chat3Because it is accessible to nearly everyone, minding your social media accounts is a sure way to boost your personal online presence.

One way to improve your personal brand is to make your profile information complete and accurate. Use your profile to show off your set of skills. Be the center of the attention by engaging in community discussions. Remember to talk with sense and work hard to make every post you make useful and worthy to read. Build your brand by showing a great online personality.

Finally, always be appropriate in sharing anything on social media. A funny person is always favored online but being that person will be much nicer if you are also honest, articulate, and real.

Source: Business 2 Community

With the internet becoming more and more accessible to everyone, it can’t be helped that children become vulnerable to different forms of attacks. Younger people are more inclined to use social media thus the need to protect them.

Among the popular social media sites, 6 emerged to be frequented by the young ones. These are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram. In all of these sites, adults are encouraged to explain to the children how each site works and what kind of things that should and should not be posted on it. It is also important to iterate who to and not to follow as some of the users are in the site with the purpose of luring children.

Hopefully, more adults become concern over this issue and be on the alert in doing what they can to protect the children.

Source: Leader and Times

chat3With the holiday season in mind, attract the attention of the customers with the following festive marketing ideas:

Websites and social media pages can be perked up with festive decorations. Make the pages more seasonal by adding holiday photos. Be the online Santa and offer prizes and presents with every purchase. Make it a point to sponsor a worthy charity to spark up the spirit of giving. Ask your followers to take part by sharing their holiday moments on the site. Finally, use trending hash tags smartly.

All these ideas will help make your wonderful time of the year more fruitful and boost your marketing strategies for the holidays.

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Twitter2-256Ignoring your competitors is not a smart way to succeed against them. In fact, with a few nods on their direction, you can have a powerful strategy to turn the customers’ attention towards your company.

Positive and non- threatening tweets can help highlight your products without blatantly putting down the competition. You can throw in the good points of your competitor and take that as an opportunity to expose how your products and services are better. Social media is accessible by everyone so use it as a way to observe your enemy’s tweets and posts. And finally, consider social media as a playground where you can interact with fellow companies who might be able to boost your online presence as well as become offline allies.

This clearly suggests making measures on how to use social media to your advantage instead of using it to attack the enemy.

Source: Entrepreneur

marketsoftwaresocialmediaA smart company should include social media in its marketing strategy. Recent CMO Survey has concluded that linking social media into the marketing efforts instead of making it as a separate campaign is more effective and costs less.

In a recent interview from notable marketers in the country, 12 strategies were identified to make social media integration possible. It included choosing strategy over tools, aligning social media channels towards the marketing strategy, creating social media toolkits, and focusing on how to convert social media actions into purchases among others. The suggestion to integrate social media into any form of internet marketing campaign aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness all the parts of the marketing plan.

Source: Forbes

Thumbs-UpProofpoint revealed that about 40 percent of accounts posing to represent large companies on Facebook and about 20 percent on Twitter are not authorized. The study revealed how rising the threats are to top brands and companies because there are many people or groups that pretend to be them. Based from the same study, about 330 unaffiliated accounts are advertising points and gifts to giveaway. To fight such threats, Proofpoint suggest companies to map their social footprint so they can ensure that only trusted sources are able to post updates. Read the full story.

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chat3Experts say that building a personal brand is vital for the people in the digital industry, and part of it is social media, an important tool for building a personal brand.  Some tips include completing your profile, showing off your skills, sharing useful content and having a personality.   If you want to build a successful brand, you may want to check out these tips to help you become successful in social media. Read the full story from the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaWhat is the story of your company and how are you planning to tell it? With the growth of social media, email and websites, all types of companies are looking into content marketing, customer engagement and awareness building.  According to Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of Social Media that is co-written by Peg Fitzpatrick, you need to be valuable, be interesting, be bold, be brief, be thankful, be visual and be organized. Two authors revealed that people would re-share if you share them good stuff.

Source: Financial Post

A gangster’s video with gun loaded aimed on a camera calling another gangster and mocking the police has been uploaded in the internet made the public worry about its effect to viewers.

In the 42-second video uploaded last monthon Instabeef, a hooded man was holding a loaded .38 waving threats. The video is being associated to the continuinggang battles between the Batts Boys of South London and the group from Clapham Junction.

Gang violence has been spreading in the neighboring estates. Among the biggest gun seizures operations in Met history was in Battersea, South London where high caliber of ammunition was confiscated.


marketsoftwaresocialmediaPromotion in social media can make or break your brand. But there are practical ways and tips to make it work for your advantage. First, you must have a target audience and you must know how to reach them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus do have differences and you must know where to participate.

Once you got the idea where to go, you must know that your profile becomes public and anything you post becomes a public topic—so be careful and post only the significant ones.Learn the art of linking different social media platforms to get the most number of your target audience.