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chat3Bianchi Public Relations, Inc. offers tips to professional service firms on how to improve their social media marketing strategies next year. Among these tips, include posting media coverage to show earned credibility and increase impact on audience. It is also encouraged for professional service firms to focus on LinkedIn because this is where professionals interact. You can follow your target audience and connect with them instantly.

Service professionals should be more engaging to their clients are followers in social media by focusing on their audience and what they need and how they need it. Post visual contents because they are more engaging than texts.

Source: PR News Wire

marketsoftwaresocialmediaMarketers predict that social media will be more hyped in 2016. Among the predictions, they see is the use of ‘Buy Buttons’ where advertisers and users will commonly interact. They also see more live broadcasts on social media platforms wherein users will be able to watch live videos upon logging in.

In addition, there will be more app functions wherein apps and platforms will be accessible by using a single one. And lastly, publishers will be able to put their full contents on social media instantly. Although it is currently used in Facebook, it is expected other platforms to follow.

Source: Social Barrel, an independent authority on search vendors ranked 100 of its top social media marketing companies that marked as the best in the industry this month. These companies are ranked upon a meticulous evaluation of their performance in social media marketing. They are evaluated based on their capacity to produce social media marketing innovations. They are also assessed based on the quality of solutions they produce and the effects of these solutions to end users. They also underwent a series of vertical examinations, also administered by These series of examination include tests for methodology, brand management, consultation, reach, and timeliness of solutions.

Source: Market Wired

chat3Entrepreneurs often contemplate on having quality or quantity social media followers. But it is important to have both. The following tips will help you to get more of it. First, you need to find the right people for your product. Once target audience is identified, make sure that you are consistent with your content and that it is visible to them.

Follow back other people to channel connection by liking, sharing and commenting on other people’s page. To establish connection, use applicable hashtags and humor. Introduce yourself in a professional bio in your website or blog, which is linked in your social media site. Lastly, join groups to connect with others.

Source: Business 2 Community

info2All big players started small. And for you to start building your presence in social media, it is important to choose the right platform to excel in. Once the platform is identified, make sure that you emphasize your objective using social media for promotion. In relation to this, make sure that you reach your target market and let them know what you are selling.

Every starter is encouraged to invest in an effective social media monitoring tool to measure how the market responds to your posts. Establish a measuring tool to assess how you are doing in business so far. It is also important to stay consistent and relevant in all your posts across social media platforms. If you do not have time and skill to maintain your profile, hire an expert to do it for you.

Source: Business 2 Community

Marketing content is important as it is the thought that reaches your clients. To make your content effective, it must be personalized or customized. Clients love things you tailor for them alone. It adds a personal and unique touch – whether they are in a form of a post of a picture.

Use visual effects such as infographics because they more powerful than texts. Make sure that your posts command relevance and substantial contents at all times. You can also share success stories of a customer, especially when it is about using your product or service. You can also try using mobile apps for accessibility and achieving a cross-platform type of content marketing.

Source: Business 2 Community

chat3Marketing through social media is enjoyable and effective once you know the techniques to use. All social media platforms offer several ways to promote your products. You just have to identify your target market and be creative in posting campaigns. In the likes of Facebook, users engage on organic and frequent posts – whether they are simple lines, infographic, or videos. It is also recommended to post videos through Facebook rather than YouTube to reach substantial volume of target market. There is also Twitter where you can promote your brand. You just have to ensure that your tweets comply with the current trends.

Source: Social Media Barrel

News about school shooting threats makes headlines recently. A student from Vanden High School, Northern California was arrested after posting a photo with a rifle on his hand pointing and threatening people around.

A concerned student parent was alerted about the news and immediately posted about it, alerting the Fairfield Police. Authorities said that social media and online communication help them identify potential threats. As a result, they encourage schools and parents work closely in looking over students’ social media posts. They ask schools to have a personnel assigned just to monitor students over social media on a daily basis.

Source: KCRA

chat3National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will begin to use location-based software, a social media software to track fans interaction, as well as media, and event sponsors. The objective of this innovation is to enhance security in Lucas Oil Stadium and nearby areas up to Indianapolis during men’s basketball tournament.

This technology was first used in the recent Super Bowl, Wimbledon, and the Olympics, which all gained fantastic results. This innovation is expected to help organizer anticipate the number of audience and allows them to prepare security before, during and after the game. It is also expected to prevent potential serious situation such traffic congestion, threats, security crisis among others.

Source: Athletic Business

FB ChatSocial media have made job hunting easier for a lot of people. The likes of LinkedIn connect professionals in many ways. If you are one of those people who want to land on their dream job with a dream paycheck, you might check on the following tips:

First, you have to be honest and professional by posting your real identity in your real profile – starting with your real name. Post nothing but professional things about you – from your pictures down to your grammar, professional experience, interest and skills. Upload your most updated resume and get connected with the right people, including your future boss.

Source: Florida Today