Facebook256The Internet can make or break your business brand – and no brand is exceptional. Huge companies like Apple, Dairy Queen, Home Depot and PF Chang’s have reported cases of security breaches. As a small-time business, how could you protect your brand? First, members of the team must be aware and they must know what to do about it. Next is to widen your network. Do not use only one social media platform. Third, as they always say, use a complicated password and keep it safe. The fourth guide is to ensure that every message reflect corporate values.

Still, you must be ready with a plan B —because it happens.

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chat3ISIS, a Middle Eastern extremist group reaches out to Halifax International Security Forum participants through social media. Peter Van Praagh, president of the forum issued a statement saying that the extremists use #HISF2014, the forum’s social media hashtag in disseminating their video that features a British national as their captive.

The ISIS is also allegedly sending private messages to participants and staff during the forum. The forum’s coordinatorsissued a press release stating that they are closely monitoring the said incident.

Halifax International Security Forum is a network composed of decision-makers from different governments, military groups, businesses, academics, and the media thatwork together to address global security threats.

Source: atlantic.ctvnews.ca

The Benefits of Social Media for Kids

Parents have separate views when it comes to their kids using social media. For some parents, they regard it as a distraction that intervenes with their abilities to communicate. – even cellphones are. Some parents take full control of social media at home like passwords to ensure that their children are not exposed to social media.

However, according to American Academy of Pediatrics, there are actually benefits of social media for kids. It lets them know what’s going on in school and in the community. It is also an opportunity for them to grow with unique communication skills while developing engagement in the community.

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facebook-901-million-users-259x250With millions of people using social media, it becomes one of the best avenues to build a brand. But do you now that there are unusual actions that you can do to generate views, like and shares for your page? Avoid templated-boring tweets and do everything personalized. Post sincerely by writing longer statements and not just for the sake of posting something. Reach out to your target audience by creating a group where you can post something weird and interesting to encourage brand conversation. And when you used to one platform, try expanding to other networks through linking and grow a meaningful communication. Source: entrepreneur.com

10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMSocial media can make or break your brand. Coming from Michelle Phan, a YouTube superstar, brand building is very possible through social media and here are the tips. Choose where you want to get popular – a platform where majority of your followers and clients are using. Choose a target market and identify where you can reach them easily. When using social media, it is very important to be unique and original – so claim a brand name that client won’t forget that IT is YOU. Post only quality content, as it mirrors your brand as a quality-based product—something that clients want. Source: inquistr.com

fomoMore and more of children are spending time in social media – amounting to 81% of the population in America alone. In a survey, the most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. With numbers increasing, it is important to understand why kids use social media and why it is important. Parents should also build better communications among their children, personally and through social media.   With all these things, parents must recognize the disadvantage of social media and how vulnerable they are. For parents, it is very important to stay proactive and do not let social media hinder the relationship with their children.   Source: lancasteronline.com

marketsoftwaresocialmediaWith WACE’s exam coming along the way, parents restrict their children from destructions such as using social media before the exam. Researchers from the University of Western Australia provided some tips to students. These include developing a good study habit by studying early before the exam and concentrating on the weak areas. It is also advised that students answer a sample exam and convert diagrams into their most comfortable figures. Memorizing items is also good—when they memorize long term. And when the exam day comes, answer the easiest parts first before proceeding to the hardest. Last, relax and stop worrying too much about the test.   Source: abc.net.au

This-is-newToday, it is somewhat evident that manufacturers of mobile phones and android devices are looking to install much improved cameras into their products. However, today is all but a different story. If you’ve heard of Super!, the recent news indicates that it is out its beta stage. Biz Stone, co-founder and entrepreneur of Twitter made that announcement.

According to sources, final developments about the new website have taken place. Super! is just like Twitter, but posts must always include a photo. The website is believed to take micro-blogging to a whole new different level. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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Optimizing Social Media Campaign

marketsoftwaresocialmediaToday, any business that looks to find success online must be able to conduct an effective and appealing marketing campaign, failing to do so would eventually lead to losses. Most companies today look to have search engine and website optimization. Though most of them are still unable to do that properly, there are many things that one can do about it.

Things that businesses should focus on is by checking their analytics or reports in order for them to see what particular days and times they are able to interact well with their followers or fans. Other than that, businesses should ensure that they keep their blog contents fresh and shareable.

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