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instagram social media marketingInstagram holds massive potential for brands. That’s evident in the success gained by Foundr that created a huge mailing list of more than 10,000 email subscribers. Interested how they did it?  Check this out.

Based on the most recent statistics, Instagram has more than 400+ million active users worldwide, and 64 million of them are from the US.

Among all social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram leads the race being the preferred social site for US teens. According to research by Com Score in 2015 for mobile trends report, millenials spend at least 420 minutes on the site every month.

And Forrester Research Group also revealed that users on the site are 58 times more likely to engage in content (like, share, comment…).

How to Dominate Instagram

Building a solid funnel

Before you could start with conversion, which is turning your audience into customers or subscribers, you should build a solid funnel. For the best results, use the AIDA model—meaning attention, interest, decision, action…


Combine great design and value like what Foundr did. You should be able to provide an immediate value going with an impressive design so that you can keep your audience interested.

Know what your audience wants to see and provide them with that.

Mixed message and a good caption

Engage your readers further not only with a great image but also an amazing caption that can help in framing your message and delivering its context.

The caption can be used in proposing a decision for your audience—leaving a comment, tagging their friends on the photo and so on.

Bio link

This is one important part of Instagram marketing. On IG, it’s the only allowed link, so make sure that both the bio link and the caption work in harmony.

Demonstrate value while selling your idea on what they could get by clicking the link. Use Bitly or Pretty Link for a custom URL.

Landing page

Create a non-cluttered landing page, which is the sales funnel’s end. Make it as fast or as easy as possible for your audience to complete your desired action.

Make sure it is optimized for mobile.

Tell your audience immediately what you offer and what they can expect.


Be social, and engage with influencers to create a solid network, which you can later use in promoting your products and services.

Comment on their posts, share their images (with permission)… and so on.

Do not be overly promotional

Promote only one out of 10 images because people hate being advertised to.

There you have a handy guide on how to make it big on Instagram and be as successful as Foundr who did it! For the complete story, visit Smart Passive Income.

10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMHere are some tips for social media users to keep everything in place. First, you need to take it easy and stop trying so hard to people by flooding them with tags, your self-proclaimed promos and unsolicited  comments to other’s that do not concern you. People get annoyed with those actions.

It is also advised to schedule your posts to avoid cramming and create focus on what you should importantly be doing. Also, do not accept all followers. Take time to think of your actions and content.

Generate great results by sharing good contents from your website. Remember, good things reach good people.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaToday, brand developers or manufacturers learn various things from the young and the old. Although the gap between each generation is harsh and stark, digital technologies affect the way people do business or the way they interact online. Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group for this year’s Next Generation of Commerce Study did a further look into social media habit across all ages. Their study focuses on the way digital technologies like social media networks shape a customer’s preferences.

Accenture Interactive Managing Director Jay Dettling said that marketing do witness a huge step in what consumers or customers  would want to see from certain brands or products when they buy one. Based from the same study, consumers would want to engage with services and products digitally. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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facebook-901-million-users-259x250Many of the local businesses and its owners feel that social media success is an achievable goal for them. However, many social media experts say that there is a big difference between sending a tweet or updating your Facebook status from knowing how to Tweet or post that update on Facebook properly. Moreover, using social media networks effectively for one’s business is harder that most people thought of, but it is something one can start to master and be able to take advantage of what it offers.

Most experts believe that the lack of strategy and unrealistic expectations are some of the common mistakes that local businesses commit when using social media. Social media marketing is not just a myth that one may choose not to crack for it is rewarding and worth every bit of time and money, businesses may put into it. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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11-24-2012-1-37-09-AMGet to know the stars of ABC’s latest comedy sitcom Selfiefrom different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. From the story itself and with the controversial title it has, Selfie is one of the hottest talk and trending topics in social media nowadays.  Stars Karen Gillanplay the role of Eliza Dooley,a social media obsessed with John Cho who play as Henry, the man who helps her rediscover herself after a private scandal. The culture of Selfie has many things to promote including detaching ourselves from social media addiction and confronting the reality of social media.

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11-24-2012-1-37-09-AMAre you someone wondering why you’re not getting as many likes as your friends on Instagram? Well, the truth is, your friends aren’t doing anything special aside from the fact that they have included their faces, making them generate more likes from any of their followers. The said observation was from a new study conducted by experts. Based from the report of Georgia Tech, most people are drawn to any kind of photo that includes a face. According to them, more than 1.1 million randomly selected photos from Instagram showing a face is more likely to get 38% likes as well as over 32% comments. For more on this post, go to the source.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaChecking for conflicts on Instagram or Buzzfeed wouldn’t really guarantee you any authenticity. Any type of news can be manipulated without context. If you are quite familiar with Plato’s Theory of Forms, it does blatantly speak the reality that things do exist in a very metaphysical realm through its own ideal form. This somewhat relates to the conflicts that everyone keeps on talking about on social media.  It is just like the theory stated above, talking about its prominence being a way to report the reality of everything. To know more information regarding this news, go to the source.

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Instagram has launched an advent calendar called “24 Grams,” encouraging users to submit photos for a festive project.

To celebrate the days leading up to Christmas, Instagram is looking for creative pictures to make up each day of its advent calendar. For example, a picture of two rain boots represent Dec. 2, while a photo of a cat tail coiled in the shape of a “9” highlights Sunday, Dec. 9. The following days are currently blank.

Here’s how to participate: Users select a date on the calendar and interpret that number with a photo. The picture must be posted to Instagram before the deadline — the site has a ticking clock at the top of the page, counting down the hours left to participate for that day. Users are encouraged to use the tag @24grams and include the hashtag — such as #Gram9 — for each day.

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All New Instagram Badges

Instagram just launched Instagram badges, a super-easy way to help users promote and share their Instagram profiles across the web.

Instagram badges are similar to badges and buttons offered by Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

The goal with Instagram badges is to help brands (and users) promote their official profiles with fans across the web. Because users can now follow profiles online, it might also drive social traffic.

Source: Mashable