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chat3Social media allow users to share and disseminate information from anywhere around the world. Geofeedia’s CEO and co-founder, Phil Harris sees the dramatic increase of social media content being uploaded daily as a powerful tool to prevent and respond to location security such as in the airport. In a statement, he revealed that they develop technology to organize and strain information that can be of value to aviation security.

This location-based social media monitoring is expected to improve awareness among security officials in case of possible threats. The information filtered through social media is real-time for easy and fast tracking.

Source: HS Today

News about school shooting threats makes headlines recently. A student from Vanden High School, Northern California was arrested after posting a photo with a rifle on his hand pointing and threatening people around.

A concerned student parent was alerted about the news and immediately posted about it, alerting the Fairfield Police. Authorities said that social media and online communication help them identify potential threats. As a result, they encourage schools and parents work closely in looking over students’ social media posts. They ask schools to have a personnel assigned just to monitor students over social media on a daily basis.

Source: KCRA

chat3National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will begin to use location-based software, a social media software to track fans interaction, as well as media, and event sponsors. The objective of this innovation is to enhance security in Lucas Oil Stadium and nearby areas up to Indianapolis during men’s basketball tournament.

This technology was first used in the recent Super Bowl, Wimbledon, and the Olympics, which all gained fantastic results. This innovation is expected to help organizer anticipate the number of audience and allows them to prepare security before, during and after the game. It is also expected to prevent potential serious situation such traffic congestion, threats, security crisis among others.

Source: Athletic Business

marketsoftwaresocialmediaCathay Pacific, world’s top airline company also shares its tips on how to promote your brand through social media. A passenger twitted @cathaypacific about his the engaging experience during his flight and the company’s manager for social media, Dennis Owen, contacted him.

In their exchange of emails, the passenger learned what is that with Cathay Pacific that its clients and followers like about it. It’s their way of engaging with their followers and keeping them up with what is happening. Engaging through social media is another way of customer service – not merely brand promotion. For Cathay Pacific, it is a win-win.

Source: Forbes

chat3A seminar held by the Hartselle Police Department offered parents some tips on how to handle their kids when it comes to using social media. According to the officers, parents must be aware of what their children are doing on their mobile phones. Parents should also pay attention on their children’s social media accounts, whether they are primary or alternative accounts. They also asked parents to learn the language and features of these websites.

The officers also encouraged parents to limit the time that their children spend on social media. Lastly, the police advised parents to get involved and guide their kids in doing the right thing.

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facebook-901-million-users-259x250Digital technology has shaped media and journalism in many ways. Justin George from the Baltimore Sun provided some tips for journalists who conduct interview using digital machinery. Among the tips is to take control in telling stories but always remember to put the subject’s story as the priority. Listen carefully while empathizing with the subject while digging on the information you need. It is also necessary to have a complete knowledge about your subject and the purpose of the interview. It is important to be ready and objective at all times. When the interview is done, send the subject an email for more details. Digitally record the conversation for future references.

Source:  Media Blog

Social Media: Top 5 Tips For Employers

chat3Most employees around the world spend a great deal of time on social media everyday. Therefore, it is only practical for companies  to consider its possible ramifications for the business. First and foremost, management should implement a social media policy for employees that is both effective and enforceable. Second, employers should give trainings to employees regarding social media use inside and outside the workplace. Third, social media usage guidelines and protocols should be developed and implemented. Fourth, clear policies with regards to content ownership on corporate accounts should be established. Lastly, refrain from accessing employees’ personal data on social media unless necessary.

Source: The National Law Review

chat3Curiosity is one of the biggest threats to the security of adopted children because it propels their need to make contact with their birth parents. And with the widespread use of social networking sites in this age and time, searching for people is as easy as a click of a button. The problem is that adopted children are put into risk by exposing them to parents or relatives that might have abused or neglected them when they were young. In most cases, such circumstances often lead to devastating and dangerous consequences. To read more about this story, visit The Guardian.

Source: The Guardian



chat3According to Personal Branding Blog, creating your brand meme can be done in just four ways. First, apply benchmarking. In other words, study your competitors and learn from them. Second, personally customize the size of your brand meme. You can use various editing software such as Canva and Adobe Photoshop for this. Third, make use of “tag” functions and apply “hashtags” whenever possible. Last but not the least, after creating your brand memes, store them for safekeeping. They might be useful in the future. Have a deeper understanding about this topic by checking out Business 2 Community.

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Shopping CartTo increase your eBay Shop’s online presence with the help of social networking sites, you have to know your audience and customers. You should also focus more on your target market that involves determining your target audience. And in order to make sure that customer’s points are addressed, following the rules of consistency and relevance is an absolute must. Making your post entertaining is a big help as well since it is a way to deliver your message in a fun and exciting way. Another tip is to monitor the condition of your site by measuring each social media campaign. Last but not the least, always listens to your audience.

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