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According to SumAll, a data analytics firm, each social networking site has its own optimum time for posting. Therefore, one very important tip to apply is to post at the best times. Second, expand your email contacts and subscribers in order to boost your marketing campaign. Third, perform an A/B test. This will enable you to determine if your campaign is achieving what it is supposed to achieve.  Fourth, ensure that in each platform, the right message is communicated. Last but not the least, make use of different strategies other than organic search-engine optimization. To get an in-depth understanding of the mentioned tips, go to Entrepreneur.

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Thumbs-UpKarl Gude, a specialist in creativity and infographics from Michigan State University, has provided 10 useful tips in his presentation during the PRSA Detroit event. According to Michelle Gilbert, one of the tips outlined in his presentation was the importance of sketching ideas beforehand. This will allow non-designers to ahieve a clearer perspective of their goal. Gude also talked about the use of visuals in grabbing and attracting your target audience. Moreover, it was tackled in his presentation that selecting the right color that aligns with the company logo or theme is an imperative part of the entire process. To read the rest of the tips, visit Crain’s Detroit Business.

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chat3Like everything else in the business world, marketing on social media must start with a plan. This can be achieved by learning how to tailor a marketing plan that’s suitable for your business’ needs. Once a plan is already in motion, an important pointer to take note of is to perform an audit of your social media platform. This can help you in evaluating the entirety of your social media presence. Another relevant thing to remember is to monitor your social networking sites especially your audience’ actions and feedback. Most importantly, it is greatly advisable to put your business on LinkedIn where a wide array of business opportunities present themselves regularly.

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Going on vacation may overwhelm most people with the urge to announce their impending plans to the whole world. According to a Nationwide Insurance survey, 14% of homeowners use social networking sites to share photos, post updates, or check into their location while they’re away on vacation or holiday. And based on an article by Time Magazine, 78% of home burglars employ social media in choosing the location of their next victim. With these facts in mind, if you’re going on a vacation, resist posting about it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site. By doing so, you can enjoy your vacation time worry-free.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn order to improve your brand marketing on social media, there is no better way than to ask recommendations from the professionals. According to Mark Schaefer, a perfect method is to mine twitter to build your target audience. Neal Schaffer, on the other hand, recommends analizing past data to improve future posts. And in order to better manage each of your social media platform, Joe Pulizzi stresses the importance of creating a channel plan for social networking sites. Peg Fitzpatrick also advices the strategic use of hashtags in every post to further enhance your marketing strategy. Read more tips from the experts on Social Media Examiner.

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social media marketingFirst and foremost, you should focus on building and enhancing customer relationships. This can be achieved by getting to know who your customers are and where their preferences and interests lie. Setting up an e-mail newsletter and socializing on Facebook are great ways to strengthen connections with your customers. Second, share relevant updates, promos, and offers. Anything that’s not relevant is also not useful so make sure to stick to pertinent details. Last but not the least, measure the results. By measuring, you can keep track of your current performance and be able to pinpoint what strategy is working and what’s not.

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social media schedulingMarketing campaigns on social media can be very time consuming and overwhelming. To make the flow of things easier and more efficient, effective scheduling is imperative. One tip to take note of is to be aware of your target audience’s location. You can use various analytics tools online for this purpose. Another tip is to choose the correct scheduling tool that’s applicable for you. You can choose from a wide array of scheduling tools including Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Latergramme. In scheduling, it is also important to remember to always review all your scheduled messages in order to avoid unnecessary catastrophes.

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social media marketingSteve Lazuka of Interact Media has written about a few best marketing practices in his newest article which was featured on PR Newswire. According to him, the best time to post on Facebook is during off-peak times. Doing so would result to a higher reach in audience. He also stated that when it comes to Twitter, it is most effective to stick to your brand’s personality. And in order to establish your brand’s personality, showing consistency of character and tone with all your tweets is a must. As for LinkedIn, Lazuka advices to utilize the site’s feature known as Professional Portfolio. Read more about this article on Virtual Strategy.

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marketsoftwaresocialmediaOne of the most common hurdles startup businesses face nowadays is the apparent lack of sufficient budget for advertising.  Fortunately, there are plenty of effective ways to market and reach a company’s target audience without spending a fortune. Here are three tips that you can easily apply. First, don’t hesitate to show the real “you”. Make your people’s personality visible through videos, walkthroughs, and even interviews. Second, be very active on social networking sites. The more followers and likes you gain the better. Lastly, choose a social media platform that’s perfect for your business. The last thing you want is to choose a platform that’s not suitable for you.

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chat3Wendy Wright, a mother, blogger, and certified Disney enthusiast, is one of the lucky hand-picked mothers chosen by Walt Disney Co. to be their social media mom. Employing the aid of mothers and even a few fathers is part of Disney’s plan to improve their global marketing efforts. Currently, there are approximately 1,300 Disney social media parents who blog, post, and tweet about all things Disney. As compensation for their efforts, these parents receive attractive perks from the company including discounted family trips and invitations to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Pay a visit to Reuters to read the full story.

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