chat3As users of social media networks, particularly Facebook, have seen and experienced over the past years, advertisements is all over the place. However, Ello seems to change all that. Even though it is still in its beta form, the social media network has been the talk of the town. Many people are flocking towards the social media site due to the way it’s built and designed. Ello has fewer advertisements unlike other social media networks where every click you make and every link that you visit is transformed into data for companies to use in their goal to make money and generate as much audience. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMThis week at the National Weather Service is the “did you know” time of the year. Offices took the time to go through social media to inform the people about certain things that they need to know on a daily basis. This need to session starts with the establishment of the bureau back in the year 1870.

In the bureau’s early days, it was part of the Department of Agriculture before it was moved under the administration of the Department of Commerce in the year 1940. The Weather Bureau is under the management of the NOAA. For more information regarding this, go to the source.

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Why Age Restrictions Matter on Social Media

chat3As the month of October comes, organizations and schools within the country go on to observe the National Bullying Prevention Month. The goal of the celebration is to stop cyberbullying and bullying that lead to the death of a girl in Florida last year. The story of the 12-year old girl named Rebecca Ann Sedwick who committed suicide due to a whole year of cyberbullying from two minors as well, ages 12 and 14.

According to age restrictions set by Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram the minimum age required for signing up is at 13, while YouTube set it at 18 but a 13-year old kid can sign up with the permission of their parents. For other social media sites, it’s at 17. According to the study done by, about 59% of children indicate that they’ve used one even before the age of 10. For more information, go to the source.

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Must-Haves for a Social Media Specialist

marketsoftwaresocialmediaManaging a company’s social media account is important. Companies who think that they know the qualities and skills of a social media expert should take the time to realize and understand the amount of work they have to accomplish on their end. The first thing that business owners should do is educate themselves about the basics of what social media is all about.

The next thing that businesses should set is their approach and at the same time be able to define their goals. Defining their goals would lead them to set up their objectives effectively. For more information regarding, check out the source.

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chat3Instagram is in. That is according to latest survey results conducted by Piper Jaffray. The results indicate that 90% percent of teens using social media named Instagram as the popular one compared to social media giant Facebook.

According to reports, the said social media site is preferred by 76% of most teens, garnering an increase of 7% compared to last spring. Twitter comes in second with 59% of teens said they use it, while Facebook ranked number three with 45%. Facebook continues to see its popularity go down, seeing a huge drop on the number teens preferring their site. For more information, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial Media networks still continues to grow as part of any consumer’s life. According to the Pew Center, as of January 2014, 74% of adult Americans use social media on their daily lives. This is the very reason why social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter enables them to organize various things easily.

However, when it comes to a company’s workforce, professional and personal life shouldn’t be mixed up. Gallup stated that only 13% of all employees think that they are engaged at work. In addition, a report back in 2012 indicates that more than 78% engaged in sales outclassed their competitors with the help of social media. For more information regarding this, go to the source.

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chat3EvokedSetwill be more visible in social media as it enters into a new venture: ebook publication. It has already launched its first edition entitled  “Social Media for B2B: Best Practices” which is now available for download.

EvokedSet has wide experience operating social media accounts for company campaigns and promotions. Its newest ebook details the technical know-how’s of running several social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for businesses and organizations.

The publication is a timely one especially now that B2B companies in the event of social media adjustment. Among the ebook’sfeatures are the step-by-step of using social media and measuring its effect to business.

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Thumbs-UpFinancial services firms mutually agreed to a ‘charter’ that will govern industry in using social media such as Twitter as Facebook as means of communication. Developed through collaborative efforts of social media, software and communications experts, the ‘charter’ is composed of guidelines, training and certification processes for participating firms.

The founders of the charter deemed the importance of the guidelines as more firms utilize social media for promotion and communication. It aims to protect the welfare of the firms and their clients in using social media platforms. It was developed based on the approval of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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chat3The news about teacher Krista Hodges’ post via Twitter about her wanting to hurt her students stir a series of questions over the social media for the past weeks. What could be the punishment for such act? Is there any at all?

Several school authorities expressed their views on the issue and said that there is no solid rule governing such act. However, they do not tolerate it and they encourage the teachers to be more careful and responsible in using social media. Despite social media being a free way communication, it is but necessary to be sensible, especially for teachers.  Hodges received a written reprimand from school district about her action.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media activity is like everyone’s everyday chore. But like the many things that people do, there are still considerations that one must keep in mind when it comes to social media.

Be visible on social media networks even when you do not have anything to promote. Just a quick update will do. Speaking of promotion, do not use social media to list down product specs. This is engagement, not an ad.

Make sure you do interact with your followers, and if possible, follow them back. Be cool with comments and do not repel negative ones. Make sure you do have personalized posts and not templated ones. Lastly, remember that communication is a two-way process.

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