marketsoftwaresocialmediaGetting as many followers as you can is a good exposure for your business, but care to check on your followers and networks. Jason Squires on bdaily wrote that your followers must click the Like button because they know the content of your webpage and they actually like it and not because they are getting paid.


Paid fans also equate to fake followers, which is not a good practice for your business. Make sure that your posts reach the right and legitimate audience who are interested in your business and has the same desire to make it flourish; not because they get a quarter for every click.



Wikipedia Expands in AsiaTravel providers make travel extra worth it as they reward social media users with extra earnings to keep during or at the end of their travel. Check-ins, follows and retweets give users extra perks such as discounts and loyalty points. How?   When visiting a travel spot, do not forget to check if there is an available Foursquare, or Starwood accounts where you can check in. Some businesses give discount coupons for their most devoted online visitors. Hotel accommodations such as Marriot also gives extra bonus for users who check-in their Foursquare – and hotel of course.   Capture the best moments using your Instagram and tweet them – enjoy the trip and get rewards!   Source:

FB ChatSocial media conferences are among the most widely used online communications nowadays. How do you stay abreast and nice with the people you talk to online? Here’s the tip.   Staying nice with the people you talk to is important. Encourage healthy conversation through inspirational thoughts. When using a hashtag, make sure that you use it right to avoid misconceptions that can lead to online misunderstanding.Communicate with other people online – that is what social media stands for but do not get too much into things. And the last but not the least, you just have enjoy staying connected with people online.   Source:

ISIS Shifting Social Media Patterns

Today, the latest round of propagandas released by the Islamic State shows videos indicating that the terrorist group altered their media approach through videos that counters what the typical Western media has to say about it. Both of the videos released by them features a captive journalist, British John Cantlie. John has been used by the ISIS as a spokesperson during the last part of his captivity. The first video that was released titled “Lend Me Your Ears” is then followed by the second installment of it.

This time John was reading a script that talk about certain details that was reported by The New York Times aired last Sunday. The second video was titled “The Horror before the Beheadings”. For more on this post, go to the source.

Source: Yahoo News UK & Ireland

Social Media Network That Pays

facebook-901-million-users-259x250When asked about the inspiration behind Tsu, Sebastian Sobczak didn’t mention Twitter or Facebook; instead, he highlighted what Ed O’Bannon did for players like him in the NCAA. O’Bannon was a former UCLA basketball player who sued NCAA in order for him to challenge the league’s rule when it comes to players making money out of their own image. The Supreme Court made a decision to his favor back in August.

For that, Sobczak personified it through Tsu’s ethos. According to what Tsu is all about, compared to other social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, it’s willing to share its profits for those who posts contents on its platforms. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Op Talk

CalendarEvent marketing and social media have a couple of things that’s known about it: both are quite effective ways to make an appeal to a businesses’ clients and both have the power to provide them with a meaningful and long lasting relationship with their market.  Most brands in today’s market have successfully merged their marketing events even before it happens in its physical nature. According to Legacy Marketing Partners, it’s all up to a brand marketer as to how they plan to create a convincing brand experience that would mix the two seamlessly.

They’ve also added that learning how to blend digital and social media together would greatly affect the success of their business. In addition, they believe that social media can blend easily with a marketer’s goal to gather opportunities during and after their event at hand. For more on this post, go to the

Source: Entrepreneur

fomoOctober 29, 2014, Washington – Cassidy Turley, the United States leading commercial services for real estates, sponsors a competition in Twitter that seeks for methods that implements energy efficiency practices at work or at home. The said contest will run from October 28 to November 5. Participants in this contest can tweet their energy efficiency methods by using the hashtag #CTEnergySmart. This would give them the chance to one of five American Express Gift Cards. Winners of this contest would be announced at Twitter through @CassidyTurleyRE. The competition is an innovative, fun opportunity to influence social media and address energy efficiency practices. For more information on this post, go to the source. Source: MarketWatch

10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMMobile application entrepreneur and Reality TV celebrity Kim Kardashian talk about trends that concerns mobile technology and how she feels about her career during the Code/Mobile Conference held in Half Moon Bay today. Kim is truly in a good standing to provide social media advice due to her huge following on Twitter (about 24.8 million) and Instagram (about 20 million). According to her, the tips that she has for the public is what she also practices whenever she tweets.

Kim indicated that instead of using Google as a search engine, she uses Twitter. One thing she does is to tweet about things that she doesn’t know about like places to eat in an unfamiliar location. For more on this post, go to the source.

Source: Re/Code

Thumbs-UpSocial media have really come a long way and now travel providers are using this portal to attract social media users with great discounts, special benefits and freebies that anyone would find hard to resist. Check-ins on Facebook or Fourssquare, Instagram posts tweets and retweets are usually traded as currencies where users get loyalty points as well as discounted rates in return. The more following you do have, the more your reward is going to be. In 2012, United ran a promo offer where they bestow airline miles to Foursquare users. On the other hand, American Airlines gave a kind offering to passengers who checks in at airports by providing them airport lounge passes. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: News 10 ABC

Facebook256Paul Ceglia and his lawyers are facing a huge lawsuit after Facebook decided to sue his representatives over forgery and other related cases. Paul Ceglia is the man who demanded that Facebook owes him 50% of the company after Zuckerberg allegedly made a deal with him in 2003. Investigation probed that Cegliaprovided forged documents in a contract signed in April 2003 – long before Facebook developed. On the contract, Zuckerberg agreed to collaborate with Cegliaon Street Fax Inc., a separate project that time.  FBI arrested Ceglia after purportedly trying to deceive Facebook and extorting money from the company. Lawyers are working to sue Ceglia for his crimes.

Source: Business Insider