chat3Social media can make or break your business. Here are some tips to write killer social media content for your audience. Consider adding some relevant and high quality images to increase visibility. Write with the right tone – constantly. Speaking of tone, write contents in conversational way. This allows you to get more engage to audience.

Maximize Facebook effectively by using the perfect recipe such as legit links, fewer characters, and regular and worthy content. Consider using visuals on Facebook, too. For LinkedIn connections, make sure that you reflect professional content by creating shorter and business-oriented posts. Generate related contents using hashtags but don’t overdo it. Lastly, enjoy posting without overrated marketing purposes.

Source: Searching Journal

Tips for Each Social Media Network

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media networks can be combined for a better and wider audience impact. Here’s how.

When you use Twitter, you can filter the things you want to see by creating a list. You can also share your tweets in Periscope platform to reach and get connected with people. On the other hand, Facebook allows you to follow people, even they are not on your list. This allows them to see your contents and vice versa.

For photograph platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, you can create hashtags to generate more related posts and photos. In Pinterest, you can create boards to save your favorite post and generate related articles easily.

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With holiday just around the corner, businesses are in their own ways to generate more traffic on their sites. But before clicking, read on the following advices about what you should and should not do on social media marketing this season.

First, you need a theme to align all your postings this season. It is also important to know not to overuse holiday to make a sale. Since there will be very busy days ahead, it pays to have a calendar. Do not focus on getting new customers by ignoring the current ones. You can make a feature for some of them or run a contest. Lastly, don’t overuse company celebration photos.

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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMWith the year ending, let’s look back on the best social media marketing highlights of 2015 to inspire businesses to do better next year. These stats will help you plan better and powerful social media marketing strategies next year.

Among the best highlights of the year is the revelation that about 64% of marketers spend six hours or more in social media. This prompts businesses to strengthen social media visibility. Another highlight is that 66% of marketers target to increase Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn usage more in the near future while there will be an 8% drop in Facebook usage.

Source: Business 2 Community

info2Social media is an effective way for businesses to reach their clients across the board. Clients spend a lot of time in social media, so how you reach them matters. Social media experts say that it is important to know your clients and what social media do they use. Recognize them and make them feel important. It is also important to impart influence on how they think and decide.

To make your post visible for customers, make sure that the contents you create are tailored for their preference. This allows them to participated and get affiliated with the product. Lastly, use geo-targeting to reach them across borders.

Source: Entrepreneur, an independent authority on search vendors ranked 100 of its top social media marketing companies that marked as the best in the industry this month. These companies are ranked upon a meticulous evaluation of their performance in social media marketing. They are evaluated based on their capacity to produce social media marketing innovations. They are also assessed based on the quality of solutions they produce and the effects of these solutions to end users. They also underwent a series of vertical examinations, also administered by These series of examination include tests for methodology, brand management, consultation, reach, and timeliness of solutions.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaMany business people are trying to change the way they communicate to adapt in social media. But you don’t have to do it to make things work between you and your clients. What you need to do is build a strong communication. Customers want businesses to be personal which means they want to be heard by someone with genuine feeling and listen to them. They want to hear stories and thoughts, not why they should buy your products and services. A business should be knowledgeable about its products and services but it also has to be personal, sincere, and polite.

Source: BZ Journal

Maximizing 140 Characters On Twitter Marketing

Twitter2-256Social media, especially Twitter, is a powerful marketing tool. However, with its 140-limited character per post, it can be difficult for some to maximize marketing content in this platform. Here are some tips to expand it:

Extend tweeting frequency by setting an automatic tweet because Twitter never stops, and so are people who are expecting your updates. Frequent tweeting does not mean ‘over hashtaging’. Invest on your posts and messages and campaigns to drive online traffic. Marketing does not mean selling but socializing – remember, be the resource here, not an advertiser. Post interesting contents like photos and links. You can also ask questions for more follower interactions.

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Thumbs-UpIncreased in readership is one of the main effects of academic blogging and social media.  Mark Carrigan from Centre for Social Ontology in University of Warwick offers tips on how to effectively use blogging and social media for academic benefits. Among these tips include determining goals in social media engagement. Include social media in your regular habit but with established limitations.

It is also recommended to have realistic timetable to achieve goals. Be visible but don’t estimate the risk of your actions, published contents and people you may reach. Set up automatic links like Twitter to monitor and promote your blog among friends, colleagues and into a wider network.

Source: Times Higher Education

chat3Entrepreneurs often contemplate on having quality or quantity social media followers. But it is important to have both. The following tips will help you to get more of it. First, you need to find the right people for your product. Once target audience is identified, make sure that you are consistent with your content and that it is visible to them.

Follow back other people to channel connection by liking, sharing and commenting on other people’s page. To establish connection, use applicable hashtags and humor. Introduce yourself in a professional bio in your website or blog, which is linked in your social media site. Lastly, join groups to connect with others.

Source: Business 2 Community