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10-16-2012-10-57-01-PMJust like ordinary social media users, lawmakers understand how powerful social media is. As the matter of fact, they also use this phenomenal communication platform to promote ideals. Among the tips they shared include using Getty Images to communicate. Everyone prefers graphics than texts. It is also important to stick with quality, creativity and authenticity.

Also, value transparency and honesty in everything you post online. Remember, your content reflects the ideas you promote to your target audience. Lastly, do not forget to be real and interact with your audience. You can do this by using hashtags, comments and like buttons, which are also part of social media platforms.

Source: Blogs WSJ

Thumbs-UpYour success as a social media content writer depends on the proofreading tool you use. Create an error-free content using the following tips and tools.

Prioritizing grammar is the key to your success. Nobody wants to read an article flooded with ear-tearing grammatical errors. You can also change the format to make it fresh and new. Next tip is to read it out loud word by word to spot the error.

Next tip: Do not depend on spell-check alone because it does not guarantee a grammatically correct content. Also, disengage from what you have written and allow yourself to be corrected. Everybody needs improvement.  The internet provides plenty of proofreading tools – use them.

Source: Tech Co.

marketsoftwaresocialmediaIs social media taking much of your time? Your social media visibility determines your productivity in using those platforms – whether for personal or business concerns.

First, block the platform you’d feel like taking much of your time using Mindful Browsing. Next is by limiting yourself to the number of platforms your attention can only accommodate. This also helps you manage your time and schedule for content browsing only if necessary.

You need to have reasons to visit social media. Whether is it to interact, communicate, it has to be a valid one. Also, avoid clicking on trending topics as this may just take much of your time.

Source: Business 2 Community

chat3Erin Ann McBride provides tips on how people can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to share gospel and words of wisdom. According to her, it is important to create awareness that there is something more than sharing photos and status in this powerful communication platform. You can do this by posting photos of everyday gospel with meaningful texts, hashtags and keywords to spread the word. This is also an effective way to educate your audience about the content of your page. Do not forget to stay focus on the importance of the content and the realistic expectations about your movement.

Source: Deseret News

marketsoftwaresocialmediaSocial media is a very important marketing tool, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The market’s growing interest on social media platforms opens a wide avenue for marketing and sales. Here are some tips from Pasquier on how to promote products in social media.  First, identify the widely used platform. In case of Asia Pacific, these are Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Next is to manage social content to educate the consumers about the product. Third is to track progress and ensure that goals are achieved within set timeline. Lastly, anticipate negative feedbacks and comments and be prepared to respond to them.

Source: Natural Product Insider

10-30-2012-10-37-08-AMFacebook alone has over 1.44 billion active users every month, many of which are from the military community. Unlike 5 years ago, more people from the military workforce are now active on social networking sites including military leaders. And in order to help them use social media optimally, here are 5 useful tips. First, protect your brand. Choose carefully what you post on social media because one  inappropriate post might reflect a bad image of the military to the general public. Second, choose friends wisely. For your own protection, it might be better not to add people randomly. To view the rest of the tips, check out dvids.

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Come and get me for a spookier Halloween.

Come and get me for a spookier Halloween.

Travelstart, an online booking agent, warned travel goers about a scam that has recently been targeting Facebook users. The scam was reported to offer 500 fictitious first class flights to any destination around the world and an allowance of $5,200 for six persons. Representatives from Virgin Atlantic have already been notified about the said scam and the fake facebook page has been subsequently removed. Due to increasing occurrence of online travel scams, Russel Jarvis, a spokesperson from Travelstart, recommended a few useful tips on how to spot a facebook scam and avoid it. Check out traveller24 to read the full story.

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Thumbs-UpMichelle Venorsky from Hello LLC proposed that people should try going off the grid once in a while. However, according to her, doing so might be hard because society nowadays have a constant fear of missing out. She also stated that social media is not for everyone. So for people who don’t understand social media,  they can either learn about it themselves or get help from someone. On another note, one of the biggest no-no for Venorsky when using social media is hiring a recent graduate or an intern to manage the company’s social media accounts. Check out Cleveland to know more about this article.

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Social Media: Top 5 Tips For Employers

chat3Most employees around the world spend a great deal of time on social media everyday. Therefore, it is only practical for companies  to consider its possible ramifications for the business. First and foremost, management should implement a social media policy for employees that is both effective and enforceable. Second, employers should give trainings to employees regarding social media use inside and outside the workplace. Third, social media usage guidelines and protocols should be developed and implemented. Fourth, clear policies with regards to content ownership on corporate accounts should be established. Lastly, refrain from accessing employees’ personal data on social media unless necessary.

Source: The National Law Review

marketsoftwaresocialmediaYelp, Facebook, and Twitter are all considered as powerful marketing tools in the business industry. Businesses of all kinds and sizes rely on social networking sites to market their brand but wihout the right precaution, social media marketing can turn badly into a costly failure. On Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, a bakery in the US was featured because of its response to negative reviews on its Facebook page. Cellesta Insulation, on the other hand, gathered unimpressed replies from twitter when it shoehorned a trending hashtag into a promotional effort. Another tip is to not venture into the arena of “celebrity endorsement overkill”. Read all the tips on The Guardian.

Source: The Guardian