles of the professional photographer. Nothing beats candid and sweet pictures taken by a professional photographer.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaWith the birth of social media, marketing has been taken into another level. Now there is such thing as mobile-based marketing – meaning you can reach your target clients wherever you are. Social media optimization (SMO), ‘social media integration’ and ‘mobile-based marketing tactics’ are useful techniques that marketers use today to get the most of their time using their mobile devices.

Reach your customers through online apps and different social media platforms by sharing and writing about your products and services. But make sure that you are using the right medium where most of your clients are. You can also close deals in social media through social media marketing.

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chat3Social media make banking boring no more. Banks and credit unions benefit from social media platforms as they bring connections with their clients, members and provide opportunity to interestpositive clients. Moreover, social media, when used properly can generate more return of investments (ROI) and positive market growth.

Social media also create a great avenue to advertise, promote products and provide clients a perception about the market and give them the idea on how to grow their money. For most banks and credit companies, social media is a good tactic to achieve their targets as most investors are using it now.

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Thumbs-UpBroker champion and founder of, Kate Fairley, founder of Get Informed, together with social media experts organized and published A Brokers Guide to Social Media, an e-book that aims to provide guidance to insurance brokers in using social media. The e-book is composed of helpful tips, guides and advices on how brokers should understand and use social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and among others.

Fairley, who is a broker herself, gives tips to other brokers on how to achieve their targets by aiming for the right clients in the social media, wherein she personally recommends LinkedIn for long-term use.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media have been a powerful tool to express yourself and ignite global conversation. And a journalist must be equipped with some survival tips to face the social media issues and not end behind bars. Being careful in everything you post, disclose information correctly and be as fair and transparent as possible – at all times – are among the important components of how to survive.

Always remember that you are a journalist and you need to prove the facts handed to you – be truthful at all times. Treat all information confidential once they are trusted to you by stating only the true version of the story – without any hoaxes.

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Thumbs-UpSocial media broadens customers’ taste and want. This is why traditional marketing strategies no longer apply today. For customers to love your brand, you must be updated, relevant, accessible and able to change their lives for the better.

To do this, you must upgrade your usage of social media – be visible to where your customers are into. Engage in a meaningful communication with them. Make creative but relevant images, video uploads, contest and the likes since people are tired of reading long posts. Lastly, hear out your customers. Be open to suggestions on how you would improve your brand and their lives.

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