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marketsoftwaresocialmediaMost people who try to be successful or known at social media networks get to buy fake followers. This is because of the abundance of companies offering these services in order to increase one’s following on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Although these offers look good on paper, it translates to little or no revenue at all.

Most experts believe that this is not a good practice at all. Experts said that social media contents are the king of it all. This means that one should not post any article or update at all for the sake of having one shown on any social media platform. Moreover, random questions or statements do not even work. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: The Province

computer4Social media networks or platforms provide marketers and entrepreneurs a huge chance to boost their marketing capabilities and businesses by letting them connect to their target audience directly. However, despite all or any social media marketing recommendations available on the web, one still finds it difficult to optimize their brand’s presence on social media. Many people do find it hard to make the magic of it work for them.

DrumUp, a social media management and content curation tool, conducted a survey recently measuring the ROI or Return on Investment through marketing efforts on social media hands out the biggest pain-point that most marketers face. Adobe’s survey goes to show that 52% of marketers even said that their frustrations come mostly from their social media network marketing efforts. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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chat3Is it true for most businesses or individuals that they try to emulate anything that their competitors do well at some other things? Does anyone exploit niches that their competitors have not ventured at or do they try to create their own identity via their own means? The answer to that may be all three brought together.

However, whatever your solution may be, knowing what or how your competitors are doing or performing is a lead first step. Social listening is what most individuals or entities are using for competitive intelligence. Just like how Porsche and Ferrari do it, there are social metrics that everybody uses to their advantage. One must never forget the fundamentals of social media. For more information about this post, go to the source.

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chat3The Indian government promotes e-governance to reach the rural and urban areas with social media. The government‘s leader Narendra Modi encourage everyone to participate in this social media advancement to strengthen democracy in the country. This movement is expected to inspire transparency, good governance, and put down the limitations of time and distance between the villages and remote areas and the government of India.

The advocacy of the program is supported by Nasscom and Facebook while other networks are also planning to join. This public service will be in motion through customized regional preferences to involve even the groups of minorities.

Source: Daily Mail

Twitter2-256People love photos than texts. This is why visual marketing is more effective than texts. Boosting your social media marketing using visual tags and post will be successful if you know your target market, the things they want to see and how you will reach them – through image tagging. When you use hashtags, use it effectively by identifying the trending ones but do not use the ones that don’t have anything to do with your brand. Lastly, make it accessible and easier for your followers to share your image through networks they are familiar with such as geo-tagging and simple sharing.

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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMHere are some tips for social media users to keep everything in place. First, you need to take it easy and stop trying so hard to people by flooding them with tags, your self-proclaimed promos and unsolicited  comments to other’s that do not concern you. People get annoyed with those actions.

It is also advised to schedule your posts to avoid cramming and create focus on what you should importantly be doing. Also, do not accept all followers. Take time to think of your actions and content.

Generate great results by sharing good contents from your website. Remember, good things reach good people.

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globe4It is not news that Cathay Pacific (@cathaypacific) is at the top of the airline industry – whether in airline or customer service. A writer from Forbes who happened to be a passenger in the airline managed to talk to the airline’s social media head and he shared some tips.

First, interact with your followers – making it a two-way communication. Hear them out on how to improve your service. It is also important to delegate a specialized team to focus with social media. On top of all, it is a must to provide top-notch customer service to clients – whether it is online or offline.

Source: Forbes

Pentagram-TwitterIn building your social media community, it is very crucial to stay consistent with your brand in any platform that you use. If you blog, make it a credible one for your business by making substantial content with correct grammar to reflect your good credibility.


It is not only important to be followed but also to follow others with the same interest like you.  In doing so, you need to make a two-way conversation that will eventually transpose into a network. Avoid using template post but rather make it personal but handled professionally. Share the good things from people so people will also share the good in you.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaToday, brand developers or manufacturers learn various things from the young and the old. Although the gap between each generation is harsh and stark, digital technologies affect the way people do business or the way they interact online. Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group for this year’s Next Generation of Commerce Study did a further look into social media habit across all ages. Their study focuses on the way digital technologies like social media networks shape a customer’s preferences.

Accenture Interactive Managing Director Jay Dettling said that marketing do witness a huge step in what consumers or customers  would want to see from certain brands or products when they buy one. Based from the same study, consumers would want to engage with services and products digitally. For more information on this post, go to the source.

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chat3Today, well-developed technology prevails, one of which is social media. It became indispensable and valuable to entrepreneurs and marketers no matter what kind of product or service they are offering online. Most companies are incorporating social media marketing strategies by taking advantage of online promotions and advertisements that are made available on Twitter, Facebook and many other platforms. If you would notice, your life online is such a big target for advert placements and brand promotions through social media.

Users, not just companies, may benefit from this form of collaboration. The reason being is that social media users are more likely in chatting on Facebook or posting a tweet on Twitter looking for certain goods or services to meet their needs. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: The Market Mogul