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marketsoftwaresocialmediaRunning a contest is one of the effective ways to increase number of followers in social media. However, there are things to consider in doing this.

First, you need to determine the limit of contestants who can join. You can use the geographic and age limitation for this matter. It is also important to note how the winner is determined and voting is not a way to do that. You also need to set requirements for contestants.

Also, give a reasonable prize and make sure that they are not too high for the contest. Lastly, make it a great experience for the contestants.

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Marketing is no longer a man’s world today. Women are among the most empowered individuals in this business nowadays. Their network becomes more powerful over the years with the help of social media platforms. The success of largest companies like Adobe, LinkedIn, and other multinational companies are owed to women who rule social media when it comes to networking and business ideas.

These women made significant differences in taking their businesses into a more competitive world. Their tips mostly include embracing change and learning from experiences. They also emphasized the importance of branding at all times.

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Thumbs-UpParents can also learn from their kids, even when it comes to social media – something that blogger and social media manager has realized. Among these learning include managing time well, even during frustrated times in social media. Set quality time to manage personal issues and social media is a tip on this.

It is also important to have fun and taking things lightly like a game when dealing with social media. As long as you are having fun, it will be easier for you to think and get to the next step. Lastly, take time to learn from previous experiences and look forward for more.

Source: Halifax Courier

Read-moreLaw enforcers from Jackson County turned to social media for more information that may lead to capture the suspects in the recent burglary at the Riverside Gas & Grill in Bellevue, Iowa.

The police department has posted the surveillance video clips from the grill showing two suspects who took cash and damaged the establishment Sunday midnight. Steve Schroeder, Chief Deputy of the sheriff department is looking forward that posting the surveillance video through social media will lead to the identification and captivity of the two suspects, whether they are locals of Bellevue or not.

Source: TH Online

chat3Holiday is a great opportunity for brands to promote their products through social media. The following are tips for brands to generate sales this holiday seasons through social media platforms:

Make your products accessible for social media users. Use platforms where photo sharing and reviews are accessible such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It is also important to bring your product into mobile where clients access their social media accounts. It is also important to make your product a gift material for it to hit the store.

When a sale is made, respond to clients by allowing them to share, tweet or repin your page.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is a fast evolving platform and if you don’t go with the change, it won’t be beneficial for your business. The plan is to navigate and utilize your communication skills at all levels. Keep up with the recent updates on commercial functions on the platform that you use. If you use Facebook, ensure that you keep up with the latest on your newsfeed.  Channel these updates to every network related to your business, clientele and to anyone that understand your business expertise.

Authenticity is the key. Utilize other management tools to better communicate with your clients and respond to their concerns.

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10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMOutdoor adventurers’ social media posts often aims to tell a story about their adventure and experience. This is also an opportunity that outdoor brands seek for their next brand ambassadors. If you are an outdoor adventurer, you might find the following tips useful:

Be constantly visible on social media by taking diverse selfies and contents that reflect the moment of your experience such as cliff or water diving. Do not overdo the use of hashtags. Use them only to connect with the brands that reflect your values. Lastly, let content of your photos speak about your personality and don’t tell people what you think.

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Thumbs-UpSocial media has become a commodity for many people today. It became more than a connection, but a reflection of the user’s personality. Being said so, it is important to know how to behave rightfully in social media.

Stay professional – at all times. Keep your account exclusive to family members and close friends as much as possible and decline invitations politely. Respect other people and don’t send annoying requests over and over again. Ask people if it is ok to get connected before sending another invitation. Post relevant topics only when in a group and DO NOT promote your business there.

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chat3A seminar held by the Hartselle Police Department offered parents some tips on how to handle their kids when it comes to using social media. According to the officers, parents must be aware of what their children are doing on their mobile phones. Parents should also pay attention on their children’s social media accounts, whether they are primary or alternative accounts. They also asked parents to learn the language and features of these websites.

The officers also encouraged parents to limit the time that their children spend on social media. Lastly, the police advised parents to get involved and guide their kids in doing the right thing.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaManaging negative social media feedback should be listed as one of your skills, especially when you use this platform to promote your brand. The key is to handle it professionally – at all times. Here are the tips to do this:

First, you need to stay calm, breathe, think and assess the information for accuracy. Do not start an argument with a client through social media, as this will do no good for your brand.

Next tip is to respond to the query in a timely and empathic manner. Always assure the client that action is on the way. And when it everything is resolved, do not forget to follow up for feedback.

Source: Business 2 Community