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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSmall and large businesses use social media to promote products and services. Attract potential customers and book huge sales in social media using the following tips:

First, connect with your target market using the platform familiar to them. Next is to offer additional freebies for regular customers. Third is to advertise everything you cater. Fourth is to use mobile apps for 24/7 availability. Fifth, make your products or services needed. Fifth, offer variation when it comes to content by experimenting on photos, quotes, articles, etc. Lastly, care to use (#)Hashtag to increase direct connection and online searches for your product.

Source:  Business 2 Community

News about school shooting threats makes headlines recently. A student from Vanden High School, Northern California was arrested after posting a photo with a rifle on his hand pointing and threatening people around.

A concerned student parent was alerted about the news and immediately posted about it, alerting the Fairfield Police. Authorities said that social media and online communication help them identify potential threats. As a result, they encourage schools and parents work closely in looking over students’ social media posts. They ask schools to have a personnel assigned just to monitor students over social media on a daily basis.

Source: KCRA

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is one of the powerful marketing tools today. To make it work for your small business, you read on the following tips:

First, identify which social media is the most effective for you by listing down the ones that generate more views and traffics to your website. Next is to make use of Facebook on your advantage by posting relevant and engaging content. If you have a Twitter account, check on it regularly. Find interesting people to follow in Pinterest and Instagram for your visual postings and keep your LinkedIn updated for business relations. Lastly, have everything checked regularly.

Source: Business 2 Community 

chat3National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will begin to use location-based software, a social media software to track fans interaction, as well as media, and event sponsors. The objective of this innovation is to enhance security in Lucas Oil Stadium and nearby areas up to Indianapolis during men’s basketball tournament.

This technology was first used in the recent Super Bowl, Wimbledon, and the Olympics, which all gained fantastic results. This innovation is expected to help organizer anticipate the number of audience and allows them to prepare security before, during and after the game. It is also expected to prevent potential serious situation such traffic congestion, threats, security crisis among others.

Source: Athletic Business

GerRedDevilmany Police Department appeals to parents to stop violating their children’s privacy and posting pictures of their nude children on social media. Authorities said that such actions have consequences, especially when the children grew. Posting those photos may cause children to be bullied when they are older or to be victimized by a pedophile. The Naked Security, stating that posting photos of your children nude is not safe, supported the campaign.

The campaign gathered positive and negative reactions from parents and concerned individuals over the internet. Some parents agree to the idea while others view it as an overreaction and nonsense.

Source:  Naked Security

FB ChatSocial media have made job hunting easier for a lot of people. The likes of LinkedIn connect professionals in many ways. If you are one of those people who want to land on their dream job with a dream paycheck, you might check on the following tips:

First, you have to be honest and professional by posting your real identity in your real profile – starting with your real name. Post nothing but professional things about you – from your pictures down to your grammar, professional experience, interest and skills. Upload your most updated resume and get connected with the right people, including your future boss.

Source: Florida Today

RedDevilBusinesses are into social media today – and it can make or break them without them knowing it. These are among the social mistakes that people do –unconsciously. First, they tend to post repetitive contents and clients hate that. They also fail to check on the email of their followers, that is why they lead to the third mistake which is to respond on clients’ inquiries.

Since marketing is done over the internet, people failed to see the humane purpose of it, making in insincere. This leads to the wrong audience and lost sales. Some businesses are too focused on their brands, that they forget the other products that their clients might be interested into, thus ruining the relationship.

Source: Entrepreneur

Top Social Tips Ever

chat3Social media marketing is more than just networking and brand awareness. To generate more leads on your social media account and promote your brand, you need to look at the best tips that include building the goals of your brand by putting a face on it. Once it is established, you need to analyze the performance of the existing platform and improve it, or scout for a better one.

In social media, you need to build trust with your clients by following up, sharing a channel with them and keeping things fast track. You also have to promote other contents – things that your clients are interested in – to communicate humanely.

Source: Business 2 Community

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is a very effective campaign tool today. With a simple hashtag, you can put your campaign on the map and get seen by your target audience. But there are effective ways to make social media work for your benefits.

First, you need to establish the objective of your campaign and focus on it. Next, you need to choose a social media platform to use – this is usually the network that your target market usually uses. Third, make an effort to engage and respond to your followers. Fourth, put on your banner brand and let the clients see it. And fifth, analyze the result.

Source: Business 2 Community

chat3Social media can make or break you. Here are the few tips to make use of the first choice and how to make it last. First, you need to put your brand on top of all and make sure that your social media speaks about it at all times. Second, consider that the people who read your posts as your dream employer and the reaction that you can get all along. Lastly, focus on your goal and consider it before you post anything as it can ruin your business in social media. Lead well and get good followers for your brand.

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