Social Media Stocks Extensive Growth

Thumbs-UpLast year, about 72% of internet adult users who are surveyed in the North America indicated that they spend at least 20% of their time on the computer browsing through social media networks. According to Global X Funds, this figure is going to double up five years from now. Many experts believe that social media revenues will soar at a high due to advertising profits made by the increase in internet penetration.

In today’s business world, companies are ranked by its market capitalization. This ranks the largest into the smallest, excluding companies that have a market cap that’s lower than $1 billion. For more information, go to the source.

Source: The Globe and Mail

chat3A coast-to-coast tour that’s being promoted on social media has reached Prince Albert. The said tour aims to send disadvantaged school kids to camp. The people behind the said campaign are amongst Canada’s biggest boat-safety organizations, BOATsmart!, who has pledged to give $1 to send kids in Canada into camps whenever someone shares #BoatSmartMoment.

Public Relations Lead Tashonna McDougall along with Team Leader Brendan O’Conner of the company spread awareness about the program the whole day of Sunday. According to them, the campaign is part of the company’s celebration for its 10th year anniversary. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Prince Albert Daily Herald

Unhappy Social Media Users

Over the past few years, social media networks seem to have a good reputation when it comes to the services it provides to its users. However, today is all but a different story. Based from the recent report that came out last Tuesday, social media networks customer satisfaction ratings showed too low comparing them to other companies. As it turns out, many online users are somewhat dissatisfied with the services they get from these networks.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index or ACSI holds an annual survey that composes of 70,000 consumers in the United States. The report shows that most online users are concerned with their privacy due to increased proliferation of advertisements they see or get from social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

chat3Today, some businesses are considered missing one very important and rewarding social media platform. Many businesses consider Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ as the only means for them to do business online. However, many experts believe that blogging is so unexplored when it comes to the things that it can do for any business.

Some experts believe that there is such a big rabbit hole in today’s internet with mom bloggers and fashionistas ruling the scene. This results into the blogging arena developing a good reputation for the industry, where a corporate blogging company like Bond Public Relations & Brand Strategy down in New Orleans is now making a mark in the industry. For more regarding this news, go to the source.

Source: Forbes

marketsoftwaresocialmediaAccording to Janet Yellen, Chairman of the Board for the Federal Reserve System, thinks that throwing ones money into something like social media networks must be stopped. The Feds do think that the valuation metrics for some smaller firms in social media sectors seem to appear stretched by some. Just recently, an app that lets its users send quick messages that indicates the word “you” received a total of 1 million dollars in funding.

In addition, Cynk, a non-existent social media network is said to have fraudulently received a total valuation of $6 billion. Carmelo Anthony, who is an NBA star, is now pivoting to what’s called a second career, venturing his capital and says that he has always been interested with the technology business. For more information regarding this, got to the source.

Source: The Washington Post

Facebook256Social media might have developed business and customers’ relationship nowadays but it is still a form of communication that entails good manners. According to Personal Branding blog on, a social media user can display etiquette by using a REAL profile photo. Sending a personalized message, writing replies and posting constructive remarks in response instead of just ‘liking’ posts also signifies goof manners. Warwick Post, an online customer service provider gathers clients’ views on how business should improve their cyberspace visibility. This allows businesses to organize comments and feedbacks from different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo.

Source: War Wick Post

marketsoftwaresocialmediaWhen it seems social media is taking over of your life, you might have thought of quitting. But quitting is not the last option. All you need is to find balance between your social media activities and the things you have to do.  Getting away from it is the first step. Gradually develop a routine until you are able to block it using software designed to temporarily block websites. When you can live a day without checking your Facebook or Twitter every now and then, you will be able to do things that do not involve social media like reading a book.

Source: NY Times

Twitter2-256The government of New Delhi, India is making an effort to reach its people – online. Major ministries like Finance and Commerce will be sending tweets soon as they join Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter. Online citizens, bloggers, Facebook and Twitter users are glad that two of the country’s most important ministries are finally joining the Twitter community. They also expressed their positive view on this issue and they are looking forward that the ministries and online community are finally speaking the same language.  It is a known fact that Indian leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most followed leaders in the Twitter community worldwide.

Source: IBN Live

Twitter2-256A study shows that too much use of Twitter can start disagreements between couples.  The same study was conducted on the effects of Facebook and other social media platforms to relationships. Author Russell Clayton of the University of Missouri stated in his study that posts or tweets on social network platforms like Twitter tend to raise conflicts between romantic partners. The study was participated by 581 adult Twitter subscribers. The study will be published on the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.  The author and other researchers are also looking at other social media network like Instagram and its possible effects on romantic relationships.

Source: Yahoo