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“Unfollow Bug” Invades Twitter

Having some trouble with Twitter lately? The company has recently confirmed a “follow bug” that causes some users to automatically stop receiving updates from the feeds they follow.

The admission first came from a Twitter spokesperson. “This is a bug, and our team is working to fix it,” the spokesperson said.

Twitter explained further in a post on the site’s support page. If you follow a user, that person may not immediately appear under your account’s “following” tab. But if you click on their profile page, the blue box will indicate that yes, you are following that person.

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Facebook is Buying 750 IBM Patents

A new report says Facebook has acquired 750 patents from computer-systems giant IBM. The news comes shortly afterYahoo sued Facebook for patent infringement over 10 of its software patents.

A “person with knowledge of the transaction” tipped the news, though the deal hasn’t been made public yet.

Compared to other tech companies, Facebook’s arsenal of patents is rather meager: The company has just 56 patents compared with the thousands stockpiled by the likes of Microsoft and Apple.

However, the report says, Facebook has applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for at least 500 more. Apparently it didn’t want to wait for those to be approved and chose to take a shortcut in stocking up its patent portfolio.

The lawsuit from Yahoo, which has recently had a wholesale change in management and is expected to announce layoffs, likely provided the motivation.

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Facebook is collecting comments from its members on the policy changes on the page. Nearly 500 comments have been made so far and more than 800 people “like” the changes. The comment period ends Friday.

In addition to extending the reach of its data-gathering efforts, the policy changes also delineate some clear imbalances of power at Facebook, Downey says.

“For example,” she noted, “Facebook forces its app developers to adhere to privacy standards that Facebook itself doesn’t do, like making it easy to delete your account.”

“Furthermore, this statement is take it or leave it: users agree to it simply by using Facebook,” she added. “Most of them will never know when or if the terms change, let alone what they mean.”

Source: PCWorld

Are You a Pinterest Addict?

Column Five created this infographic to examine the Pinterest addiction that seems to be spreading like a zombie apocalypse virus. Proof? Pinterest users spend an average 98 minutes on site per month, third only to Tumblr (2.5 hours) and Facebook (7 hours). Antidote? None.

Beyond the data, the company examines why Internet culture is so fascinated with pinning. It posits that digital hoarding has a lot to do with it. On Pinterest, we have free license to create an entire board dedicated to “teal-colored guitars.”

Then there’s the issue of social media fatigue. Is Pinterest just different enough from other social networks that it frees us from incessant updates and checkins? Or has it just replaced one addiction with another — a sort of social media gateway drug?

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Untagging FB Photos: Find Out How

Are you sick and tired of those people tagging you with photos unrelated to you?

Facebook’s photography features and photo-tagging functionality are an awesome way to share your images with friends and family. Sometimes, however, a few photos might show up that you’d rather not draw attention to.

We can show you how to remove undesirable photo tags, and more importantly, how to tweak your Facebook privacy settings to make sure an unapproved photo tag never appears on your Timeline ever again.

See SlideShow here!

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Although it is required by law for Facebook users to be at least 13 to join the network, many believe the age limit should be higher, a new study says.

According to a poll conducted among 2,000 consumers on the opinion-based community, about 34% of respondents said Facebook users should be at least the age of 13 to join. However, most voters selected ages older than 13 as a minimum requirement, as 29% want ages 14 – 17 to be the earliest and 19% said the site should be limited to those over the age of 18.

Only 13% said users between the ages of 10 and 12 were acceptable for the site, followed by 5% approving of people joining between the ages of 7 and 9.

Child privacy laws necessitate Facebook’s age minimum of 13 years old.

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well according to a new study, it seems that’s exactly what social media users tend to do with Facebook pictures.

“Photos seem to be the primary way we make impressions of people on social networking sites,” said Brandon Van Der Heide, lead author of the study and assistant professor of communication at Ohio State University. “If your profile photo fits what they expect, observers may be unlikely to look very closely at the rest of your profile – they have already decided how they feel about you.”

“People will accept a positive photo of you as showing how you really are, but if the photo is odd or negative in any way, people want to find out more before forming an impression,” said Van Der Heide. “If your photo is not quite normal – either positively or negatively – people are going to pay a lot more attention to what you wrote.

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Pinterest Beating Twitter on Blogs

According to third-party measurement data, Pinterest drove more traffic to online publishers in February than Twitter.

That’s an impressive figure, given that the two-year-old site has an estimated 11.7 million active registered users compared to Twitter’s more than 100 million.

The data was provided by Shareholic, whose sharing widgets are used across more than 200,000 online publishers, mostly independent bloggers. Between them, those publishers reach some 270 million unique visitors every month.

In February, the company found that a little less than half (48.81%) of all traffic came from Google, followed by Facebook (6.38%), Yahoo (1.61%), StumbleUpon (1.29%) and Bing (1.21%). Pinterest came in sixth at 1.05%, beating out Twitter at 0.82%.

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Data on Twitter can tell you who and where these tweets are coming from. With the announcement of new iPad, it’s likely your Twitter feed has been buzzing with talk about it all week.

The rumors about the iPad 3 versus iPad HD have since been resolved (it’s just iPad). As you can see in this interactive chart, Twitter users seemed to have their money on the name iPad 3, which at more than 11,000 tweets, was the most talked-about. However, the iPad chatter dwarfed conversation about Apple TV, which received a little more than 2,100 tweets.

It comes to no surprise that most of the conversation originated in the U.S. and Europe, even with the additionalJapanese support for Siri.

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Facebook‘s growth in the U.S. will drop for the first time to the single digits this year, but Twitter‘s presence will expand by 20% or so, according to a report.

EMarketer estimates that Facebook grew 13.6% in 2011, which comes after a 38.6% surge in 2010. By contrast, Twitter grew 31.9%, which comes after a 23.5% jump in 2010. The relative growth numbers are greatly influenced by the respective sizes of the networks.

At the end of 2011, Facebook claimed nearly 133 million U.S. users out of a total population of around 308 million. Twitter had a U.S. user base of 24 million.

However, while Facebook’s growth seems to have hit a plateau, Twitter’s size will double by 2014, eMarketer predicts.

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